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Swept LE (adversarial) (after-party!)
Once again, we punched above the 40-player mark - despite the clash with England-Italy in the Euros. We began with the frantic adversarial, Cholo, before the experiment of our first ever large-scale human-led-AI mission, Karavan, and then the main act: unquestionably the most epic play-through of comrade Wolfenswan's classic mission, Vanguard, to date. And that was before the after-party fun of Swept (I wasn't able to join this, though I understand from RPS Steam chat that the journalist was killed, which must be good).

As ever, the hosts and I are grateful to all comrades who were able to attend tonight's session. You are the revolution!


Except you, comrade Joseph. You mentiond that word again. For shame.


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Re: [Sun] 24 June 2012 (We nearly complete Vanguard)

Postby Bodge Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:44 am

The plan was very simple, each squad was designated a road junction to fortify and a sector to keep eyes on. We would then pull squads up or down the road to secure an LZ depending on the enemy attack. This went tits up when our first chopper was high in the valley, we needed to get it in quickly so that we actually had someone to evacuate. As the chopper moved down it took a large amount of MG fire and despite making it down safely it was put out of action by critical damage. The other chopper was ordered to come in from the other direction and squads to move to the western side of town, though by this stage the ghostly shapes of the AI were swiftly materialising and getting into the town. This massively hampered any attempt by squads to form up and I bought it swiftly afterwards. This has promise but I feel it needs heavy tweaking to make it an achievable challenge, I will collect my thoughts on the matter.

C1 FTL - Nim
C2 FTL - Mike

Mingmong was our glorious leader after somehow getting a field promotion. Charlie were Allocated the Southern flank of our advance and bounded our way to the compound wall at Nango. We were constantly spotting enemy movement to our East, with enemy infantry patrolling and statics guarding a stronghold in the distance. We had minimal contact with the enemy on the way to the compound but C2 immediately spotted an enemy APC within the compound that would have shredded any force entering. On Mike's advice C1 moved to flank and take down the BRDM, their glory was stolen however when friendly units engaged it from the North.

Charlie secured the Southern section of the compound and stacked up at the South-Eastern breach in the wall, after waiting for Alpha and Bravo to finish their engagements we proceeded East with the support of several attachments (MMG, MAT and HMG) eliminating foot patrols as we went. Unfortunately our IFV took an rocket hit and burst into flame and a quick check revealed no survivors. We cleared the stronghold including the worlds toughest T34 and went firm to await further orders while A&B finished their objectives.

A little bit of cover and move got us safely into the outskirts of Zargabad before skirting North and finding a few infantry. Our next task was to crest the hill and hit the enemy fortifications on the top of the hill, we did this but with heavy losses as we were engaged from all angles on the up-slope and summit. With only 4 or so surviving members and little response from Alpha and Bravo we moved on to assault the nearby stronghold eliminating an enemy technical and a few inf before catching bullets.

Kudos to Nim and Mike, very solid leading on their part.

Bravo FTL
We were to be the lead element in the platoons advance, but this went South fast due to the enemy counter attack. We quickly disposed of infantry to our Southern flank and were engaged by heavy fire from a compound South-East of us we threw back grenades and RPGs and gave as good as we got but were a little too exposed and went down after a few mags were expended.

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I missed this mission. Blame King's Quest VII.

This mission was interesting. We all stacked up in the tiny mud huts in the town, waiting for the attack. When it finally came, AI just strolled past the door I was covering. Needless to say, many kills were made. I was the last one alive in my squad eventually, and got shot when I went outside to investigate. Damn you, Harakka!

Some amazing leadership skills in this one. Comms were tight as well. We advanced from compound to compound, shooting at technicals and being shot at by SPG's. I was in Nim's squad (he seemed to have some trouble remembering which Charlie we were, one or two) and had a great time, until a DSHKM decided to spoil all the fun.

Swept LE
Harakka and myself were the only two left alive in the end. I survived an RPG and a subsequent building collapse, only to lose sight of Harakka and see him getting gunned down a bit later by an enemy soldier creeping out of a compound he passed. Due to my lagging behind I was able to shoot that scum in the back, and, turning into the compound he exited from I bumped noses with the other remaining soldier. Needless to say, I emptied my magazine in his face. Victory!

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I was teamed up with Unaco and we had to defend the ground floor. I think I did pretty well until my lucky run was ended prematurely 8-)



I was leading C (I believe) on REDFOR, and right after we landed I spotted a silhouette going uphill and taking up position near some rocks and trees. I talked my team onto the target and started opening up on it with bullets and rifle grenades. After a while I wanted to double check if the contact was dead so I decided to flank it and look for bodies. We found none but we did find ourselves to be on the enemies flank! Unfortunately not everyone in my team was in cover when bullets started flying our way, so I lost 2 due to this mistake, but we managed to take out 3 enemies hiding in buildings (sounds like a good deal to me 8-) ). Later I tried to link up with the medic but as I ran down a hill (stupid, I know) I got shot in the back.

The contact I fired on in the beginning turned out to be the reporter. Sorry Al Jazeera...

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Here is the Benny Hill-esque ending of Swept:


(1 vid per post max...)

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I joined for the last mission Swept died early on but managed to capture some exciting perspectives of my squad mates on the stream.


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I would say that Karavan was very interesting and granted it needs some tweaking, but overall it is something fresh and people seemed to like it so that's good. I would suggest adding maybe an attachment or two to the defenders and I guess that they could go anywhere in the orange area which would give the CO a little bit of breathing room and the troops wouldn't be like fish in a barrel.

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Some amazing leadership skills in this one. Comms were tight as well. We advanced from compound to compound, shooting at technicals and being shot at by SPG's. I was in Nim's squad (he seemed to have some trouble remembering which Charlie we were, one or two) and had a great time, until a DSHKM decided to spoil all the fun.

I sorted it out eventually. ;)

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I don't know how I lead by I failed them anyway by dying within the first minutes by a shotgun-sniper. (Lesson for the kids at home: don't try counter-sniping with a makarov from 60m away).


Leading the 2. Squad I moved my minions down the hill towards the SW road to attack from that direction. My plan was to act sneaky and all ninja-like but the Mi-8 arrived rather quickly so i simply moved in in a line of doom. Later I gave my minions more elaborate orders but I've got no idea how many they killed. I know i killed two dudes. They may even have been enemy.

Good concept, needs revision. The Mi-8s should start further away, have a time-restriction (i.e. take off after 5 minutes etc) or should be removed entirely as they are damaged too easily. Maybe use 1-2 armored vehicles placed about 3-4k away instead (e.g. m113s without ammo) and remove/limit the RPGs of the independents. I can imagine this mission working well in Zargabad or one of the bigger Cherna Cities, maybe even Shapur.


Leading MAT (Zitron was assistant) we didn't have much to do at the beginning. A BTR-40 was taken care off after we had cleared Nango but most of the time I watched my comrades dying from the back. Later we were attached to Charlie and cleared the first town, when I spotted a T-34. I began annoying it with my RPGs and in return it killed my faithful pack-mule Zitron. Revenge was had seconds later and after comforting Fer for the loss of Tigershark (i.e. plundering the latter's corpse and making funny screenshots) we formed an elite squad of grizzled Veterans together with was left of MMG (Nullkigan). As none of us wanted to split the revenues from the "how long will Tigershark last this time" betting-pool we pressed on in front of all other squads to reduce the amount of potential earners. Alas, despite me taken care of a BRDM-2 in the most heroic fashion (stare deep into it's eye/PK-barrel until it succumbs and accepts you as it's true master) I wasn't made to last and got killed by some angry nobody with a gun. Fer didn't last much longer but Nullkigan kept clawing onto life (and potential betting wins) and his fate remains unknown.

From the afterlife we had a blast spectating the exploits of m0ntag and TheBlobThing who displayed absolute defiance against their certain demise in the form of a T-34 and a de-wheeled but very much not de-gunned BRDM-2 and took turns mocking the latters precarious state.

A video of the full mission will follow.





Fer, in agony and grief, displaying the skills (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y46W9oc2u4U) his friend and battle-buddy Tigershark thought him just the other day.

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DC: Fer

Comrade gang leader mingmong called upon all gang members to surround the cop shop and swarm it at once, killing every pig we could find. I reached the western entrance first and, leaning around the doorway, spotted a pig on the floor of the hallway. He was covering the south and east entrances, and not at all looking in my direction. So I shot him until he was writhing around on the floor in agony, and continued to shoot him until he was dead. Man, I felt badass. Soon, all the pigs would be dead and we'd be free to breakdance in the streets, play our music loudly all night, and deal narcotics to children and ... wait, how does this further the goals of a socialist agrarian utopia, exactly? Ah well, never mind. The cops were clearly the running dogs of evil capitalists. Probably.

Anyway, next I threw a smoke grenade through the doorway, waited for the gloom to become a smokey gloom, and then entered the hallway. Nobody was with me at this point, but I could see other gang members creeping in the eastern entrance, so I set about making sure that the first room on my left was empty (it was). Then my friends down the hall shot me in the face.



Puppet Squad 3 Leader: Fer

Comrade Puppet-master Nullkigan ordered us to teleport into the AO such that our company-sized force of squads surrounded the village where the enemy convoy was holed-up. Our formation was weighted in favour of the southern approach, and it was here that I found myself, leading a band of bearded heroes with limited conversational skills. From this point on it was essentially a Zerg rush into the town, with an almost Soviet disregard for casualties (though all puppeteers made use of the 'advance' command, which causes the AI to move from cover to cover in a remarkably effective way).

My squad eventually dropped down to the valley road, approaching the village from the south-east. The enemy helicopters had appeared in the AO far faster than anyone (including the mission maker, me) had anticipated. So, things really did become Zerg-tastic as we raced to spy the approaching Mi-17 and begin shooting at its substantial profile. The air cow was duly brought down near the centre of the village, and en masse we entered the built-up area (having taken heavy casualties in some squads).

House clearing was more of an activity for puppeteers than puppets, and we gamely swept through the buildings looking for surviving human enemies. I didn't encounter any until the very end, after comrade Ansob had spoken to me from beyond the grave to offer his side's surrender. I found the last remaining human writhing around on the ground outside a house. And shot him to death with my AK.

Note 1 (Mission): Ignoring the puppeteer mechanic for a moment, the mission played out differently from how I had anticipated in a number of ways. The helicopters arrived too soon, increasing the tempo of the mission too early - something I'll address in the next build. The humans also deployed in too small an area, which was the the fault of my briefing - again, I'll clarify this. Lastly, the humans didn't go firm in the buildings as I had expected them to. The nature of the buildings was reported to be an issue, so I may relocate to a different setting with better options.

Note 2 (Mechanic): I enjoyed being a puppeteer and plan to explore this mission type further. The one-shot teleport worked to commit the puppet-master to a particular plan, but in this mission we really didn't get to explore the ways in which puppeteers could dynamically react to player actions - the A&D setup is a tactically one-dimensional. Comrade Null has already suggested clarifying the puppeteers' role as being closer to games master than opposition, and supporting that by giving them sight of platoon markers etc., as well as placing standard AI squads as in a normal coop. Over the coming Folk Sundays and Tactical Tuesdays, I hope we'll get to explore these ideas in more detail, and find a way to give the majority of guests a really great large-scale mission experience against an enemy that is a little more tactically aware than AI alone.

What are your views, comrades?



HMG Gunner: Fer
|- Assistant: Tigershark

Comrade commander mingmong'a plan began with a platoon assault on Nango, the three squads line abreast (Alpha north, Charlie south), with the M113s and light attachments in amongst the line. Heavy attachments, HMG and HAT, were sent to a series of low knolls to our north, from where we could cover the platoon's advance across open terrain.

The enemy allowed us to set up on the knolls in a leisurely fashion, with plenty of time to assemble our DShKM and orientate the barrel towards an SPG-9 position on the western edge of Nango. After we began to shoot large calibre bullets at them, the enemy became far less accommodating. I watched three missiles speed past my head as I fired off round after round at pixels I couldn't see, all the while comrade Tigershark patiently watching through binoculars, talking and walking my fire towards the enemy position. Eventually, we won the duel, and the path was clear for the rest of the platoon to trundle across the open terrain, its organic M113s providing more mobile support.

As the platoon closed in on Nango, our usefulness diminished to nothing. The CO ordered us to go forward and link up with Alpha, led by the recently rehabilitated comrade Ansob, and stick with them for the next phase of the attack. We packed up our DShKM, grabbed our personal weapons, and bravely fell in juuuuust behind Alpha. And an oil well. As the whole platoon skirmished its way through Nango, we stuck close to our infantry meatshields until at last we broke through to the other side of the town. Instinctively, comrade Tigershark and I knew we should find a rooftop position for our DShKM and prepare to engage targets to the east. Such an order duly arrived from the CO, but we were already clambering up stairs and peering through tree foliage, looking for the optimum firing point.

We settled on the corrugated rooftop of the factory, our DShKM able to traverse from east to south comfortably. Once again, I found myself firing at unseeable pixels, whilst Tigershark calmly told me about a man who was sitting far, far away, inside some kind of multi-barrelled AA installation. I ran out of lead before the man could be killed. Worse, a steadily quickening patter of incoming rounds pinging off the metal rooftop convinced us to abandon both the position and our DShKM. As we ran down the stairs I wondered if our pay would be docked by the cost of that lovely HMG.

Reduced to humble infantry, we were ordered to the southernmost part of the platoon, to fall in with comrade Bodge's Charlie squad. After a small pause, Charlie and its assorted hangers-on proceeded to mount a decent assault up the road, eventually reaching and overrunning the first enemy strongpoint. It was all going swimmingly until we rounded the final corner and found an enemy T-34 parked in the field with its gun pointing at the position Charlie had just taken. There followed an amusing sequence whereby I peeped around a corner and talked to someone - comrade Wolfenswan? - who was patiently putting RPG after RPG into the tank until, eventually, the crew got and had the courtesy to stand next to their burning vehicle long enough to be killed in the inevitable secondary explosion. However, in its final moments, the tank had rotated its turret in my direction and fired a burst from its machine gun.

Tigershark was dead.



The rest of the mission is a horrible, tear-smeared blur. I'm told I carried his body for a long time, asking anyone and everyone if they were a medic. Some filthy traitors stole his gear and fancy watch, and eventually, exhausted from walking across open terrain with him slung over my shoulders, I dumped his body in a small compound and went forward with the rump of Charlie for the final assault.

I remember crawling up a hill towards bunkers and mortar pits, and being shot and healed and shot again. Somewhere in the middle of that I turned one of the enemy's own mortar tubes against his last redoubt, raining map-click death until I was all out of clicks. Still, I bled out on that hilltop, distraught the loss of my buddy.

Note: Outstanding work by all element leaders. Comms were tight, and movement often well-coordinated and supported. That we came close to completing a mission that has historically murdered us at Nango spoke volumes.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We might just get our socialist agrarian utopia after all.