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26-06-2012, 10:03 PM
60+ players again! Amazing!


Big Air

Buffet was an escort mission with a twist: Angry Unaco was the driver of a bus full of UN officials. That's right; escorting a competent HUMAN vehicle, instead of a suicidal AI-bastard. We even won.

Big Air was pseudo-adversarial. A select cadre of badmins were tasked with leading AI sheeples against the glorious Player Front. Except somehow the players managed to get cut apart way too easily. Also featured complaints about counter attacks. For the record: Bodge only shot at Tigershark (another Badmin) and bombed a church with that fighter jet! I even saved another player's life and delivered fuel trucks to the heroes. Next time: I will remove all RPGs and explosives. There were only about six in total. I might also add more transport. And remove the paradrop.

Nightblind was an assault under the cover of a flare barrage. Armoured vehicles blew up real good.

26-06-2012, 11:35 PM
For those who remained until the end and engaged in the Napoleonic era line fighting - could this be good for next time?

26-06-2012, 11:43 PM
My first time - died early and often, quite an intense first experience. The napoleonic line was the highlight, so a definite +1 for the mod from me.


27-06-2012, 01:43 AM
Heres to all tactical tuesdays becoming a imperial age bloodbath.

27-06-2012, 08:05 AM
This was my second TT, and this time I even had a working mic!

Buffet went well, despite the M113 blowing up near the end.

Big Air was a disaster for us fully-humans. Our fireteam (led by Stranglove, IIRC) made it to this village and was suddenly being shot at from, well, everywhere. FTL died, leaving me in command of the fireteam. I received an order to push forward with the three wounded guys that we had. I think I should have communicated to our superiors that we were surrounded and overwhelmed, but as a good soldier I didn't question the orders. I managed to say "on me guys!" on the intercomm, turned a corner and got shot. So that was my first time in command of anything.

Nightblind was actually a really cool mission in my opinion, with the darkness and flares and everything. I was a machinegunner, and Egg led us to a nice position up on the hills on the right flank. I think I killed quite a lot of enemies down in the valley (and some more of those who tried to flank us on the hills). But this one rooftop had a sniper or something who just refused to die despite me shooting half a clip from my RPK. Then he straight out killed me with one shot. At this point it was getting really late, so I went to sleep and didn't see how it ended.

It was nice gaming, thanks folks!

27-06-2012, 08:52 AM
Buffet was a lot of fun although I didn't get to use my healing skills much. I was dissapointed that the bus was not fired upon by the friendly base in the end.

Big Air was... very short for me to judge it but somehow it looked absurdly difficult. I died to some machinegunner/sniper from far away.

I would just like to remind people who are leading that IT"S JUST A GAME! No need to be so serious.
Also is it just me or the cacophony on comms is getting worse? Maybe it's logical with so many people but deleting and re-adding the CC token all the time doesn't seem like a good solution...

27-06-2012, 09:14 AM
For those who remained until the end and engaged in the Napoleonic era line fighting - could this be good for next time?

Looks like that mod died :-(

27-06-2012, 10:17 AM
Also is it just me or the cacophony on comms is getting worse? Maybe it's logical with so many people but deleting and re-adding the CC token all the time doesn't seem like a good solution...

The comms becoming less smooth is, I think, an inevitable consequence of having so many people about. Everything takes longer and the chance of people messing some step up increases.

As for CC, we should probably start a mass campaign badgering the mumble devs to put in a shortcut for toggling access tokens (or get someone codepetent and non-lazy to add the feature as it's open source).

27-06-2012, 10:37 AM
There's some interesting stuff here on an alternative way to set up command channels:


(I'm a bear of little brain where mumble is concerned, so this may not be relevant!)

27-06-2012, 10:56 AM
That mission went very smoothly, I was an AR. Our fireteam suffered no casualties at all which was very surprising. I fired so many bullets, spent my MG mags, and the AAR's mags, so I had to exchange the SAW for an RPK later.

Big Air
Didn't really enjoy this mission as I had horrible framerates in this one for some reason (seemed like 5 FPS). I was in Monkey's fireteam, we were flanked by AI near the end of the mission and died horribly.

Was the highlight. I was an engineer, in Charlie I think. I thought I would be disarming mines and repairing vehicles, but no, I was put in an M113 as gunner, with Nim as driver. I thought it would be an immediate death sentence, the M113 are such RPG magnets, but no, we survived for quite a long time in the M113, doing what APC are supposed to, covering infantry. Then, there were friendly fire incidents, with our guys being shot up by friendlies on the hills, someone died by a friendly bullet I think.
Later our M113 took an RPG hit, it exploded and we were critically injured inside. Luckily Gustav pulled me out and revived me. I was pretty sure Nim died, as I saw his body, but then I spectated him when I was dead later, weird might have been a JIP slot.
We regrouped with remnants of other fireteams and we moved on to the objective. We got into an ambush, a lot of people were critically injured, I tried to revive someone, but it bugged out for some reason, so I decided to cover my teammates and go all rambo on the enemy instead. My rambo'ing didn't succeed as I was shot in the face as soon as I fired my first bullet.

Napoleonic infantry combat after TT was awesome.

27-06-2012, 11:26 AM
Also is it just me or the cacophony on comms is getting worse? Maybe it's logical with so many people but deleting and re-adding the CC token all the time doesn't seem like a good solution...

I think the new platoon organization helps here. HOWEVER, it requires that people sitting in the squad channel actually think for a half a second before opening their mouths. As a general rule only FTLs and SL should be talking on the squad channel, and only SLs and CO on CC.

The basic problem underlying the comms is that since we are not a clan and don't have training sessions or ranks, our radio discipline is mostly based on people acting courteously and spending the tiny mental effort required to make things run smoothly. Sometimes this doesn't happen and things break down.

That said, I am totally confident that comms can work well when courtesy is observed and mental effort expended. Us hosts are trying to keep an eye on this, but it's up to you as well: use your noggin, and if someone is making too much noise, tell them about it (politely). And if that doesn't work, tell the host.

As for CC, we should probably start a mass campaign badgering the mumble devs to put in a shortcut for toggling access tokens (or get someone codepetent and non-lazy to add the feature as it's open source).

Badgering Mumble people isn't the way to go, but option #2 would be appreciated to a very high degree. I suspect it wouldn't be the world's most challenging programming task for someone with good a familiarity of C++ (and optionally QT experience for the UI). I also understand Mumble devs happily accept (clean) feature patches.

If any of you fine people have the experience and interest in doing this, please drop me (or the other hosts) a message about this, either here or on Steam, and we can talk specs and try to get a hold of the Mumble devs.

27-06-2012, 11:30 AM

Charlie one. Stayed on the right side of the road ahead of the bus for most of the mission. Got engaged on multiple fronts but our fireteam miraculously managed to evade casualties. It was quite scary at times because I'm sure we disengaged from enemies at points and carried on, only for those enemies to start following us and attack us from the rear. The priority was the bus, I suppose, so we managed to get the job done.

Big Air

Started as a JIP, ordered to join Alpha leader as his personal bodyguard/slave. Was very obedient and followed him around everywhere, ready to put my body in front of incoming bullets. Our squad investigated Chernogorsk and shot a few dudes before being buzzed by a fighter jet multiple times. We were ambushed in Cherno, and I died while heroically defending my glorious leader.


Bravo One. We were five minutes into the mission before we were identified as 'enemies' by Alpha squad, and I took a bullet for the team. Good job Alpha!

27-06-2012, 12:47 PM

Commanded this one, and you guys pushed through, in spite of me ;)

Saw some good work from the fireteams., B was excellent when I needed them [Bodge remains as ever, a scarily competent FTL] and aside from I think, two roadkills at the start? we were reasonably organised.

We do need a little less CC chatter, and the briefing/flying argument at the start of Big Air was unnecessary. Otherwise, great session.

27-06-2012, 01:35 PM
the briefing/flying argument at the start of Big Air was unnecessary. Yeah, that was very silly, considering only 4 or 5 people made it to the airfield at the end.

27-06-2012, 04:19 PM
Looks like that mod died :-(

Yeah it does look dear :( Ah well. We don't need no mode when we have a gentleman's agreement :)

Last night's session was fun. Thanks to everyone in Charlie in Big Air. Some great squad tactics and the fireteams played well together even after I abruptly got the command :) On consideration I don't think we were ever going to complete that mission. The AI stormed the sh*t out of the airfield and anyone who went near the cockpit was instantly sniped. That said, it isn't really a criticism as I enjoyed the whole heroic last stand.

Thanks to all for a great session! Although there was some unnecessary comm chatter, when you consider how many people were in the channel it was actually remarkable - the ARPS players are very well behaved!

27-06-2012, 06:10 PM
My second Tactical Tuesday, and I think next time I won't die as much. Third time's the charm, they do say.

Buffet was the first mission where I scored more than one kill without dying shortly afterwards. At the end of it, my SAW was nearly out of ammo. Felt like Rambo.

I think I was the first person to die in Big Air, but I didn't know how to respawn as JIP, so I just spectated the whole thing. My favorite moment was when Nullkigan manner-healed an enemy only to get shot seconds later.

Nightblind was a blast. It was my first time as a medic and I freaked out when I saw that I didn't have any medic gear - little did I know that medics actually have healing hands! So I was running around with Gustav until our whole squad got shot to pieces and then we made a rock our home! Attached ourselves to Alpha, who were complaining about friendly fire every chance they got (not that I blame them). I spotted an enemy while clearing buildings with sulphur and couldn't decide whether do go into cover or shoot, so I did nothing and died. Again. Healed lots of people though, and until then I had been really careful to stay in cover. I like to think I'm getting the hang of it slowly.

First time we played the Goat mission, I died because I crashed into someone with my bike, I think. Apologies to Ivan, who died as well. The glorious demise of my company was one for the ages, though.
Second goat mission, I was the only one of my team who got shot. Our tactics were clearly superior, and we took the goat! At the end of the mission, I was still alive (I will leave out the wriggly painy bit).

27-06-2012, 08:12 PM

Charlie 2 AT. We kept to the right of the road and things seemed to go fairly smoothly. The moment that stuck in the memory was when enemy armour suddenly appeared over a ridgeline as we were advancing. Luckily, the gunner was just as surprised as we were, and I managed to put a point-blank range RPG into it before it could open up. Not sure if I should be congratulating myself, or feeling very lucky I didn't take down any friendlies in the blast. Either way, I ended the mission with more kills than all of my previous TT sessions combined.

Big Air

Charlie 3 AAR. The mission didn't start well when our FTL crashed and was replaced by a comatose AI. Hawk Silk did a good job in taking over as we pushed out of the airfield, but we were caught out by an LMG as we skirted a treeline on the right flank and suddenly I was all alone :( Had a crash course in Mumble communication and marking things on the map (sorry to everyone who had to witness that) before executing a hasty withdrawal. Tried to sprint across open ground toward my objective, but essentially ran headfirst into some enemy and got shot for my troubles. Ever the drama queen, I rolled around under the trees for a bit before dying.


Bravo 1 AT. Really enjoyed this mission, very atmospheric, but my performance wasn't great. Someone in a another squad clearly had a premonition about this and attempted to take me down within the first 5 mins. I survived, but annoyingly I wasn't able to reload my AK afterward, despite having 5 mags on me. As my frustration grew, I kept trying to drop and pick up my weapon in the vain hope it would fix things. I think everyone who witnessed this thought I'd had some sort of mental breakdown, and they weren't far from the truth.

Eventually gave up and scavanged an assortment of crappy weapons as we went along. Luckily Egg, Velko and Monkey were all top-notch, so I concentrated on trying to give them cover and first aid when needed, which made me feel better about myself. Completely fluffed an RPG shot on a technical, and afterwards ran around for 5 minutes trying to find out where the voices in my head were coming from (it was an injured squadmate rather than a leprechaun telling me to burn things).

Despite all this, I survived until the end and joined in with Egg after he'd secured the crash-site for the glory of Bravo 1. Then realised how late it was and had to log out. Line infantry battles would have to wait for another time.

Black Mamba
27-06-2012, 09:17 PM
Missed the first one. The got to play Big Air, and Nightblind. My internet connection decided to take a break shortly after i was killed, though, so i missed the end too.

Suprisingly i didn't find Big Air that much unbalanced. At first. We managed to get our hands on three fuel trucks when the gloabl retreat was called, made it back to the planes even though i was wounded driving my truck full speed, only to bleed out, unable to get out. Got to contemplate an apocalyptic sight of a burning airfield cluttered with dead corpses just before dying myself.

Nightblind was,as always, a nice mission. If you ignore the fact that we were almost wiped out by friendly fire a few minutes after the beginning (and i'm not talking about some light FF incident. More like some sustained fire on our position for a minute or so). Airtekh, my brave assistant, died, before even having the chance to engage an enemy. I myself got shot but fixed up by our magnificient teamleader Joe. And again. And again. Joe again. Last time he did give me first aid, after i engaged quite a good number of hostiles (and a stealth DshK who was about to rape us), i ate a bullet right away. This was my end.
And while i was spectating joe desperately trying to get some help from a friendly that didn't seem to care at all, shooting in the sky to get his attention, I lost connection.

Bout the comms, there was definitely too much chat traffic, at least at the beginning, so that i couldn't even hear Joe giving orders.

27-06-2012, 09:34 PM
but I didn't know how to respawn as JIP, so I just spectated the whole thing.
You need to disconnect from the server, reconnect again and take a JIP slot :)

27-06-2012, 09:34 PM
being buzzed by a fighter jet multiple times.

Just a clarification, I didn't shoot at any of the player force in the Su-34, if I had you would have known about it as Tiger found out.

27-06-2012, 10:05 PM
Suprisingly i didn't find Big Air that much unbalanced. At first. We managed to get our hands on three fuel trucks when the gloabl retreat was called, made it back to the planes even though i was wounded driving my truck full speed, only to bleed out, unable to get out. Got to contemplate an apocalyptic sight of a burning airfield cluttered with dead corpses just before dying myself.

Thank you. I was going to write a longer post about this, but I'll condense it to the three real mistakes I made. The first is the biggest and most important.

I took too many senior, sensible players away from the player force to populate the AI force. I needed to do that to make sure it didn't turn into a murder-troll fest by letting people go hog wild with the AI slots. To be honest, we could probably have done it pure PVE if the numbers had allowed.
(valid criticism by Joe:) I made the mission zone a little too large. At around 6 square kilometers it was just a bit too much for you to cover without more transports. That particular array of caches did not favour the players as much as it might have (though you did get a free truck on the pier in Balota). The next version will focus more on Cherno and the closer caches.
The counterattack on the airfield once you'd got enough fuel to make it to the escape zone was too powerful because a) you were all dead and b) not expecting it. The second isnt a strike against it, but the first certainly is. Welcome to Drassen, Comrades!

We spent a long time in questions before I started the mission - I thought I'd gotten the salient points across. I explicitly answered, when questioned, that nobody should volunteer to pilot because it'd be the LAST THING THAT WOULD HAPPEN IN THE MISSION. That an argument apparently broke out about that the minute I left to give briefings to the puppetmasters saddens me immensely. Next week there will be a bigger emphasis on clear communications. And Im going to start breaking heads amongst the regulars especially when they start jumping on to CC to ask about irrelevant things when theyre not even a squad leader.

Some people said Big Air was me and Bodge playing with toys at your expense: This is EMPHATICALLY not true, and it's a little insulting that youd think this, especially given the effort that goes into writing missions, organising events, renting and managing hardware, etc. If we wanted to just fuck with people, we could do it on the Free server instead. We were actively aiding the players for much of the mission and purposefully missing easy kills, trying to attract your attentions to stuff like caches or AI positions. Once more, the idea was to create a cinematic, dynamic experience by breaking up the monotony of AI responses.

The players acted chaotically, without a solidly executed plan, and with little support due to above point 1/ and also a bit of point 2/ (which made you split up for some reason). I saw players jump in trucks and try to beeline - through enemy lines - straight for the airfield. Securing routes should have been a priority and you lost at least four trucks to small arms and grenades by my count. (There were only six RPGs on the entirety of the opfor, and none of them were cleared to fire on you.) What few trucks made it through refueled the much lower capacity antinovs, and the pre-flight checks started before the main body of players was back at the air field, triggering the paradrop counterattack.

Yes, the puppetmasters had a mortar - it put the fear into the players but didn't harm them, as the shots went several hundred meters wide, exactly as instructed. We had some SU-34s. Same. The SU-34s were actually intended to chase the C130s from behind, to make the escape a cinematic seat-of-the-pants experience (complete, ideally, with SU's being shot down by the M119s hanging out of the C130's ramps). The comms on AIFor were pretty uniformly "shoot to panick, not to kill!".

Arma is NOT meant to be a samey experience. It's not Napoleonic line battles where you know exactly what's coming and how to deal with it. It CAN be that, but it can also be more. How else would you get tales of Comrade Fer dragging Comrade Tigershark's corpse ten miles crying for a medic every step of the way? Or Martin Kopotnik singlehandedly holding a dam? Or that one time a T90 ran over Comrade Qazi?

The idea was to make the mission dynamically challenging and keep the players on their toes by breaking out stuff they weren't expecting. Spraying the walls above their heads with lead whilst they refused to look behind them is a prime example of this. I actually spent most of my time shepherding AI to places to put up a challenge against a player assault (because 3-5 man guard posts should have been trivial to roll over) and overtly helping the players after Bravo dissolved. That the players got completely SLAUGHTERED by an almost even number of AI was actually sort of surprising. Then again, I got one kill - Mike - by accident. Not sure how, as I never actually looked down my irons to aim at anyone.

So, the next version will be:

More Contigious
Have better command/control (Ill be playing on the Player/Indie side for a while to act as drill sergeant)

28-06-2012, 09:15 AM
@Nullkigan: yeap it was pretty chaotic. We need a better plan next time for it. I think it did provide a different experience, I just can't judge it as I died early on (through my own stupid mistake). It was nice that you didn't know where the enemy was coming from and Chernarus always makes you feel that there are more enemies than there really are. I am looking forward to trying it again and thanks for putting in the effort to make this.

28-06-2012, 11:30 AM
I thought that Big Air had a fun premise, and the tweaks proposed, as well as the natural improvement of the group's play as time goes on (anyone remember how much we sucked when we started playing with the small ARPS group?) should polish it into a fine member of our canon of missions.

28-06-2012, 02:06 PM
Big Air
Charlie Squad Leader

Other than it being a bit sprawling, I don't have any real problems with the way this mission was put together. I got sniped by a ninja PKM very early on, but even so I may have contributed to the clusterfuck by deploying Charlie squad in a very haphazard way. I wanted to rush to Balota as soon as possible, hopefully outmanoeuvring the enemy. Unfortunately all that I managed to do was to isolate the three fireteams, making them much easier to pick off.

Charlie 2 fireteam leader
Charlie lead: Gustav/Bork
Charlie medic: Labbes
AR: BlackMamba
AAR: Airtehk
RPG: Zitron

I had a blast in this mission, Charlie 2 and our various accumulated hangers-on killed a fuckload of enemies, breached the main compound before anyone else and took out several vehicles and static weapons before they could massacre friendlies.

Despite this the friendly fire near the beginning of the mission was very disappointing. We were on a hillside providing overwatch when we came under sustained fire from Alpha 2 fireteam, led by sam I think. We were only about 200 metres away, our uniforms were clearly visible and spacebar scanning was even on. Everyone, not just FTLs needs to ID their targets carefully and check the map, A2 managed to kill airtehk and incapacitate both Mamba and Zitron. The worst part was, while A2 was focused on trying to kill us I noticed a hostile not 5 metres from them hiding in a bush. After they finally stopped firing I took him out, saving their oblivious lives. FF will always happen but I was killed early on in really long missions by careless friendly fire in the last two Folk sessions as well, and it's getting very tiresome. Take a second to check the uniform before clicking LMB people.

After this unfortunate incident Gustav assumed direct command of our element and we advanced towards the compound, with Mamba expertly picking off enemies with his RPK as we went. We got to the wall, and Gustav decided to flank around the left. We found a hole in the wall and cleared the last couple of enemies from the military base.

We then moved out towards the main village, sticking to cover the main advance. We got bogged down in an area with little cover but managed to take out two SPGs (one static one technical) and Mamba took out a static dishka and a technical. Wolfenswan had placed them with his usual craftiness so we probably saved quite a few friendlies in the main force.

After a bloody 5 minutes reviving everyone, Gustav got blown up trying to rescue Mamba. Myself and Labbes the medic were the only remaining members of Charlie squad. As we cowered behind a rock we heard Kefirz's cries for help in the distance. We revived him and started clearing buildings. Rather awkwardly the CO then ordered us to join Alpha squad. Luckily they didn't shoot us as we finished clearing buildings, and gradually pushed towards the end of the mission. Labbes and Kefirz got killed along the way, but eventually I made it, linking up with Ivan next to a pile of enemies he had killed from the shadows. Appropriately a friendly killed me seconds before the mission ended, and that was that.

29-06-2012, 09:51 AM
I consider surviving mission 1 an act of God. Just as I started running towards the enemy my system failed, and I had to reboot. Incredibly, I found myself facehugging a tree, still running, but still alive.

Big Air, well (http://www.impawards.com/1979/posters/zulu_dawn_ver2.jpg)... Other than being flanked in that compound near the coast, Charlie 2 seemed fairly well organised. It was pretty fun. Then we got killed.

Nightblind: Great mission, great FTL, but by the end blue-on-blue reached a whole new level of meaning for me. I mean, the botched grenade whacking me was an honest mistake, but I could literally hear the looney tunes theme in my head when someone yelled "there's one" and shot me.

01-07-2012, 11:39 AM
I'd like to put another vote for Big Air being fine, myself and the squad I was in didn't have too many problems pushing to the East, we killed about 20-30 enemy and took about 4-5 casualties during that time which is about what you'd expect facing the AI.

I will say that having a fighter Jet buzzing us all the time was rather confusing. I know you weren't shooting at us, but we didn't know that at the time.

I think we just played badly and if I may say so wasn't commanded very well. (I think this is what Null is alluding to when saying he took too many veterans away from our force). Now this isn't a strike against anyone, I've commanded plenty of missions which have totally screwed up, but when we're playing a new type of mission and its very hard because we've been poor I think we naturally assume its the new type of mission that is making things hard rather than our plan. We had some people apparently fueling the antonovs (wtf) and no real commands as to which plane to fuel first. Once our leader went down we didn't really have anyone taking over, I was something like AT guy in Bravo 3 and at the end was trying to raise people on CC to find out who was in command.

01-07-2012, 12:56 PM
I will say that having a fighter Jet buzzing us all the time was rather confusing. I know you weren't shooting at us, but we didn't know that at the time.

The fact you were alive was a good indicator.

Black Mamba
01-07-2012, 01:52 PM
I've commanded plenty of missions which have totally screwed up

Oh yeah, i remember that one Folk Session when you... Well. Nevermind.