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08-07-2012, 10:28 PM
Thanks for the great games tonight, we played:

With a chance of hail
Into the sea

All were attempted with glorious resignation to our fates as squishy meat, the tinned meat didn't meet their death quota this week however so will have to expect penance to be levelled their way. Another good player count btw, thanks for joining us new peoples please post your thoughts below (and on the folk forum).


Black Mamba
09-07-2012, 01:52 PM
Once again a great session!

With a Chance of Hail

C1 FTL, with Astro Nit, Null, and Kefirz.
We lost Kefirz to a server deconnection almost immediately.
Although nobody admitted to it, i strongly believe i was shost in the ass by someone from Bravo, while i was engaging a few enemies in front of Draakon, our SL. After what, as one of my comrades touched my chest for a while, i came back to the world of living only to see a nade landing on top of my head. Leaving only the wounded Astro Nit alive, bound to bleed out soon.
Then got to watch Bodge conduct a daring flanking maneuver while Rawrnix was sipping a pinata a few kilometers away.


That one saw my unbelievable marksmanship skillz: got to shoot at an enemy two hundreds away, as he didn't see me, with a RPK (!) and still managed to miss him. He didn't.

Into the sea

As usual, very good leading from Bodge. We did well, even though we got pinned down behind a 3meters large and 2 feet high wall for a while. We did make it out of there and start sweeping the town, without ever taking any casualty. Tehn we were ordered to charge (again) somewhere across some plain open ground. Were ambushed on the way there by a group of guys sitting on the road, and pretty much obliterated. We could easily have killed'em if we even tried to watch our sides while moving instead of running like maniacs. By the time i saw them i was 15 meters away from them and could only kill one before being wounded then killed.


Although the plan, which consisted in absolutely avoiding taking the high ground advantage was strange, we did make it to the rail station. Only to get pinned down by enemy fire, while half my team was wounded in the middle of nowhere. I noticed Joe's muzzleflash in his ivory tower, and volunteered to provide covering fire while my last teammate would go and rescue the otheres (yeah, you would expect one to volunteer for the dangerous part of the mission. I don't). So i basically sprayed the window Joe was hiding behind. He stopped shooting, i thought "maybe i got him". I peeked out for a second to check that, just in time to see his sights and his eye on the same line. End of the story.

After what we moved on to the ARPS joint, to try some more serious arma. With a special mention to that Armory mission that went particularly well.

09-07-2012, 03:44 PM
With a Chance of Hail

Had a connection issue but when it was resolved couldn't get back in my spot as it was taken, so I was watching F1 :D


I was in BLUFOR, loved the VDV song at the start that was awsome and inspiring, after that we moved on the caches and we stopped to have eye's on to the cache, I warned that we could be right on top of the enemies and SuperŪ allowed me to bravely check out surroundings, after 70m a spray with a RPK went into the trees right in front of me, I returned fire and got wounded, some good man revived me and now there were only me and killa in the FT so we bravely, while others stayed back, advanced to the next cache. Killa engaged some enemies and when I ran to him all was quiet, but I saw a body and I figured it was dead, but when smoke appeared from him and rounds started flying I emptied my mag into him, he was dead but he had a friend who got me from the side. So after that I proceeded to watch F1 :D

Into the sea

Did quite well, although the tank killed everything with ease we just mopped up after him. We all died in a horrible junction where an AI had been hiding behind a wooden fence.


Didn't participate in that one as the official session was over and it was late for me.

To be honest I wasn't really trying yesterday, mainly I was interested in F1 :D but I just want to add something about into the sea, maybe you can add a tank or two more and a few SPG's? Metis will turn that tank in a death trap, but at least a SPG will give the tank a fighting chance. And MAT teams and AT units in FT will have something to do with their big toys :D

10-07-2012, 07:52 AM
With a chance of hail
MMG - Assistant
Had to go afk for 5 minutes, came back to a mostly decimated platoon , while walking to link up with my sexy co(superU)
i managed to find a squad pinned down by a exploded truck and manged to save unaco and that sqaud.
then i ran away after looting the oh so friendly previous team leader of that sqaud

CO - Medic
Faffed arond abit tried to help ian,tho echo either seemed to have communication problems or just ignoreing orders

Oh yeah we all died i think

Into the sea

Did nothing at all expect sit in a warrior and talking smack.

Missed this.

10-07-2012, 09:49 AM
CrossPost from Folk forum

With a chance of hail
IFV1, Front gunner and leader - Wolfenswan, Driver - Ghengis(sp), Rear gunner - Halop

We were driving a Vodnik, but the crappy Vodnik with an MG at front and rear.
Funny that I experienced the same kind of disconnects as Kefirz, it cannot be a coincidence, were the Latvian internets acting up that day? :lol:
Anyway, I was useless for the first half of the mission as I was losing connection.
Later when the IFV1 reached the forest, Wolfenswan was shot and Ghengis took command, I quickly mounted the front gun.
After a lot of death from the other fireteams we regrouped into one large unit and attacked the enemy base. IFV1 was killing a lot of enemies from the flanks, but then we exploded.

BLUFOR, Alpha1 fireteam, FTL - Toppometer, AT Rifleman - Halop

We were approaching some cache with other fireteams. Near the cache I saw an indie standing and looking at us. I shot him, and we advanced forward. Someone was taking potshots at us from the south, and I was wounded. Comrades revived me and we moved on. We planted a satchel on the cache, set it for 30 seconds timer, and boom. Now the potshots were getting much more intense, with bullets flying everywhere. In the result everyone in A1 fireteam was down and waiting to be revived. The revive didn't come, what did come was automatic fire from an AK.

Into the sea
Tank1, Commander - Halop, Gunner - Wafflynumber, Driver - SuperÜ

This mission was awesome in a tank.
We moved to the regroup point and turned towards the town. We spotted a stationary T90, another T90 driving around the roads, and a BMP3 driving around. Command told us to hold fire. We did, but then saw IFV1 engaging the tank with its pew-pew autocannon, we opened fire then too and killed all of the enemy armour with some very nice deflection shooting by Waffly :hist101:
Then we moved on ahead and started our work on the infantry. There were some stationary metises and strelas too, but we got lucky there and spotted them first. The rest of the mission we were mowing down countless enemy squads of infantry, sometimes moving over to Bravo and Alpha squads to support them.
By the end we were breaching the enemy strongholds. It consisted of the Tank driving there, killing all the static Diskhas and infantry, and our squads doing the mopping up.
In the end the scoreboard of our tank consisted of 3 tank kills and over 60 infantry.

BLUFOR, CO - Ivan, Medic - Halop

I was assigned as Ivans bodyguard. After running for 5 minutes in the wrong direction, we arrived in the town where shooting was already going on. Ivan sprinted towards the trainstation and I followed him, another player follow us too. We closed the doors, and tried to hail anyone on TS - all other teammates were dead. So the 3 of us were covering all the entrances.
One door opened, but we stopped the breach.
And then Arma crashed for me.

10-07-2012, 07:21 PM