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24-07-2012, 11:08 PM
Large amounts of everything was had...

-From the sea
-2 Days from retirement (berezino)
(plus a bonus round of viva pinata)

Post your tales of woe below. Thanks for those newcomers and I hoped you enjoyed the madness.

25-07-2012, 01:28 PM
From the sea
IFV1 commander.
I was commanding a BMP-2, moving into the village from the west and clearing it out. There was a very close RPG round that nearly hit us, that came from the north hills. When the convoy arrived, I moved the BMP in position behind Waffly's BMP, but for some reason the moment we moved behind the corner to face the convoy, my BMP instantly exploded. But we survived and Bravo patched us up! And then the server crashed or something.

2 Days from retirement

I was a gangster in Mike's team. The whole mission we were sitting in a bar. Then we went to "flank" the enemy, in reality the enemy flanked us and we were massacred.

Alpha 2

We had a BTR-40 and it was fun. Some 20 minutes into the mission Iceraiser went AFK and I took the gun in the BTR, with head driving. Moved down a lot of insurgents with the Diskha, then we met a T-34 head on. The BTR was destroyed, but we got out unharmed, well almost, Ice was not so lucky, he was sleeping in the BTR as it got shelled by the tank. Then we jacked a T-34, but sadly the mission ended shortly afterwards.

Indfor, Delta fireteam, AT.

We were in the far east of Zagrabad. I was hiding in a building far away from my fireteam. Contact was established with the enemy before they saw us. Alpha and Bravo came under heavy fire from BLUFOR, I moved in to support them and flank BLUFOR from the east.

I saw an enemy humvee, and I was aiming at it for about 2 minutes, waiting for it to stop. At the moment it stopped I fired my RPG, but I aimed too low and it missed completely. Then I took some potshots at an enemy fireteam, they saw me and I retreated a little. As I was looking at the enemy I heard 2 humvees near my position. And then one humvee drove through the wall I was covering behind. In panic I started to run to the nearest building to the north, using bushes as cover, but I was 50cal'd.

25-07-2012, 06:09 PM
Had an eventful session and here are some highlights of it.

http://youtu.be/xEf4ZeCpw-0 (http://youtu.be/xEf4ZeCpw-0)

25-07-2012, 10:09 PM
Awesome video Kefirz, lol you can see my BMP take the near RPG hit at the beggining of the video...
One problem I had though, for some reason I could only hear some people on CC and not all of them. In the first mission I heard only the commander for some reason.