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29-07-2012, 10:21 PM
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Warlords Inc
Dash (#1)
Dash (#2)
Comrades, as ever, thank you! Once again over 40 of you came along for the session, and fought valiantly for the cause! Just ... not the cause we usually fight for. Earlier, comrade Tigershark had sent his runner over to my dacha to complain that we had not done enough 'wargaming' as BLUFOR, and could we issue the comrades with western rifles this time around. Despite my deep misgivings (the dossier on comrade Tigershark contains some very disturbing pictures involving a USMC uniform, red-dot sight and a domestic animal), the rotation for tonight saw us play mostly as BLUFOR, complete with Littlebirds, Jackals and Warriors.

We were still mostly murderised, I might add.


29-07-2012, 10:29 PM
A2 FTL: Tigershark
AR: IceRaiser
blank: StrangLove
AT: Aqarius.

We were tasked with moving to a setup point NW of Nagara and then move in from the NW while the rest of the forces move in from the South-SouthEast.
We barely made it to the point before "Humvee's down" echoed over the radio, we moved in and started exporting Democracy.
I shot Richard in the back as the coward was trying to put an RPG in my friends face :D
A SUV drove right past us, stopped an unloaded a hail of bullets that incap'd our gloriouz leader Tigershark.
Strang/Aqarius swept in and delt some punishment.
Alas the coward Waffly managed to escape :(

B1 FTL: StrangLove
AR: Pirate
AAR: IceRaiser
AT: Walter

Allright, Jackal! Dibs on gun! wait, I'm driving?! aww OK...
Our task was to move to "point one" just north of the oilcisterns and then swoop in to the compounds and secure them.
Halfway there we encountered the first enemy squad, they were quickly delt with (m240-M2 combo).
We were about 200m from Point 1 when a second enemy squad tossed a handful of dirt in my eyes and then killing me...
The rest of Bravo soon followed.

Dash, take 2
Same lineup.

OK new attempt, Dibs on gu-wha I'm driving again?! fine...
This time we had Light Fog on.
So we were to move a bit more north and then sweep down south with all Squads.
Made it to the point, started moving south and a bullet pierced the fog and splashed my face all over StrangLove. D-E-D, DEAD!.

DC: Tigershark
DC Medic: IceRaiser

Ok this time I'm NOT gonna die!
Followed Tigershark around and hid behind him, other squads and even a rabbit.
Shot a MG guy just to watch him die, liberated his PKM. Ahh it felt good to be back with eastern weapons.
Ran with Tigershark for the rest of the mission and hey, I didn't die. SUCCESS!

29-07-2012, 10:53 PM
Opfor CO

After a bit of clarification on the rules we placed Alpha to the West, Bravo/Charlie/MMG to the South and Delta to the East. The plan was that we would engage the enemy and try to eliminate any presence to the south, clearing a path out of town. I tasked Delta with scouting the Eastern road and they discovered humvees proceeding South. Delta were relocated South of the road and Bravo were pulled up to that edge of town to keep it secure. The enemy littlebird was buzzing around and was engaged by Delta and Bravo forcing it down almost on top of Delta who dealt with the rest. Sporadic M2 fire was pinging around town and FTs were quickly becoming engaged, when the God-given-go came through and off went Waffley in his escape bid East and then North. I followed East shortly after and headed South in the opposite direction to Waffles. The fire teams in town did a superb job of disabling humvees and engaging the infantry as we both made our escape.

Bravo SL

We were formed up and ready to go in a matter of seconds, i was impressed with our efficiency and figured we might do okay.
We crested near town and blam blam blam BOOM! Argghhhh!

Dash, take 2
Same lineup.

Yay we made it into a compound! OH GOD! BMP2, rocket, boom, enemy infantry close! Secure breaches! Blam Blam Blam, URGH! Go Ben!


The plan was to focus on the East side of the road then proceed South with two infantry elements under the command of DC and Delta FTL with the HAT and IFVs in tow to provide support. For the most part it went very well, the IFVs got shot at a few times but never exploded there were hits on the infantry but nothing major. The Elements separated at the first set of buildings with each clearing and securing the area before we pushed on the final objective with the SF team in position to assault. I think SF might have caught some FF but overall it went rather well.

Alpha FTL
We were tasked with distracting the enemy, we did this by shooting at the windows and lobbing smoke everywhere when what i believe was our CO in a truck drove right up to the front door and got shot. We spotted enemy infantry in a building adjacent to the Pig Sty so I directed B and C to clear it. Alpha moved in to the lower floor and The other fireteams came to join us, we sprinted up the stairs and into the room opposite surprising the coppers inside, i shot one and caught a round before bleeding out i had the pleasant sight of one of my comrades bringing his gun to bear on the back of the last pigs head.

30-07-2012, 09:26 AM
Opfor Delta RAT

Heading off with Delta towards the East with hid in some compounds and sent Tink off to scout ahead. Suprisingly, he not only managed to spot some HMMWs and a little bird but also to survive (!!). Anyway, while the other fireteams were being engaged Delta had it fairly quiet until a Little Bird decided to drop right on top of us when we were about to leave the safety of our compound. I snuk around to greet it with a RPG point blank. What happened then was a once in a lifetime event: Due to the low visibility thanks to fog and the dust created by the LB I could aim my RPG only roughly towards the heli but as it was less than 200m distance a hit was a pretty safe bet (or so I thought), especially as it was standing sideways. What happened was that the rocket entered the LB's pilot cabin from one side and exited through the other without causing any damage whatsoever.

Still, Unaco and me managed to take out the drops it had dropped off and as we were about to RV with the rest of OPFOR one of the Warlords had made his way to safety.

Charlie SL

We survived the longest and cleared the compound with some efficiency. When I was about to move to C2 to lend some support I spotted movement to my right, turned and "hey where did you guys all come from?" BLAM.

Dash, take 2
Same lineup.

Teamed up with Bravo this surely was going to go way better. We were moving to get our eyes south when I heard an engine noise. I turned around to check if my Fireteams were following when OH FUCK WHERE DID THAT BMP COME FROM WHERES THE AT AARGH.

Alpha RAT

Nothing much to say. We moved with Bravo in Charlie in a fairly consistent line, mowing down any resistance with support from the IFVs.

Police Alpha FTL

Draakon and I hid in a building slightly NE off the police station. We saw the station getting entirely covered in smoke and the first gang mobiles arrive. I left to outflank them and took out at least 3 of them when some lucky gangbanger dispatched me.

30-07-2012, 06:18 PM
We truly were blessed with a bumper ration of death yesterday.

Dash (1st attempt)

Alpha 1 FTL - Headspace
AR - Tigershark
AAR - jRides
Rifleman (AT) - Me

We all piled into the Jackal, with HS driving, Tiger gunning and myself navigating. As we crested a low sand dune I spotted a large enemy squad in front of us, and Tigershark started engaging. Unfortunately we were all killed driving headlong towards the hostiles.

Dash (2nd attempt)

Everyone took the same slots and we had another crack. I took us on a wide northern loop to avoid being murdered before we reached our rendevous (I was driving this time). We reached it without incident and I called out some bad men ghosting in the fog just at the edge of our viewdistance. Tiger started engaging and the infantry began pushing up. Then the Jackal was exploded by a BMP-2 that we couldn't see, hiding somewhere in the fog. The rest of the platoon was killed in much the same fashion as the first go-around soon afterwards. I think that Dash would be better if we spawn somewhere other than the north-east, perhaps somewhere to the west of the main spine of Shapur, to mix things up a little bit.

Bravo FTL - Me
AR - Walter
AAR - Aquarius
Rifleman (AT) - Unacomedarieasrasriaira

Having stolen as many NLAW missiles as we could, and determined that Aquarius was not going to be able to kill the enemy with the power of his mind we moved out. We pushed forward pretty uneventfully, apart form Tiger getting a bit irritated with me for calling out some stuff on TS (did you not realise I was an FTL?) and formed up ready to attack the North-Eastern part of the enemy defences. We moved forward and murdered a fair amount of enemy infantry, pushing up to a compound. I looted a Metis along the way and managed to destroy a T-55 with it. Tigershark then had us bound through a string of compounds, where we encountered sporadic resistance and took out a dishka bunker.

We then moved up and mopped up enemies on the last ridgeline, and Tiger sent us to clear out the far western section. We found the bodies of the heroic SF team, who were surrounded by enemy corpses. Truly a heroic exit. I looted a satchel off one of them and sent myself flying into the stratosphere just as the mission ended. Gangam style. Good CO'ing from Bodge and element commanding from Tigershark.


Avon Barksdale - Bodge
Russel 'Stringer' Bell - Me
Wee Bey - Pirate (Wielding his Mac-10)
Shamrock - Someone else who I've forgotten (sorry!)

After a hard day on the corner of Fayette and Lexington, we picked up a few 40s from the liquor store and decided to unwind by shooting some pigs. We advanced through the construction site, and Bodge spotted a couple of coppers hiding in a building across from the station.We rushed into the station and after some fitful lean-spamming room clearance I decided that I didn't have any chance in a straight up gun battle, since I had a Makarov SD and the Five O had 8 buckshot in the pipe. My plan was to run straight into every room, reasoning that I'd be shot and killed right away but at least I'd alert my homies to enemy positions. Strangely, the first room I sprinted into contained a donut-scoffer lying on the ground (ironically it was the exact same position I had been in last time I played cholo, and I polished off the last remaining gangbanger from there) who seemed so surprised by my entrance that he remained completely motionless, only moving slightly as I started pumping bullets into his face. Bodge ran into the next door room and was gunned down, but I used a looted shotgun to kill the last cop as he emptied his shells into Bodge's body. Gangnam style. \

30-07-2012, 06:41 PM
Dash, take 1 - I was the top gunner in B1's Jackal. I believe I was the first to die in my squad, but there is no denying that I (like almost everyone else) died in the utmost of glory. I was rather proud.

Dash, take 2 - B1 top gunner again. Iceraiser and me were tasked with staying in our vehicle while Pirate and Stranglove went out to do something. We were shot at as soon as they disembarked. The light fog helped, as I could not see what killed me.

Huzzah - I was the machinegunner in Joseph/Sulphur's fireteam. Much DAKKA was caused under his excellent leadership. We also found the corpses of our special forces and looted proceeded to loot the hell out of them. I really liked this mission.

Cholo - A gangbanger in Phalanx's squad. Phalanx saw someone and shouted "CHASE HIM" and I obliged. Was quickly made the recipient of a shotgun slug. But Cholo is always fun. (I adore the music.)

All in all, another great Folk Sunday.

30-07-2012, 09:00 PM

With great cost to human lives, I have acquired footage of the events of last night.
Behold, as Delta squad (harakka, Wolfenswan, Unaco and the absent-from-video Tink) manage to attack the BLUFOR chopper as it lands to drop of mens in Warlords (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdWv1dcsZxc&feature=youtu.be).

And here we have some choice cuts from both attempts at Dash (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQldM0cL1rw&feature=youtu.be).

31-07-2012, 12:09 AM


MMG Gunner: Toppometer
|- AMMGG: Fer

Comrade commander Bodge sent us, along with Charlie fireteam, out to cover the road leading south out of the village. Positioning ourselves amongst the rocks on the western slope, we had a good view of both the road in (from where it comes over the ridge) and the high ground south-south-east of the village - where there is a disused bunker.

After the usual shenanigans with helicopters and distant sounds, at least one HMMWV came up the road and stopped just short of cresting. By this point, we had displaced a little further down the slope, but Conrad Toppometer was still able to open up on an enemy attempting to crawl forward and get eyes on the village from a spot near the bunker. When a second BLUFOR soldier attempted to come to the first's aid, even his crawling form was skylined and Toppometer's MMG cut him down. Meanwhile, comrade Drakkon's Charlie was ascending the steep slope below the bunker, eventually making it to the high ground and confirming Toppometer's kills.

Around this time the enemy Littlebird made an appearance, arcing over us from the east before turning, gracefully, to the north and ploughing into the ground (apparently obliterating much of our Alpha fireteam in the process). We we busy climbing up our hill again, then creeping east along the ridge until we had eyes on the enemy HMMWV. Parked next to it was a second, and for a moment we thought we could see a third in the distance. However, the enemy troops were long gone, and shortly after the mission ended in victory for our side!


Dash (#1)

Bravo 3 FTL: Fer
|- AR: Thirdke
|- R(AT): EBass

As the understrength fireteam in Bravo, we were tail-end charlies in our soft-skinned Land Rover, chasing after comrade Bodge (BSL)'s equally vulnerable vehicle. Up ahead, leading out little column as it raced across the desert, was the open-topped Jackal of Bravo 1, followed by Bravo 2 in another Land Rover.

We were engaged early and hard: with the target complex in sight but still agonisingly distant, something small but armoured opened up on us. Ahead, Conrad Bodge and our HAT attachment had stopped and piled out of their vehicle. Now we did the same, rounds pinging off our Land Rover as we hit the dirt next to it. Seeing the HAT team shaping to take a shot, I instantly regretted not attempting to drive through the attack - behind Bodge we were useless, and (worse) a stationary target. I called on the guys to re-mount.

"No wheel!!!" shouted EBass.
"Take ours!" came the call from Bodge.

I scrambled forward, climbed into the BSL's Land Rover and took a (large calibre) round to the face.

Dash (#2)

Bravo 3 FTL: Fer
|- AR: Thirdke
|- AAR: Sylvestre (???)
|- R(AT): EBass

Same leadership, similar movement plan - but this time our column came in from the north-east, and it was and intact fireteam (possibly squad) that made it to the northern edge of the first compound and went firm amongst some heaps of coal.

With the rest of Bravo to our right we pushed southwards, negotiating a number of hazardous corners and walls. By the time we reached the south-most wall of the main compound I had been shot and patched, and here I fell again. A handful of enemies were just the other side of the wall and we were trading fire with them at point blank range. Comrade EBass was similarly wounded, and comrade Thirdke was killed - though our new comrade, Sylvestre (???), gamely recovered the SAW and covered our rear and the SL element arrived and patched us up.

I'm not sure I really know what happened next, save for the fact that comrade Bodge was dead within minutes, forcing comrade StrangLove to step up. We were holding in the corner - comrade prone, firing out of a gap in the wall at enemies I couldn't see, whilst reports of enemy BMPs began to dominate the comms.

Behind us, further up the eastern wall, was a large gap. Convinced there might be further troops out there, comrade Sylvestre (???) and I stacked up on it; he was calling out about a BMP, but I was still moments from being able to look around the corner.

Then the BMP came through the wall, collapsing a concrete panel onto Sylvestre and sending him flying (presumably to his death). Resigned to my fate, I attempted to launch an HE 203 into the BMP, but those rounds won't arm if you fire too close to the target. I was cut down seconds later.

Note: I wrote Dash, and it's really just a BLUFOR remix of an older mission, Technicality. Contrary to what the name suggests, I think it would be interesting to try that with a very different tactic: pushing the HAT teams out front to spot and destroy the initial enemy armour with their Javelins, then bringing up the Jackals and dismounted ARs to engage enemy infantry between us and the first complex. I'll also look at reducing the number of BMP-2s and perhaps replacing some with auto cannon-less alternatives.

Comrade mingmong will still go on trial for his incompetence, though there is still hope that when comrade Nullkigan visits him in his cell and accidentally leaves a pistol (loaded with a single round) on the table, comrade mingmong will know what to do.



Delta FTL: Lwlooz
|- AR: ???
|- AAR: ???
|- R(AT): Fer

Actually, there isn't a lot to say here - the mission was really well commanded and executed, and props to all the element leaders for co-ordinating a solid, methodical advance on the enemy positions that saw our Javelins and IFVs used very effectively against armour and infantry respectively. Sure, the Special Forces people died on their way back to the main force, but if you sign up to anything labelled 'special' in a Folk session you should understand that it's code for 50% EXTRA DEATH. Sometimes, that death comes at the hands of your own comrades.

As for me, I was just enjoying the chance to pad along in the second wave, watching angry red tracers arc over me and towards the enemy. Huzzah for the Warrior IFVs!


I don't remember anything, I was high on PCP.


Thank you to all the comrades that came along, it was another fun session to play in and host.

Also ... if we survive to next week ... Folk will be 2 years old. :v:

31-07-2012, 11:35 AM
Finally tweaked the settings properly. Will crosspost as soon as I get clearance.

"When A2's in the second car/and OPFOR aligns with the sights/then shots will leave the barrel/and and limos set alight!"
Just glad I didn't crash the HMMV half the way there...

I think A3 was the first to bite it. As soon as we heard gunshots, CO said "Dismount if you're under fir-"and we all died.
Guess we were under fire.

Dash, rehash
It went reasonably well for alpha, until a BMP drove straight into us. HAT shot it, but it survived, killed him, killer our RAT, killed me as I crawled fot the AT4, and proceeded to kill the rest of BLUFOR. I think it's the same BMP in the videos with fer and Tigershark.

-Bravo AAR
Still no sign of any latent psychic powers. Bummer. Nevertheless, under the guidance of our glorious FTL, through sheer skill, determination and loads of heavy firepower the mission was a complete success.

Stormed the station and managed to not to get killed, even with the smoke grenade wrecking my framerate. The PCP didn't help, either, to be honest.

31-07-2012, 02:53 PM
First ever aar! (Ice was meant to stop me escaping!)

-Warlord 2: me
-Bodyguard: Phalanx

Not much here folks. Chilled out in the mosque having shenanigans before getting the order to run east. After a roundabout trip through oil derricks and sand, bodge beat us to the southern point; he set off 5 minutes after me! :D

-HAT2 Gunner: Me
-HAT2 Assistant:Phalanx

Instructed to follow charlie into the depths of hell (Sharpur 1). The initial plan was to follow CSL and his medic around, providing support for those who needed it. However, when **** hit the fan this fell apart. Instead we held back, launching javelins and taking out a bmp to our south.

Someone then chimed in over mumble about a bmp on the road leading into sharpur. Tasked with its destruction, I got split up with phalanx and headed out to the road. I peeked around the corner and locked on to the wonderful Brdm-2 parked down the road pointing its turret towards me. I asked over mumble if this was the so called bmp that had been causing so much hurt.

No response. Pulled the trigger. Hear an mg. Initializing spectator script.

Dash 2: Dash harder
-HAT2 Gunner- Me
-HAT2 Assist- Phalanx

This time charged with keeping bravo tank free, we once again charged into hell. This compound turned into bmp central soon enough. Lucky for HAT, we had the tools to deal with this, right?

Here follows a rough transcript of HAT2's final moments:
Me: "Cant see any bmps"
Assistant: "Get up on this mound! Theres one over the wall!"
Me: "Ok just let me get a lock..."

Turns out the minimum range on the javelin is there to kill me.


HAT1 Gunner: Me
HAT1 Assist.: Rawrnix

Due to everyone else doing our job, we only killed one tank. Turns out we were even behind co most of the time by a good km. However we did make it to the mound in time for awesome victory fire.

Not sure what happened here, I dc'd.

All in all a great session, hope the folk birthday bash surpasses it!

07-08-2012, 10:29 PM
I took a few screenshots during Cholo.