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31-07-2012, 10:37 PM
- UNnecessary Violence
- The Generals
- Treehuggers
- Cacheola
- Post-session testing: Rebound

Oh this was a lot of fun. Naturally we all died, but we died in good ways.

31-07-2012, 11:17 PM
UNecessary Violence
Was in Heads squad with Walter and someone els, loaded up in a ural, textures went ZOMGWTF. Tried alttabbing in and out and adding MOAR POWER to the fans... BSOD. Sooo I was out for most if this mission, reinstalled some drivers, patted my nice little computer and whispered kind words and tried to rejoin. And it worked! I stole a UAZ, drove half way there, learned that Head had died :o
I tried to find Walter but he was hiding somewhere.. oh well, found a ZU and decrewed it, shot at some other doods running around and then when we made a gloriouz charge at Yarum - Wolf called it. Dangnabbit!

Bravo? SL: Unaco
AR: IceRaiser
AAR: Stuts
AT: Head.

The plan from above was to have a big line towards the Station and kill all enemies. Easy, right?
Well, I did what I always do on Generals and ran like hell.
My legs transported me along the docks and I stopped at the last house and waited for Head to catch up.
We then proceeded to flank around OpFor and while Unaco distracted them by mooning; me and Head moved into position...
Got 3 guys in the back, changed position, got 1-2 more who walked up to help their mates, ran back to my first position and saw 2 guys cowering at a building.

MMG2 Baws: StrangLove
MMG2 AssGun: IceRaiser

We started off great by broadcasting the Pokémon intro over Direct followed by Sailor Moon.
Then we sang some more, bringing Joe to the brink of murdering us and hiding our bodies in the forest... So we sang some more and ran in front of everyone instead.
Saw some guys at a checkpoint, we shot them up. Another one was hiding in the ditch, we shot him good.
Somewhere along here the T90 got murdered, every other FTL/SL died horribly and Strang got incap'd like 4 times(he's a cat!) but we pushed through!
Then I decided to have a duel against a ZU. I was faster but he cheated with HE :(

A1 FTL: Bodge
AR: IceRaiser
AT: BlobThing

We drove our Hummer, Together with Wolf's A2, to the Gasstation in west Zarga. From there we moved in on foot while A2 took both Hummers.
Pew Pew, me yelling at Wolf being annoying(fix your VON goddammit!) he snapping back and killing some innocent insurgents to prove a point.. wait, insurgents?
An RPG hit one of their hummers, I hosed the window where some other shots were coming from and, I think I, killed the guy inside.
We secured the Mosque and moved south then SouthEast and cleared some compounds. IED's blew around us and suddenly I saw a filthy goatherder with stolen NVG's on.
He got ~30 rounds of 5,56 FREEDOM in his back! But when I went up to plant a koran on him his brother shot me in the kidney with an RPK.
Alas, bloodloss! My only weakness... I left after this but I think we won :P

31-07-2012, 11:19 PM
I think I was leader on UNnecessary Violence.

As Commander I have the joy to report that the team was pinned down by a single ZU emplacement for more or less the entire match. Although, to be fair, I think all squads did brilliantly in taking that first military little compound. Particularly when enemy armour started rolling in, with some fantastic kills by the IFV before it got killed SO HARD.

Then, the IFV crew picked up a UAZ and took on the role of Commander's Taxi. Until the driver rammed it into a bush, destroying us all in a conflagration of fiery doom. Whoever picked up the pieces after that, well done. XD

31-07-2012, 11:31 PM
My first time on the server tonight - t'was great and glorious indeed :-)

01-08-2012, 12:06 AM
I left after this but I think we won :P

Nope, glorious victory was the martyrs this day.

01-08-2012, 01:24 AM
Tonight set a high bar for shenanigans in future TT/Folk sessions..

Generals - (OPFOR)
FTL: Phalanx
AR: Kalelovil
AAR: ??
AT: ??

So I totally expected a coast flanking manoeuvre from BLUFOR but didn't bother to speak up because Joseph | Sulphur was all like "ermahgerd we gerta gert the fer stershern!", our plan was to bumrush the Trainstation, using lookouts at the Fire station as support. The guys up in the Fire station swiftly find out that bullets hurt, meanwhile Dogface (Squad Leader) takes a round to the eyelash, I manage to turn and moisturise the assailant (UNACO!!!!11!11), of course he came from the coast. I break off from my Fireteam who I sent charging to the Trainstation and search for other anal intruders that may have come across the coast, I lay down near a bush to scan the beach and wouldn't you know it I get shot in the back!

Then BLUFOR win, but they smell, so it didn't count. MOVING ON..

Engineer 1: Wafflynumber
Engineer 2: Phalanx

Basically.. as Charlie we ran the road with the T90; Alpha and Bravo either side of us on the hills, then z0mg AT! Alpha were all like "ermahgerd fertmerberls!" then shit hit the fan briefly and people started getting shot from everywhere. The T90 pulled back from AT fire but wasn't damaged, we killed stuff and continued advancing.

Then all of a sudden bravo were all like "ermahgerd need a merdirc!" and started dying.. Meanwhile I'm like, hey Charlie we're getting a bit too far ahead, there's enemies either side of us 'n stuff, srs business and all that. But we continue advancing anyway and then the T90 over extends and gets barbecued. The engineers turn on avenging rambomode and start stomping on everything in the forest, but alas Waffly can only rage so hard and goes down like diced chicken.

After that, I run around killing flanking AI in the forest, go in way over my head and engage a fireteam because well why not.. I then dodge about 100 bullets like Neo (including a couple of friendly shots, check your fire people!) only to get shambangled by a BRDM.

Moral victory...

Cacheola - (OPFOR)
Alpha FTL: Wafflynumber
AR: jRides
AAR: Phalanx
AT: Draakon

Key points of the mission: (In no particular order)

Ermahgerd explersherns!
Draakon merged with the floor via Takistani voodoo magic..
Shot 4 people into to great beyond,
Stole a HMMWV and drove 5 meters to park it in our compound, weeeee!
More explerherns!

Oh and OPFOR won, glorious win for Alpha!

That's all I can be bothered to write. FIRST POST BRO, be happy.

01-08-2012, 10:39 AM
UNnecessary violence

Glorious JIP BSL element: Strang, Blobthing, Me, Caper

I arrived 10 minutes late due to reasons but was able to JIP in. I joined Strang's Bravo squad lead element and after some faffing about with bugs the squad got organised. I was gunning an M113, with Caper driving. I resolved to try to break the cycle of M113s being destroyed early on in the mission, leading to young M113s growing up without M113 father figures in their lives and turning to drugs and violence.

With this in mind I directed Caper to move up cautiously, always keeping buildings shielding us from the wide open deathspaces to our north. We polished off quite a few enemy infantry in the process. Our attempts to end the harsh reality of M113 single parenting were soon halted, however, when a shilka like 3 km away on the airfield murderised us with its cannon.


Alpha Squad Leader - Jimthedog
Bravo Squad Leader - Dogface
MMG - Zergra

I joined the server, left the keyboard and came back to find myself the OPFOR general. Fuck. I never get to play as BLUFOR on this mission. My plan was to have Bravo rush to the train station, with MMG providing fire support from up on the hill. I decided that Alpha should secure the fire station, since I'd found it to be a great camping spot with excellent fields of fire on the train station last time we played generals.

However as Phalanx pointed out I completely neglected the possibility of BLUFOR moving along the coast, and eventually this flanking manoeuvre led to my demise and our failure.


Bravo Squad Leader - Bodge
Bravo 1 FTL - Me
AR - Black Mamba
AAR - Unaco
Rifleman (AT) - Capernatious

Bravo 1 was entrusted with safeguarding the southern flank of our glorious platoon, and we soon found ourselves deep in the groves of the Chernarussian forest, surrounded by christmas trees and friendly dancing forest creatures. Unfortunately they were soon scared away by Strang's banshee like singing and whatever random shit Ice was playing over direct.

Bodge did an admirable job of coordinating our movements in the thick forest, and after wiping out a small fireteam B1 moved forward and spotted a checkpoint which was engaging our troops. I took out a static dishka gunner and the gunner of a HMG Uaz before taking a pinpoint GP-25 to the moneymaker.


Delta FTL - Me
AR - Blackjack
AAR - Strangleglove
Rifleman (AT) - thirdjke

Delta was entrusted with the cache farthest south, and we quickly set up a formidable daisy chain of IEDs all around us. After establishing that thirdjke was in fact on our team (sorry for moving you in mumble third, the player list showed you on BLUFOR) I spread everyone out in buildings around the cache.

After some waiting I spotted a fireteam of BLUFOR strolling through open ground towards us from the east. Unfortunately I'd placed all my satchels to the west, so I was slightly miffed. I did have a clean shot on three guys going to check a cache location though, so I opened fire. And hit the window frame. Fucking AK-74 ironsights.

I ducked down as the BLUFOR MMG, which was positioned on top of an oil derrick, started going buck wild with suppressive fire. I hid for 5 tense minutes as BLUFOR inched towards me and Strang. Suddenly a BLUFOR rifleman walked up my stairs and started staring at the bannisters, so I shot him. I let him live for a few minutes, hoping he'd put the fear of god into our adversaries, but I got tired of his writhing so I just him.

Strang called out an MMG team suppressing him from a low rooftop, so I looked out of my window again and saw them not 200 metres from my position. I shot the M240 gunner in the head and then ducked as the humvee's .50 sprayed my window with lead. I then decide it'd be a good idea to relocate, so I went downstairs and shot a BLUFOR FTL, who had apparently just been chilling on the cushions by the hookah pipe the whole time.

What followed next was a tense cat-and-mouse game with the enemy humvee, as I tried to get behind it and snipe the gunner out. I squeaked out the enemy's location over mumble and Halop blasted the humvee with and RPG. The crew bailed out, giving me the opportunity to gun them down and finish them off with grenades.

We converged on the corpses to loot night vision goggles, and as I was sprinting towards Blackjack's position to give him some Ice peeking out of a shopfront and shot me repeatedly. Unfortunate, but I did end the mission with 6 kills so I'm happy with our performance. It was entertaining spectating Phalanx, Blackjack and Ghandis finish off BLUFOR in true stone cold killer style.


I took my cue from our overtired leader Wolf and circled around the enemy town, jumped off a cliff and crashed it into a wall in front of an enemy fortified position. I then ran around with a PKM getting into solo gunbattles with Aziz's black turban bodyguard. I eventually died and started giggling uncontrollably when I saw Aziz and the other two officers plodding determinedly into the desert, which they seemed to have been doing from the start of the mission.

A truly epic session.

01-08-2012, 12:30 PM
UNnecessary Violence

Alpha(?) squad medic.

I didn't even have to heal anyone in this mission. We were advancing nicely, but then we met the bunkers of doom, with an enemy BMP2 there too. One m113 was massacred by it's cannon immediately.

We stayed put, then another m113 started driving to the burning wreckage of the last m113 (not very smart move). As expected, it too got shot up by the autocannon of doom, and the BMP started driving towards us. the SL ordered a (sorry for the word) retreat to the river bank. MAT was to stay behind and kill the BMP, but it went the other way around, we only heard an OSHI- from MAT, and then they went silent...

We proceded along the dry river bank to the east. Got into a firefight, and I got headshotted.

The Generals

I was Blufor, AR, in I think Waffly's fireteam, could have been A1.
We were killing enemy dudes in the firestation, our position was over the hill, to the west of the firestation. I saw a lot of OPFOR AK's sticking out of the walls in the building (I love arma bugs), they started throwing smoke in there. Then Waffly got shot, and I took command for 2 seconds and got shot as well.


Don't remember much of this mission, I was MAT, attached to alpha. I got shot from an unknown direction, while healing some guy.

The start of the mission was uneventful as always, but very tense. Contact was made, but bravo stayed out of the fight, in preperation to flank some BLUFOR when needed. My FTL got killed, as did the AAR.

I took command and asked for orders. The orders didn't come, as the chain of command broke down. I heard Joseph|Sulphur was having some trouble, so I decided that me and my RPG guy, Nutty, go there.

RD'ed with Joe, then I saw the Humvee, ordered Nutty to take the shot, direct hit and the humvee is disabled. Joe then finished off the rest of the fireteam. As me and my RPGguy were looting the enemy corpses, we got shot from somwhere. I saw the enemy guy, aimed at him, but he shot first and I was dead.

Very awesome session overall! Cacheola as always is a very fun mission for both sides. Too bad I cannot fraps this stuff, there would be so many awesome shenanigans.

01-08-2012, 11:07 PM
UNnecessary Violence - I was in Head's squad with Iceraiser and Sinfulstraw. I had to face my crippling fear of falling out of a truck during this mission's opening minutes. We ran around a lot and Sinfulstraw got shot, so I took commandeered his machinegun. A few moments later, something went off (not sure what) and it killed about two fireteams (my own included). I managed to barely survive, but was saved by Alone + Easy Target (whom, in my deathly delirium, I addressed as my saviour)

Real life intervened and I missed my orders on what to do next, sorry everyone! I then decided to just charge. Saw a wounded man next to a house and tried to help him, but got shot myself, so I decided to crawl as long as I can and try to gather as much glory as I could. I managed to shoot two or three hostiles down before bleeding out. A satisfactory amount of glory.

I sadly had guests over after that mission so I had to leave ArmA, but it was fun

02-08-2012, 02:15 PM
UNecessary violence

MAT1 Gunner: Me
MAT1 Assist.: Phalanx

Attached to bravo(?) we advanced on a compound along a riverbed. Sudden screaming about t34's killing things in the woods a couple hundred metres away forced the MAT into action. We followed a line of bushes towards the target compound and waited.

Turns out tk army t34's have a cloaking device, so I didnt see one until it was about 100 metres away from us. We disabled it and murdered the crew :D We then pushed around to the northern side of the compound to neutralise a bmp about 600m away, well within the rpgs max range. Thing is, rpg iron sights are akin to aiming down a glorified brick and so, 3 rockets later, we ran back into the compound, making the infamous Zu-23 angry in the process.

Once again MAT1 were called upon, this time to deal with a charging BMP. Once again the rpg-7 proved its worthlessness, missing a wonderful technical not 200 metres away from me. Said techincal then proceeded to murder me proper good.

A1 AR: Halop
A1 AAR: (?)
A1 AT: (?)

Ordered to push on the northern most flank and on to the fire station. We proceeded to be exploded by fire from everywhere. We had no worries though, as ice had flanked opfor and proceeded to SAW them in two.

Engineer1: Me
Engineer1 assist: Phalanx

Much of this mission is a blur, all I remember is running up and down a stretch of road as all hell broke loose. First in front of us, then to the flanks. Despite saving the tank twice and rescuing a fire team who'd decided the side of the road was a great place to lie down, we were attacked from behind. The tank then exploded and the engineers, realising their lives now had no purpose, charged into the woods and into glory!


Opfor A FTL: me
A AR: Jrides
A AAR: Phalanx
A AT: Drakkon

Hunkered down in the north east cache compound. Used up all the ieds rigging the wrong compound. Lay in wait for much of the mission. Whilst it hit the fan over the rest of zargabad, draakon became one with the floor and derped around for a while.

A blufor fireteam then came towards the compound form the south west. 3 Dismounted from their hmmv and came towards the compound. At this point I gave the order to blow the distraction booms. They entered the compound and got torn apart by crossfire from phalanx and jrides. I gl'd the hmmv, angering the gunner who ran into the compound only to join his infidel comrades in death. I ordered Phalanx to get the hmmv but the mission ended soon after with a glorious victory for the righteous!

All in all a great session, see you on sunday!

02-08-2012, 05:27 PM
Dat Zu-23 in UN mission killed like 80% of us :D

I resolved to try to break the cycle of M113s being destroyed early on in the mission,
I remember the Nightblind mission, where I am pretty sure atleast one of the M113's survived the mission, very surprising indeed.

Thing is, rpg iron sights are akin to aiming down a glorified brick
It's so strange that they never fixed those sights, they even recycled the model from Arma1.

Also very sad that in Wolf's missions the enemy vehicles and statics bigger than a Diskha are always locked, but I guess it's a balance issue :(