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Cross-posting from the official AAR thread in the Folk forum (http://www.ferstaberinde.com/folk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=453) (please cross-post):

If you haven't already seen it, please read this thread (http://www.ferstaberinde.com/folk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=452) first.

Finale XL
Cacheola (adversarial)
I think that at our high point we had 47 comrades. 47 is one of my favourite numbers. It reminds me of the AK-47, which in turn reminds me of brave fighters taking on enemy armour with nothing more than a rifle, a few hand grenades and a strong belief in the certainty of our socialist agrarian revolution. That's one rifle shared between all the fighters, by the way.

We were unacceptably efficient in Highway, almost wiping out a 9-vehicle convoy of enemy armour and slaughtering close to 100 troops. Tonight saw the first ever completion of Finale, albeit in its expanded form, Finale XL (featuring Juliet fireteam, which has just become my new favourite fireteam). Cacheola saw a 2-squad BLUFOR being forced to fight its way through almost every possible cache location, with the cunning INDFOR running a series of hit and run attacks throughout (it was nerve-shredding on the BLUFOR side, and that was before our little blue-on-blue). Finally, Cholo began as its usual gruesome self, before descending into pure Benny Hill. If Benny Hill was on PCP.

Thank you to everyone who came along and made the second anniversary of the Folk sessions special. Thoughts, witticisms, criticisms and all manner of screenshots and videos welcome here (FRAPSers please PM me for details of the Folk YouTube account).

Here's to another year of the Folk sessions, comrades. :v:

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I'll probably write a proper AAR tomorrow. An excellent session all round, and congratulations to all the FOLKers out there for two excellent years. Here's to (at least) another two.

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Bravo was tasked with engaging the rear of the convoy when everything went explosive. B1 had scooted North slightly to allow for a different angle of attack. MAT let loose their first rocket, unfortunately we were not at the rear of the convoy but rather the middle so there was a drip feed of BTRs onto bravo's position resulting in sustained HMG fire that cost Bravo 1 dearly. The barrage of rockets and MG fire from the ridge began to let up and as it was clear the enemy column had taken heavy losses command ordered our withdrawl. Great success.

The first thing I decided upon was the splitting up of the force into two platoons with Joe in charge of the BMP2 and Walter in charge of MAT. DC (Wolf) took 4 fireteams towards the town of Shabaz to provide a forward force to hit the enemy in the side and to be in a good position to push South to the enemy base when the attacks had ceased. DFTL (Mike) was given command of three fireteams to hold the riverbed West of the bridge to provide a link between Wolf's and AFTL's (Strang's) force of 3 more fireteams. Strang had been given the short straw of being the anvil, he was to hold position and soak up everything that came his way with the assistance of MAT and the BMP2.

The constant rocket and cannon fire from the Alpha and the BMP2 tore through most of the tank waves, not without its scares with me screaming at Joe to get a charging tank down before it broke away. Wolfs men were in position and began to engage the later tank waves in the side bringing a swift conclusion to the enemy attack. All units apart from the last two men in Alpha and myself were instructed to move to Shabaz to prepare for a final assault. I was busy taking down crew members to prevent them from breaking our line when a large burst of MG fire near the bridge took me out. Wolf then proceeded to direct the last push to success.

Alpha 3 FTL - Bodge

We were to be the ground force with hummwv support in our initial push, we immediately discovered enemy contacts in the compounds on the South-Eastern part of town and the M2s opened up to take them down. It wasn't long before I could hear an enemy GL from behind our positions, eventually spotting him prone by the pipeline and taking him down. We moved clearing caches with little resistance, killa took a round but we got him back up and pushed on. 4 caches had been cleared and we were approaching one to the East when i spotted infantry on the roof and put rounds out taking them down before they were finished off by some MG fire. For some reason i thought it was a good idea to charge into the compound and got shot through a window behind me.

Dirty Pig
Wolf and I were stationed (ho ho) just NE of our base to be a nuisance and surprise the incoming gang members, wolf took down a couple of early arrivals before getting gunned down. I stayed quiet and nervously held firm on my staircase. The main building was now heavily engaged so i crossed a rooftop on to a second building and started engaging the hostiles on the ground floor of the police station. I heard footsteps nearby and turned to the steps leading down from my building, sure enough a gang member popped up and took to shots to the chest before dropping. I went down and popped my head outside. I saw men further out than me and turned to put rounds their way wounding one and killing the other before I was taking shots. I sprinted inside and heard someone following me so sprinted out the other side only to get shot at by someone in the street. I decided the best course of action was to waste as much of their ammo as possible by running round in circles before i was eventually taken out. Good stuff.

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Cross-posting from the Folk forums. Didn't have a lot of success with this session; I think it was all the birthday cake.


I slotted as Alpha 1 (?) AT and arrived at the way-point. FTL ordered the RPGs onto the roof of a small building and I ascended a ladder. After attempting to faff with the RPG while I was prone, I awaited the convoy behind a wall. I was blind, but the call came to engage. I knelt, fired one shot off and just missed the first vehicle. A second shot hit the wheels and the crew bailed. Before a third shot, I was down.

Finale XL

I followed SuperU's lead to a high-walled compound to guard against the guerrilla force. I was Assistant AR to Pirate who took up a prime spot through a doorway beneath some bushes. I kept to his right and helped pick off a couple of infantry as fiery explosions punctuated the beautiful music in our heads. He proudly mowed 9 guerrillas down and requested ammo. Just as I felt around to resupply him, a tank round hit him square in the face, which I shared in my left face.

Cacheola (adversarial)

Reprising my role as AT rifleman in Bravo 2, our team, led by Tink piled into the humvee with me as driver. We followed Alpha south down the riverbed when, as I crested a dune, lost the convoy in the darkness. Ajax navigated me towards them and, with a slight shortcut, we caught them up. We overtook Alpha and parked outside the town and disembarked.


A well-coordinated infiltration of the town saw us run from cache to cache until the sneaky Independents shot Tink all up in him, leaving Ajax in charge.

As we were halfway through our mission, while I was studying the map, distant cries of "enemy" made me scramble around to see dark shapes pouring into the compound behind us. My reflexes got the better of me and hastily I opened fire. Amidst screams from all directions, I heard the garbled words "blue on blue" and immediately dropped my weapon. It was too late: I had killed a member of Bravo 3 and wounded another.

The rest of the mission was a blur as I began to succumb to my guilt. A little later I was shot and fell. I relished the thought that karma had balanced my crime, but Qazi revived me and I now have to live with my shame.

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Crosspost from the Folk AAR thread:

I've been a bit busy IRL and have thus missed multiple Folk sessions as of late. This evening reminded me again of how good it can be. Thanks to Fer for keeping this ship sailing and the guests for manning the suspiciously bullet-ridden oars. Here's hoping we still have many years of common struggle for agrarian utopia ahead of us. :jihad: And now, for the AAR:

Charlie 1 FTL
Charlie, led by Draakon, was designated as the mop-up squad. We were to attack from the side after the AT people had stopped the convoy, and take out any surviving crewmembers and infantry. We lay in wait about two compounds from the road at the south-eastern side of the ambush area, ready to spring into action.

The convoy entered the kill zone and AT teams took their shots with great efficiency: when I led the brave men in C1 to the side of the road, every single vehicle was on fire and crews either already dead or bailing. I had been slightly worried about the possibility of friendly fire, but the convoy ambush squads opposite us on the ridge held their fire admirably. I spotted some infantry at the south end of the convoy, trying to run away from their burning BTR wreck, and gunned them down. Meanwhile rest of C1 was handling the middle of the convoy.

We regrouped and started advancing north toward the other end of the kill zone, when we spotted a surviving BTR driving straight at us; I shouted a contact report, told my AT guy to engage it and lobbed my last rifle grenade towards the vehicle, hoping to damage a tire. Unsurprisingly I was gunned down in seconds, and got to watch from afterlife as the survivors took out the remaining vehicles and withdrew victorious.

Finale XL
DC medic
Wolfenswan was (deputy) commanding a detachment composed of the fireteams from Golf to Juliet, tasked with circling around the east side of the AO to Shabaz and shoot stuff from there. I didn't really have a lot of medicing to do in this, as people mostly had the decency to die when shot at, instead of me having to patch up their wounds.

We had a good vantage point, the other fireteams performed their tank-killing job very effectively from the other side of the river, and we mostly got to focus on infantry. A couple of tank kills were scored on the side though. Eventually we ran out of things to shoot and Tigershark performed his olympic dash toward the enemy HQ, planting the proverbial UN flag and thus ending the mission.

It still feels wrong defeating the Goliath that is Finale though.

StrangLove's plan as indie CO was pretty basic stuff: lay IEDs around the caches, get in defensive positions and engage the enemy only at close range. The three-man alpha fireteam (me, Aquarius and Sulphur) was to be a mobile force, doing a bit of lookout duty and after the fight starts proper, go around the enemy and attack from the rear.

Around the five minute mark Strang heard his destiny calling, went to the mosque and encountered an enemy staircase, ledge or something along those lines that craftily took him out.
I humbly took my fresh field promotion, decided to hold on to StrangLove's plan, and so we waited.

Eventually the first enemy sighting came in: humvees and infantry were spotted south. We had anticipated this, as no other movement plan could take BLUFOR this long to execute. Alpha quickly got to their feet and started moving north-west, doing a half-circle around the now confirmed enemy positions. The southernmost cache's defenses were already being engaged, unfortunately from quite a distance, thus negating our IED advantage.

As we were nearing the south edge of Zargabad Sulphur shouted out a contact report, and immediately bullets started flying. BLUFOR had spread their forces wider than I had anticipated, and we had to engage way earlier than I'd have liked. The immediate opposition was slain, but with Sulphur taking a non-lethal bullet and Aquarius bleeding out from a more lethal one. Once I had patched Sulphur back into shape we started cautiously stalking the engine sound of a Humvee to our north.

Meanwhile the southernmost cache's defenders had been whittled down to one. I told the remaining defender to abandon his position and go ninja, and anticipating my demise gave all the other fireteams the permission to operate independently, as INDFOR should.

Me and Sulphur were now well in bat country: the humvee engine sound was close, and we had spotted what I assumed to be the enemy rear guard in front of us multiple times at under 50m distance. Sulphur suddenly caught an enemy fireteam crossing the road in his line of fire. I ordered him to take them down, and got myself into a shady doorway.

Taking cover paid off as another fireteam was alarmed off to my left side. While they were nicely clustered, trying to change direction while still standing in a break in a wall, I sent two GP-25 grenades off their way. I managed to kill at least one and hopefully wounded several more. They were in good enough shape to return fire though, and I left my earthly shell behind.

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It's nice to see the Third international Fighting Brigade of Takistan mark such an important event. Truly, it makes a fellow proud to be a soldier (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-E2_sjIK4E).
We took positions in the western hilltop and hid. Other than an few NDs (note to self: TS overlay does not disengage ARMA commands) and our RMAT nearly dying to a disconnect, everything went quite well.

Charlie AAR
This one was actually pretty spectacular. As part of the first platoon, charlie company was tasked with taking a forward position and securing the bushes immediately after the bridge head. There, we would hold off the advancing troops and armour while the AT team takes them out. We took up positions near a chest-high wall and were alternately watching the fireworks and dodging the fireworks. Soon enough, bravo was wiped out, my FT was dead, I somehow got my hands on a MAAWS with one HEAT left, and was ordered to join alpha. En route, I took a burst to the back, with the rest of platoon one soon joining me. Despite heavy casualties, the bridge held, and platoon two was able to successfully complete the mission.

Alpha AAR
BLUFOR took so long our CO was so bored he literally killed himself. After they did show up, FTL took us on a wide flanking maneuver, and some 2s after Joseph announced contact, I took a 50cal to my everything. I crawled to cover, Harakka patched me up, but I still died.
Then I watched Walther sink some 200 rounds into an empty building XD

Disgruntled Olympic Protester
After storming the ground floor of station, took some potshots from the outside. Got one, but somehow got a facefull of buck despite sinking a good 5 rounds into another cops face.

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The tank graveyard we created after beating finale



I may do an AAR later if I remember!

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Eventually the first enemy sighting came in: humvees and infantry were spotted south. We had anticipated this, as no other movement plan could take BLUFOR this long to execute.

BLUFOR took so long our CO was so bored he literally killed himself.

Apologies for BluFor taking their time on that one... It isn't easy organising everyone into vehicles (and I was a little confused on the briefing for that one), then organising everyone with satchels which could only be found in some vehicles, then waiting for AFKs/DCs to get back, then getting the convoy rolling, getting down to the South through the riverbed (speed ~33 max). We had 1 FTL/Driver disco at the start as well, which mean the other half of the convoy waited behind him.

Anyway... I'll get to writing an AAR for Cacheola itself (I was boring Medic in the other ones, and didn't have anything spectacular happen) sometime later.

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It's such a shame you didn't see what was happening behind you. At one point B1 or B3's HMMWV was stuck and humping a brick wall...
Anyhow, I don't know how to describe those first 20 minutes. It's a tie between nail biting and hilarity. I hope we've all learned from it :P

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After Strang had dealt the first blow (and survived!) we proceeded down the road towards burning wrecks, engage the hostiles that had survived the initial onslaught. While I was trying to get a medic to Strang Tiger ordered us to retreat which we apparently both missed (I only noticed it afterwards, watching my footage). Anyway, we proceeded into town and took care of another BMP-2 but some sneaky git shot me from the other side of a building through a doorway.


Finale XL

I was leading 2nd Platoon (Golf to Juliet) to Shabaz from where we were to engage the enemy's flank. I was waaaay to mesmerized by the music at the beginning but we still got into our positions and after the fellow comrades had stopped the first wave we moved westwards to help them out. We dispatched quite a fair share of tanks we only a fellow losses but comms to 1st Platoon were cut off right after Bodge announced he was making his way south.

Thinking only CO had bitten the dust I expected a couple of them to survive but after realizing that in fact most of them had perished I ordered Hotel north to make sure NO ONE (of the enemies of course) got away. Echo (together with what was left of 1st) suddenly appeared in front of us (nearly shot them), took our flank and together with 2nd we moved towards the enemy HQ which we successfully secured.

This was a fantastic mission and all my fireteams did a great job. I'll upload the footage shortly.

Charlie RAT

Got a bit too curious and got taken out by an angry M2 HMMW from miles away while peaking through a window.

Police man

Got two dudes dismounting right in front of the station (hello ice!) but Pirate made it into my building. However, I had great fun watching the rest unfold with the others in the Dead Ppl channel and frapsed some of the Benny Hill-esque scenes.

Overall it was an excellent session, worthy of the anniversary.
But: please, please, PLEASE get your CC for Teamspeak and Mumble set up. It's faster than Ebass can yell "retreat" and really comes in handy when you find yourself all alone. Note that you can even set a "toggle CC" hotkey in TS so you don't have to alt+tab to enable it.

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C3 AR (effective FTL): Fer
|- RPG: Grizzly

Comrade Draakon's Charlie squad was to hide in the green zone itself, away from the road, until after the punishing RPG fire of Alpha and Bravo (up on the western ridge) had halted the enemy convoy. Then we were to leap out and murderise the enemy troops as they fled from their burning vehicles.

It didn't work out that way for Charlie 3.

I began by hiding in the wrong building, so that we were with Charlie 1 to the south when we should have been with Charlie 2, then the most northerly fireteam in the green zone. When the ambush kicked off, comrade Grizzly and I ran northward, keeping as much distance between ourselves and the road as practicable, until finally we reached Charlie 2 and the cover of a low wall.

Almost immediately, I saw enemy infantry up ahead of us. Charlie 2 was focused on the road so we called out the contact and began to engage. Unfortunately, something engaged me back. Much more accurately.

Note: Highway was the very first mission written for the Folk sessions. It was inspired by some of the AARs in the excellent book about Soviet Afghanistan, The Bear Went Over The Mountain, and the Gillian Welch song, I dream a highway.

Finale XL

Juliet FTL: Fer
|- AR: Waffly
|- AAR: AI / Skadoo (???)
|- RPG: Cheese

I knew we were going to beat Finale.

Obviously, this was largely down to my faith in our extra revolutionary fervour on this anniversary, but the fact that we were throwing more than twice the usual number of comrades at the mission was going to help. Also, in the mission test earlier that day I'd witnessed comrade Sulphur's new plan for deploying our oft-exploded BMP-2, Gong-1, and it was brilliant.

Comrade CO Bodge split our 10 fireteams into two platoons, with the second coming under comrade DC Wolfenswan. Whilst first platoon, Gong-1, the HAT team and a hastily improvised SPG-9 crew prepared to hold the bridge, second platoon made a rapid dash across the river to the village of Shabaz.

Juliet, my fireteam, was given the task of being the most southern element, peeping out of a gap in the wall of a compound to the south-west of the village. Leaving my AI AAR in the safety of an inner compound (to await a JIP player), I had comrade Waffly deploy his M60 so that it covered the fields to our south, with comrade Cheese acting as his personal security. Leading a fireteam called Juliet meant I could call out things like "Enemy infantry 100m south of Juliet!", which made me smile. And when half a dozen enemy T-55s and several squads of infantry breeze past you (and your singular RPG-7 launcher) at close range, anything that makes you smile is a good thing.

When the first wave of attackers was fully engaged by first platoon, we emerged, taking up positions on the western side of the village and slamming our rounds (rocket and rifle) into the enemy's flank. Darkness and long ranges meant it was no cake-walk, and we took casualties. Comrade Cheese fell a split second before he could launch an RPG into the front of the tank that killed him, but another nearby fireteam eventually avenged his death. After what seemed like a very long time, we had dealt with the enemy's armour, and now turned our attention to the infantry, which remained numerous and was still advancing.

Spotting for comrade Waffly with my binoculars, we spent the next few minutes engaging distant infantry contacts to our south-west. The enemy was attempting to send in black turbans - elite AI infantry - but the relatively open ground left them dangerously exposed to our M60 fire, even at relatively long range. Other fireteams joined us at our position and soon my AI AAR had been replaced by a human player (and new face) Skadoo (???). I didn't recognise the name, but this new comrade certainly knew how to slot right into our way of playing, so I left him and Waffly to continue their important work with the M60.

I had been listening to the chatter on CC: first platoon had taken a hammering and comrade DC Wolfenswan had inherited overall command. Instinctively - but in retrospect quite inappropriately for an FTL, for which I apologise - I dropped back 10-20m to get eyes on the bridge positions, as I was concerned that enemy infantry might slip through our lines and end the mission prematurely. Clearly, some were still operating in the vicinity, and my reward for moving about alone was to die instantly, shot by an unseen enemy.

From death I watched with no small amount of pride as comrade DC Wolfenswan managed to rally our remaining troops, deal with the remnants of the enemy' assaulting forces and finally oversee the capture of the opposition's field HQ. The final objective being taken by the brave - some might say foolhardy - comrade Tigershark, whom everyone had expected to die long ago.

Note: Some comrades have expressed concern at finally beating this classic Folk mission, but I'm not at all sad. Finale was written at a time when, despite the best efforts of the hosts, I feared the Folk sessions might be coming to an end. The original had only 10 playable slots and was designed to be nearly impossible. If Folk was a cheesy war film, Finale would be the closing scene, our slow-motion deaths interspersed with flashbacks to smiling, cheery earlier scenes, all set to the soaring synthetic strings of Para One's wonderful track, Finale (which is from the soundtrack of a French film about lesbians and synchronised swimming, but that's a whole other story). Having to spend the afternoon re-editing the mission to more than quintuple the original number of slots? That didn't make me sad at all. Eras end - the trick, comrades, is finding our next near-impossible challenge.

Cacheola (adversarial)

Bravo 3 FTL: Tigershark
|- AR: Toppometer
|- AAR: Grizzly
|- RAT: Fer

We're not very good at convoys, so it took BLUFOR a little while to get itself organised and on the move. Comrade CO Unaco's plan called for a long drive down the riverbed to jumping-off points south of the city. On the way, in our vehicle comrade Grizzly shared his view that this type of moment - the lulls before and between action, when you get to soak up the atmosphere of the environments - are part of what makes the ArmAx games so enjoyable. Looking out from the cupola of our up-armoured HMMWV, it was hard to disagree. Whether it was the moment when we RV'd with Alpha's column, pausing in the sand as they crossed in front of us then seamlessly dropping in behind, or the view down the riverbed as the whole platoon's convoy snaked around the bends, not shooting people in this game can still be hugely enjoyable.

And sometimes funny too. Somewhere just short of our jumping-off point our vehicle got snagged on a low wall, so we were treated to a scene with comrade Tigershark standing outside shouting directions at the driver, comrade Grizzly.

"Forward a bit. No, back a bit. Now hard left. No, left. Left!"

Sadly, once we entered the city itself, things became entirely less joyous. We had abandoned our HMMWV at the jumping-off point as ordered and crossed the open ground with the pipeline on foot, sticking to the right of the main road (where Bravo 1 was rolling forward in two of the vehicles), whilst Bravo 2 moved in parallel to us further west. Darting between buildings, stacking up on doorways and clearing huts as we swept the first line of possible cache locations was tense, even without (and perhaps because of the absence of) enemy contacts.

At one stage we were told to take up positions on the roof of a large multi-story building. I was looking north when the enemy opened up on us - small arms fire at close range, coming in from behind our line of advance. Comrade Tigershark was killed and comrade Toppometer found himself promoted to FTL. Frantically, we scanned in al directions and I was fortunate enough to spot an enemy fighter crawling on the floor of a building to our south-west. I shot him until he was writhing around in agony, then continued until he had stopped moving entirely. A rocket had also managed hit one of Bravo 1's HMMWVs, but thankfully no further RPGs fell near us.

We held that position for a few more minutes, then moved further north to hold buildings around an important intersection. The rest of Bravo was now in the courtyard next to the building which Bravo 3 had occupied, and as we exited through a back door someone in our squad mistook us for enemies and opened up. I saw the muzzle flash in front of me as I neared the doorway, but by the time I shouted 'BLUE ON BLUE' over TeamSpeak comrades Grizzly and Toppometer (ahead of me) were on the floor, hit. Comrade Grizzly had been killed, though I was able to patch up comrade Toppometer.

The rest of the mission was largely in uneventful for me, as I stuck with comrade Toppometer, darting between buildings and supporting the rest of Bravo's sweep east and then west. It ended in a BLUFOR victory as the last INDFOR fighter was eliminated, though I understand we had destroyed at least 2 caches.

Note: Cacheola was written for Folk's first joint session, with MARSOC (now Tier 1), which is why the ORBAT on BLUFOR is markedly different from that on INDFOR, since traditionally Folk guests have taken on the defending roles. This mission was also the basis of our larger joint sessions in year 1, when we'd combine with MARSOC to take on the might of LDDK.


Pure Benny Hill, what I remember of it. Which isn't much because I was again high as a kite on PCP. Ah, PCP and fully automatic hand guns. A winning combination. Well, not a winning combination, because the cops won, but you know what I mean, right?

As ever, thank you to all the comrades who made it to the session.

But: please, please, PLEASE get your CC for Teamspeak and Mumble set up. It's faster than Ebass can yell "retreat" and really comes in handy when you find yourself all alone. Note that you can even set a "toggle CC" hotkey in TS so you don't have to alt+tab to enable it.
This. Please, please, please. Or the Party will have to continue its policy of extra-judicial detentions.