View Full Version : [AAR] [Sun] 12 Aug 2012 - Folk is two and a bit.

12-08-2012, 11:52 PM
Well A lot of close calls, mass death and explosions that brought down buildings. We also had a little leading practise afterwards we eventually finished playing around 23:40.

We played:

2 days to retirement (Vybor) - The police closed in and did a reverse cholo in the end.
Treehuggers - Everyone got to ZU country and copped it.
Greenola - After a long walk Blufor just about did enough
Surgical Spirits - Waffley and his new FTLs cleared the valley for glory.

Thanks for playing it was a very smooth and hassle free session. Post thoughts and comments below and I hope to do some more lead practising on monday and probably after TT. Tueday 7:30pm for arps arma.

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13-08-2012, 07:37 AM
Charlie SL
God this was a clusterfuck, it shaped until to the end tho

Delta AR
As super special lone-wolf AR sniper extreme,i was positioned on the south border of the zone, shot a few choppers, got really pissed over you guys shooting up my bus , blufor landed just south to fill up the chinook with a gunner instead, they foiled the landing of one of them ending it up as broken Chinook on a slope, but i manged to swipe it and use its miniguns to shoot down the other Chinook so that was fun.

13-08-2012, 11:26 AM
2 days to retirement
Charlie Cop. I was in x25killa's team and I think we did pretty well and got myself 3 kills. At the end in the office building I could hear a rocker a floor above me talking about going down the stairs, so I just waited and shot him in the face. I frapsed the mission and I'll see if I have the time to convert and upload it.

Mission Commander. After my success in the previous mission, and a decent amount of liquid courage, I felt cocky enough to lead a mission. I asked Bodge if it was an easy one, he said it was pretty straightforward which sounded easy to me at the time.
I decided to keep the platoon tight, 2 squads just in front of the tank, and the tank dictating the pace. I would use Charlie and the Vodnik to be my recon asset and after 10 minutes of in-squad squabbling they finally took off :D They didn't get themselves killed, got into some decent positions from where they could observe large parts of the road, so in my mind they did great.
Unfortunately the further we got down the road the more men we lost. I don't really know how that happened but I thought 20 men plus a supporting T-90 would be enough firepower to move on a road. I was wrong and called the recon section back to reinforce the main body.
After losing too much men and getting pummeled on far too long I decided a heroic charge to some building with an enemy flag was our imperative (I shall not retreat like some other folk player -who will remain nameless- did). I died pretty early in the charge and decided to get more booze instead of watching the ending.
During the mission Cap told me that I managed to get further down the road than the previous time the mission was played, so I guess I did well enough (AI in woods are just crazy killers).

Blufor Bravo Lead. I had MMG, a full B1 and half of B2 at my disposal. I decided to keep MMG as fire support from quite a distance, and to use B2 as close fire support while B1 would do all the assaulting. I think we did ok'ish, but the enemy's MG on the ridge was just far too annoying and ruined our advance :lol:
At the end I spotted some bottles and rubble on the ground that seemed out of place and a few seconds later I was in the spectating screen.
Blufor won though, thanks to iceraiser 8-)

19-08-2012, 02:51 PM
Rigging up an entire compound with IED's and then throwing a rocket into it for good measure was fun. Only down-side is when I went to check out the wreckage there were a bunch of BLUFOR inside! Executed two for glory and was shot in the face straight after.

Was a fantastic time though guys!