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04-09-2012, 10:31 PM
Thanks for very good times!

We played:

Compound It (BAF and TK INS battled over three caches in SE Zavarak where BLUFOR stood victorious)
Highway (Now you see the convoy AAAAAND it's gone)
Proposition (Three HVTs got got)
Cholo [at noon] (Narrow win by The Gang)


07-09-2012, 02:25 AM
My perspective from compound it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gue1wpLuCoQ

09-09-2012, 05:38 PM
Didn't finish writing this one before I left town so it might be a bit.. me.

Compound it
A2 FTL: SuperU
AR IceRaiser
AAR: Anders
AT: JimTheDog

We got dropped with A1 and A3 and ran east. Halted at the second hilltop and covered A3's movement.
Saw an enemy spotter on a rooftop and we slowly made our way to that little village with that special house..
After we've cleared all but the top floor I galantly told Jim to take point, neglecting to make sure he knew that the enemy prob. was there.
So Jim got Leadpoisoning in the neck :/ poor sod.
I avenged him by walking up, holding the trigger on my L110 and at least 50 rounds hit that filthy insurgent. I also teabagged him, FOR THE QUEEN!

Cleared up to the first cache. PURPLE SMOKE!
Epic flanking!
(See SuperÜ's moving pictures)

B1 FTL: Egg
AR: IceRaiser
AAR: Black Mamba
AT: Kataras

Yea, we died. (The rest weren't concerned about honor and lived on)

CO: IceRaiser
CO Medic: Washington
Late AR: Head

Put Alpha north of the road, Bravo south and Charlie+MAT and MMG on the mountain.
Scouts were.. well, scouts and moved ahead of Bravo/charlie clearing what they could.
Alpha met heavy resistance and Bravo hardly had any cover.
According to reports Charlie got pinned down and even considering giving up their weapons..
However this was all false, as Commissar Waffly reported after Charlie FTL had an accident.
The now renamned WafflSquad pushed west unto an overwatch position and when Alpha had done the same north of the road, Bravo moved in.
None of us expected Head to rush in on a bicycle and much confusion was had.
Bravo started searching houses while WafflSquad was ordered to mine the road coming from Feruz, where some Armor might've joined the fight from, and then hold.
Alpha pushed up NorthWest and killed the last HVT.

Cholo(again? really? arrr)
CO: IceRaiser
Medic: Head

Alpha bust in the NW door, Bravo and Charlie on support in the buildings just east of the station, Delta bust in the SE door and Echo kicks in the West one.
Easy, right?
Lots and lots of death was had since the cops thought it'd be fun to leave the station, leaving only a skeleton crew to answer phonecalls about missing cats.

I commanded my loyal gangmembers forward, forward to death!
In the end all the cops left the station and we won. WON! DRUUUUUUUUGS!!