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11-09-2012, 10:25 PM
Tonight we got to spend a lot of quality time together on Chernarus, thanks to all 40+ participants. The missions were:

Poctalon: a Russian CSAR and intel recovery exercise, performed with excellence in the absence of enemies. Next time, someone tip off the bad guys beforehand.
Cratesistance: adversarial action in an unusual configuration of caches, all bordering the sea. Good thing though, as we rarely get to spend time on the lovely beaches of Chernarus. Blufor victory.
Into The Sea: a coordinated combined arms assault, successful despite losing men and and IFV in the process.
Post-session mission test: River Dispute, and maybe something else too?

We managed to slot speedily and comms were kept impressively clear during the session, and these things ensure that we spend minimal time looking at menus and maximum time shooting at mens. I believe this is something we can all appreciate.

Black Mamba
11-09-2012, 10:36 PM
Yup. The one time we're so quick at slotting, the enemy 's on holidays.

11-09-2012, 10:38 PM
If you need to aid your memory while story telling, here are the orbats of tonight's missions:


11-09-2012, 11:33 PM
Poctalon went well, as part of B1 we had overwatch at the south of the line, but didn't actually see anyone. At all. Ever. Then the mission was completed and we bugged out via chop lift where we excitingly hit a pole as we were taking off but managed to limp back to base. Yay us! Tea and medals all round.

Cratesistance didn't go so well. I was in Alpha at the Bravo Cache, and pretty much the first group to come into contact. I shot someone (who was obviously healed up as I had no kills) but then i was blown up by a grenade. Thankfully I wasn't the first to die as there was already two people in valhalla... But no it turns out they were latecomers and I was the first to die.

Into The Sea was fun, but again I died pretty early on, bleeding out while awaiting a medic, at least I managed to get the rusky that shot me so um yay? I did get to see Dogface running over bodge tho that was a laugh, at the time I was laughing at how the tank must be so low on ammo now that they were chasing the ai around and running them over.. and then jumping out and examining the dead ai closely? What? - But then Bodge arrived in Valhalla and set us straight - oh how we laughed.

River Dispute was excellent, it went a bit mad tho as Ghandi's plan was "CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE" and that didn't go so well, across open ground, at fixed enemy emplacements with HMG, HATs MATs Tanks, Planes, WMDs, WH40k Space Marines in Terminator Armour and god know what else. At least we made it across the river before we were blown up - so HA! IN YOUR FACE OPFOR!

12-09-2012, 01:08 PM
Grounded team leader. I had serious difficulty understanding harraka in this mission, and some of my teammembers didn't really hear me either. This would have been a recipe for disaster but I don't think any enemies spawned (luckily).

BLUFOR DC. I led C, D, and E to cache B. My intent was to first recon the cache from the east an then attack from 2 directions, East and North. We got our asses whooped and lost half of our men, from 10 down to 5. As Dogface's teams were reinforcing us on the west, I decided to run back East and flank the town of kamenka from the south. It took a while to get my guys going, and unfortunately by the time we flanked the town all the enemies were dead. After that we went to C cache, lost 2 more men in the long range gun battle. I didn't think we were doing anything useful, we were being suppressed to shit over there, so I left the positon and wanted to flank cache C from the North. Repositioning to the North didn't help much, so decided I had enough of losing men and charged up to the cache and killed a group of injured rebels who were hiding behind a rock.

Into the sea
MG. First to die.

River Dispute
REDFOR B2. I put 2 AI in dushka's and 1 in a spg-9 which obliterated the enemy's charge downhill :)
10 minutes later I spotted an American on our side of the dam hiding behind some sandbags shooting at my AI in a bunker, so I flanked him from the rear and dealt with him. Not long thereafter I spotted 4 men on the other side of the damn trying to make their way towards me. I decided to wait with opening fire until they were in knee deep water which was a good choice since I got them all :P

12-09-2012, 03:33 PM
Poctalon: A-1(?) FTL, easy-peasy if a little unnerving, nuff said!

Crateresistance: BLUFOR COM. The caches were positioned quite conveniently in a curve along the coast, so I split the team into two sections with Mike in charge of the southern group (C+D) and myself leading A+B. My guys had the easier time of it meeting only a few AI at the northern cache, while Mike handled the actual danger until we could flank South to support them, clear the woods north of Kamenka and then the town itself. OPFOR presented stiff resistance all the while, keeping the medics very busy, until a glorious last stand with their backs to the sea, still depleting our numbers until we'd taken out the last of them. A nice victory thanks to excellent co-ordination from the whole team.

Into the Sea: Tank-driver. A methodical and successful sweep through Berezino and the harbour to clear out numerous enemies. We supported Alpha squad as they handled the South side of the AO, managing to avoid any serious threat from the enemy with gunner Ebass successfully taking out several enemy vehicles from long range, and wiping out several groups of infantry. We stuck close to the troops at first, before breaking off to move up the coast and support Alpha and Bravo's advance into the last section of town.

At this stage we were out of ammo for the main gun, so moved in closer to sweep from street to street with Ebass moving into the commander's seat to man the MG. Finding several straggler AI littered throughout the compounds and factories, we were aware that friendlies were also moving towards us... but apparently not aware enough! Seeing a lone figure standing still in the middle of a courtyard we moved in for the kill. With Ebass unable to see over the wall, I rammed us through it and foolishly decided to simply carry on the momentum and run him over rather than double-check the target... only to see with horror the distinctly light-tan, rather than olive-drab hue of the uniform that flew limply into the air ahead of us. Much contrition and a bollocking from Iceraiser followed as we realised I'd just turned Bodge into a red smear on the tarmac. Certainly a lesson not to get sloppy near the end of an operation! And apologies again to Bodge and his section. Fortunately the mission ended within a minute or two with all strongholds cleared.

River Dispute: Simple enough - we all charged along one side of the river, and the enemies shot at us from the other side. Our HMMV was full of holes by the time we found some cover to stop it in, spraying down the opposite bank with MG fire before attempting to wade through the north side of the river, between the bridge and the minefield, and being handily cut down by Opfor. Daf, one of our fireteam, was the last team-mate alive and wounded, crawling gloriously towards the enemy with a knife in his teeth, but sadly not managing to singlehandedly kill them all.