View Full Version : [AAR] I44 23/09/12 - Oi, Jerries, come here mates!

22-09-2012, 11:00 PM
Despite all the PS2 and Borderlands 2 shenanigans, I44 regulars still came to the session and we all enjoyed shooting enormous amounts of bullets in general directions.
We played:

Operation Rodent
Jedburgh Ambush

Thanks to those who came I had an awesome time with you.
As always post everything in here.

23-09-2012, 01:50 PM
Had a really good time with you all.
Operation Rodent: Played bren gunner. advanced up the left of the compound witf Kefirz. Then trying to get in to the compound, Kefirz got shot and i tried to heal him. Unfotunately i got disconnected and when I rejoined i was stuck in him. This summoned The Old One or Truck of DOOM which killed half the team when they tried to carry.
Got connection problems again but reconnected again for Frontline:
Gunner in sherman tank. Advanced through the village with many detours, got shot at by 25xkilla with m1911 , got shot at by 25xkilla with rifle, got shot at by 25xkilla with flak cannon, shot 25xkilla with machinegun. Found the enemy tank on its head and shot the panzerfaut armed crew with HE rounds and machinegun.
Had to go after that.