View Full Version : [AAR] 5/Oct/12 I've got a box of ieds.

06-10-2012, 09:33 AM
VTS - GM:Head (Im evil)
RollingRadio - Ieds everywhere!
Patrol Ops - Glourifed Taxi service

Note: Please do not think because this is a smaller session that it's any less serious then a normal session.

06-10-2012, 01:23 PM
On paper simple mission - kill all enemies in Fereuzabad. We had splitted into teams before heading out, took Littlebirds. But because of enemy attack(and my excellent landing that nearly resulted in an explosion), the two little birds had to split up, and because of that we had improvised teams, I was in Dvorak's squad.

We had a great vantage point on the town, when team 1 (the other guys) started taking fire, we saw all the enemy infantry rush W, to them. We opened fire, and a few minutes later most of the town was clear.
Then the armor came. Some more actiony stuff later, getting shot up by VSS snipers, me nearly killing Head. Then we had to extract, as the whole place was getting shot up by arty.

And an awesome epilogue - the Chinook was shot up by an enemy Jet as we were flying to safety, so much for American air-superiority.

Alpha2 FTL here. Mission was like this - approached the town, killed some dudes, and then an IED blew me up, along with a few other people.

Now this was a very fun mission. Despite an uneventful first task of being a Taxi service, the later stuff were tense as hell. Also I failed my main job as an AT guy - didn't kill that T-72, the Dragon is weird, should have taken a Javelin. And I died by an IED, as always.