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30-10-2012, 10:17 PM

- Shapur Raiders
- GooseChase
- BlackFolkDown
- Police Rescue

We tickled the 40 players today but didn't quite make it. Shapur Raiders went as expected, with general dying fueled by ASR_AI anger. Goose Chase went to Blufor though with one hostage dead and the other only surviving by sheer luck it's a victory of questionable fashion. Black Folk Down went worse than the last times, with both Squads nearly perishing at the feet of bunker hill

30-10-2012, 11:26 PM
Fun fact: this was my first time playing Arma 2 multiplayer. Chances are you could probably tell. Had a great time though! :D

Lessons learnt:

- I really need to install STHud
- I should turn down the quality settings so I don't end up with BlackFolkDown turning into an interactive slideshow and having to quit because of it.
- The mic is my friend, so I should use it.

30-10-2012, 11:54 PM
Very fun session today. I took command of two missions which meant a lot of shouting and losing control.

- Shapur Raiders

Charlie Squad Lead. Started with a plan to take positions and watch to the south / reinforce alpha and bravo to the north, but the convoy interrupted all that and shot me in the face. Mission over very quickly

- GooseChase

OpFor Commander. The plan wasn't bad, but didn't leave much room for dealing with a BLUfor ambush and didn't anticipate the death of a hostage. With two squads down, the remaining group was surrounded and killed. SuperU, with an alarmingly effective case of Stockholm Syndrome, dodged death to grant BLUfor a win. A lot of CC shouting occurred on my part as things fell to pieces.

The mission could easily have ended in the first few minutes as SuperU decided to walk 200M across an open field with only two men as guards. There was only two AK47s inbetween him and a swift BLUfor rescue.

Many thanks to squads one and three for dying valiantly.

- BlackFolkDown

Alpha Medic. Helped secure Abdul, the warlord with questionable motives, before watching Toppo get sniped out of his helicopter. Fell victims to snipers myself, starting cheating by accident, gunned down when running across open ground.

- Police Rescue

BLUfor commander. Very fun mission which worked well with a two commanders structure - came all so close to winning but had the hostages snatched from our grasp, then they decided to run off. BLUfor and Opfor continued to fight as orders become meaningless in a post-apocalyptic Zargabad.

- Test Mission

Far too many map markers. Far too many grenades. Good mission.

After session - Undercover

Black people should not attempt to pass themselves off as takistani locals.

After After Session - Escape From Chernarus

Modern Warfare 14: Captain Price vs ASR AI

I strongly recommend people stick around after sessions if they are able. It's a lot less serious and the more informal missions get played. Plenty of fun to be had

- The mic is my friend, so I should use it. That depends just how Scouse you are... ;)

31-10-2012, 01:08 PM
Was I the only one that found Police Rescue confusing? It didn't have tags or anything so I got separated from my FT and ultimately paid the price of an infantryman to some nasty rocks. Also it lagged. :D

31-10-2012, 06:10 PM
Shapur Raiders
Alpha Squad Lead

"Hell yeah, alpha squad supreme let's go and kill that convoy... oh it's already here and shooting death at us. Come in A2, *silence*, come in A1, *silence*." Then I get a message on global that there are only 3 people left, okay time for heroics, atleast i have my med.., had, as he got butchered by a hind.

Okay sole survivor mode GO, I hear an UAZ, it has a Dshka, I kill the gunner and driver. Then I sprint to it, gonna teach that hind a lesson, and it shot me with it's autocannon.


Even though I was hoping to hold out for Blufor, I got into Opfor. Same plan as before, splitting up, but this time I went West. Ghandi was my element lead and hostie guard. We get into a forest near that village don't remember the name. We got engaged by the chopper, my team returned fire and, as I learned post game, killed it's door gunner, Waffly. But at the same time, sneaky Blufor A1 was shooting at us at the same time as the chopper, so I dismissed those shots as Chopper fire.

If only I had known that Blufor was already on the ground stalking us. As expected of a clueless FTL, I walked into the perfect ambush, and my Fireteam was massacred in seconds.

Bravo 2 AT

It was a pretty smooth mission for our fireteam, not counting the end. Sounded like Alpha got shot up pretty bad, bravo also lost quite a lot of guys near the end. That assault on the villa was evil. Got killed by an enemy sniper.

Some screenshots from the session, most are from BlackFolkDown, some are from Goose Chase http://imgur.com/a/FDYFU

31-10-2012, 07:14 PM
That depends just how Scouse you are... ;)

I'm only half scouse, don't worry :P I live in a town a couple miles outside of Liverpool.