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06-11-2012, 10:28 PM
Tonight we played:

Goose chase
Rep Revolution

The goose was well and truely chased, Vanguard was as painful as ever and Special soup's new mission had ice escaping by the skin of his teeth.

Please come along on Sunday for more splodes and possibly less baby noises, or not.

07-11-2012, 05:55 AM
I was only around for Vanguard. Was Bravo SL.

Everything went somewhat smoothly up until the point when we reached the southern end of that industrial complex we were supposed to clear. There was a static or something to our south. In hindsight, I should have sent some fireteam to flank it form the side, there was an opening in the walls to the back. But, Vanguard is Vanguard, I got shot and killed, and then I disconnected, didn't see what happened in the end. Ruling through incompetence :D

07-11-2012, 08:40 PM
What was up with the parachutists in Goose Chase?

07-11-2012, 08:49 PM
Goose Chase
I was hostage #1, "protected" by Ghandis.
We started off by hanging around in the starting village, trying to understand how Ghandis' relatives could've bought such a crappy house.
Crappy table in the crappy kitchen:
I did use the wait to catch some sun:

After a little while, Ghandis decided that we should travel up to his summer home.
We got caught up in some traffic but after I yelled at the driver in front that he was a worse driver than my grandmother, he drove off the road and almost hit a tree.
Satisfied that we could now drive faster than 30 I told Ghandis to punch it! I was getting hungry.
But when we got there.. we waited:

Some TV-inspectors came flying past in a helicopter and shot up Ghandis cars - even killing one of his friends :o
They flew away though when they realised that the Ghandis had paid his bills.
We waited some more and I realised that Ghandis did not have a soul. Look at those empty eyes:

One of Ghandis friends came by, wearing nothing but a pyjamas, namned Wolff and told us that we'd go to the pancake factory.
On our way there Ghandis insulted me by saying that my manhood was small.
The rest of the way I refused to talk to him and just sat there looking out the window.

We got to a russian harbour and Ghandis got out and pointed his gun at me, telling me to get out.
I refused; unless he would apologize!
He said "sorry, now get out". I forced him to say it really-really nice and mean it!
"I'm really-really sorry and your manhood is big". I jumped out and said "Great, we're friends. Let's go have pancakes!"
Then bullets started flying around us as the TV-inspectors hunted Ghandis, even though he said he'd paid, and I crawled all the way to a medic-marked pancake vodnik.
But they were all out of pancakes :(

Toppo(?) was the FTL of A1, Bodge was SL.
We flanked around north, went in and killed dudes.
M113's died, Bravo died, tank died...
We got to the first stronghold and managed to piss off a T-34, leading to Bodge's death.
Alpha regrouped, 5 men strong, and charged at the hill!
And we died ^.^
Great commanding, awesome job Alpha!

Rep Revolution
King IceRaiser o' Pancakes needed to be transported to the airfield to personally test the latest shipment of pancakes.
Specialsoup(?) was in charge of my loyal bodyguards.
The plan was to drive in a convoy with the BMP2 first, followed by a SUV with a Fireteam, SUV with me and a fireteam and a Ural bringing up the rear with anyone that couldn't fit+CO.
I decided to grab the frontseat so I could pick the radiostation and poke my loyal driver, Dan, with a stick I found.
The plan was simple:
As we got to the last little hill before Nagara, an IED exploded between the BMP and the SUV, destroying the SUV.
The BMP struggled to turn and seemed really confused(note to self: don't hire the sheepest crew) and I yelled at Dan to drive, drive and DRIIIIIIVE!
Bullets dented my beautiful SUV as we flew over the dunes and into Nagara, making a speedy escape.
My loyal bodyguards did their job and their family's shall recieve a goat each.
We got to the airfield and pancakes was had.

Thanks everyone for coming along and trying to kill me :)

07-11-2012, 09:12 PM
Goose Chase

Guard for Stanglove.

I actually have a video of this mission, but not very much happened and due to living in a) the worst place in England, and b) farmland, It would take a very long time to upload a not very interesting video.

After a confusing start where I struggled to work out which vehicle was which and where the rest of Black Mamba's fireteam was going, we set off. We quickly realised our driver was not even in our mumble channel, followed by Black Mamba falling out of the pickup and being left behind. He proved extremely useful in confusing BLUFOR from behind enemy lines.

After Mamba passed on intel on where BLUfor were paradropping, we swerved around to Stary, met up with our expressionless comrades, found a less than inviting selection of vehicles are proceeded north. We came to a point where we had to drive several hundred metres across open fields in our god awful pickup. Luckily, BLUfor chose this moment to land their helo and pick up the troops they dropped in completely the wrong place. We picked up a Dshkm armed UAZ and gunned it to Krasnostav. I got my cereal from the supermarket, Strang went crazy on the gun, something nearby blew up for absolutely no reason.


Alpha 3 FTL. Drove the M113 around, half of my squad joined the squad lead as he pushed into the compound, lost the M113 which did far less drifting than hoped, proceeded to be destroyed by a tank. Apologies to Macaco for running him over.

Rep Revolution

Thanks to all for testing. I've made a few changes already and I'll put another version up sometime soon. The mission didn't quite go as planned but there was plenty of action and 'king' iceraiser came within millimetres of lead-based death.

Specialsoup(?) was in charge of my loyal bodyguards.

That was SuperU, I was an Opfor AT guy.

08-11-2012, 03:25 PM
Specialsoup(?) was in charge of my loyal bodyguards.

Your grace, how could you have mistaken the evil opfor, for your loyal and caring UN bodyguard!