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18-11-2012, 12:56 AM
We played these missions:
Operation Fulcrum - Not a bad little 6 player mission.
A Bottle Of Beer - Holy smokes Batman!
Dynamic campaign pt6 - Tulga, Kamyshovo, Elektrozavodsk and Prigordki were all secured, plus the two secondary objectives.
Tunnel ambush - Weird things happened.

Any and all AAR's, comments, suggestions welcome.
As always thanks to those who came, and we hope we will see you next week.

Regards Hawk.

18-11-2012, 07:54 AM
Didn't we secure Balota also?

18-11-2012, 09:59 AM
Something should be done to get the info-post stickied. As of right now its dangerously low on page two of the arma-subforum. Not good if we are to keep people aware of the sessions existence.

Operation Fulcrum :
Fun stuff. My first visit to hedgerow-land, and the map was really nice. Been waiting for something like this since the demo of the original Close Combat way back in whenever.
A Bottle of Beer :
Ratatatatatatatatatatatataatatatatatatata, OMGRUN, ratatatatatatatatatatatataatatatatata. A very funny mission. Unfortunately for Phalanx, the tank could hear him think....
Dynamic Campaign Pt 6 :
Uncoordinated tank mayhem. With old, annoying british? US? tanks. I think we should have been more thorough in our explorations of the villages, our pure tank sweeps left too many stragglers. Though there is a limited amount to be done with a low player count.
My VON was too low for the inside of a tank, and i spent waaay too long adjusting it.

Then the double headed truck of doom was sighted. it was fortunately defeated by its arch-nemesis, the standard forest tree. and we all headed for the hills. (unless you managed to play another mission after that)

18-11-2012, 11:19 AM
Well post something then on the forum :D
To be honest we can stop playing the dynamic campaign if you guys don't want it, and I thought we could play different mods in Saturdays so it doesn't have to be I44 all the time ;) one of those mods could be Unsung.
If you had Churcill's then you would go mad because they are even slower :D
Yes those were Brit tanks :D

18-11-2012, 04:58 PM
First mission I wasn't in.

Bottle of Beer - We got slaughtered on the dam bridge. Not much else to say about that.

Commanded Dynamic Campaign Pt6 by taking over 5 locations (not 4), while completing the objectives using tanks only.
It was a slow process and quite stressful not for me, but for everyone else. Originally we was going to take over the objectives (which were 6km away) but instead, decided to take over each village one by one meaning it be more easy in the future.

There were some... issues in Elektrozavdsk. Soon we all grouped up and almost got hit by a tank's cannon due to the gunner alt-tabbing. Told the gunner to get out the tank. Then told Zitron get in the tank. He refused and disobey my command. He wanted to hoof it instead on foot.

After that, we taken over
Prigordki, avoided Chernogosk, captured the Radiotower, tank race downhill to capture the powerstation and exfil from Balota.

I would like to say can we give the Dynamic Campaigns a break? They are a good idea but starting to irritate.

Tunnel ambush - Ambush the tunnel. Took out some germans near the exit of the tunnel, team planted the explosives, scouts sent away to spot germans while we waited near the exit. Waited. Waited some more... then the strangest thing happens. Germans were "popping" out of the tunnel from the sides. Then there were no germans. Suddenly an ambush from the eastern side of the tunnel. Some men died since we were expecting the AI to go into tunnel... but most didn't. Odd mission.

The double headed truck of doom bonus mission

- Went into said truck, everything was fine until we turned a corner and hit one single tree. We flew 500 feet into the air, crashed into the ground hard, one truck facing towards the sky blew up while the other truck was stuck underground. Managed to get out the exploding burning truck. Shocked I was alive...

Then a german 300 metres east shot me in the head with a rifle. I was the first to die.

18-11-2012, 06:13 PM
pretty much CO'd the entire night, needed a little Zargabad Safari therapy post-session to get all the stress out..

Operation Fulcrum

Not a bad mission really, a few people crashed and couldn't rejoin so had to lug a complete derp AI around. We had completed all 3 objectives and were moving to exfil when I mistook Kalelovil for the previously mentioned derp AI and shot him in the head while he was driving a truck... I partly blame Hawk_Silk for this.. Then the 3 of us that were left died to 1 german in the last village before exfil, moral victory!

A Bottle Of Beer

Crazy mission, people weren't kidding when they said "As soon as you spawn, run"

Not quite sure how we made it to the Dam but we did, getting across was another story however.. As Bravo I was spearheading the assault across the Dam itself while Alpha tried to draw any fire away from us. The diversion went as planned, perhaps a little too well as all of them died shortly after engaging, I was the only one left to reach the other side of the Dam, completely surrounded by infantry - Along with a british tank that could read my thoughts.

The tank somehow tracked my movements without having line of sight making it extremely hard to advance, especially as a platoon's worth of infantry was converging on my location. In the end I got gunned down by infantry from the side while playing cat and mouse with the tank around some sandbags, but not before said tank had completely submersed itself in the lake several times and still remained functional... Wha..?10/10 would play again

Dynamic campaign pt6

Not too sure about this one, the format of this mission was quite similar to regular Domi where villages were marked with a red circle and you could capture them by killing the occupying forces.

It was quite slow to start as we first had to locate all this armour that the briefing screen had lead us to believe existed. Once we were distributed among 3 tanks it was a long drive to the first town where we must've only encountered around 6-8 troops, ok sure.. Maybe they just weren't defending this town too well.
But as we moved onto the other villages this seemed to be a recurring theme, hardily a squad of troops occupying each town. This was the case up until Elektro where we encountered enemy armour among another squad-sized group of infantry.

After destroying the enemy armour and any stragglers we could find we deemed Elektro clear. There may have been 1 or 2 left but due to the clunkiness of the tanks, small player count and because we had already spent a lot of time driving around, we decided to move onto other objectives of the mission which were to capture a radio tower and power station.

The closest objective was the radio tower, so after a crawl uphill we arrived and found it completely unguarded, amidst the perplexion a tank race was arranged.. I'm not quite sure what these tanks were made of but we flew down the hill at speeds peaking 120kph, knocking down trees as if they had just been balanced on the ground. Alrighty then! Arma physics..

Last up was the power station, which was also pretty much unguarded - I had become quite impatient at this point and instructed my driver, Hawk_Silk, to roll right into the middle of the compound ignoring any threats. Nothing happened.. As the other tank caught up they spotted a fireteam near the power station running away, we killed those and that seemed to be it.

The actual last objective was to exfil at a town south-west of our position, but we thought we'd just call it and play another mission.

Also, nice gunning Tired Hippo!

Final verdict: Quite slow, a little boring at times, mission ended up being very easy despite the small player count. I'd suggest fortifying the towns so it's harder to take a few rather than easy to take many, driving for 15 minutes between towns occupied by 5 guys isn't very fun. Maybe I'm missing something?

Tunnel ambush

This was a charlie-foxtrot if I ever saw one.. The plan to ambush the enemies in the tunnel with gunfire & explosives was solid enough but ended up falling apart we were somehow spotted, causing the AI to begin warping through geometry.. We still won in the end but wow, that was weird.

18-11-2012, 11:51 PM
Then told Zitron get in the tank. He refused and disobey my command. He wanted to hoof it instead on foot.

Eh? You asked if someone wanted to be the gunner, I said no because someone else was closer and said yes (JRides?) and on the way to the tank. Then you asked again, I said I already said no...

19-11-2012, 10:06 AM
Eh? You asked if someone wanted to be the gunner, I said no because someone else was closer and said yes (JRides?) and on the way to the tank. Then you asked again, I said I already said no...
Aye, the issue was the initial confusion over whether those tanks could take 3 or 4 crew - there was a fourth slot (a foward machine gunner) which I think you meant zitron to get into and not the main gunner slot which I had just taken the confusion stemmed from that methinks. Personally I blame kefirz for the whole mess. :)

Bottle of Beer
I got pulverised by the flanking enemy that had followed us up the river.

Dynamic Campaign Pt6
I enjoyed this, I liked the idea of rolling through the towns and clearing them as we went. Sadly "alpharidestwo" tank got chewed up in electro - by the very first enemy armour we saw. We struggled on a bit but eventually after another hit had to bail. We lost AudioX after coming under fire from ground troops at around the same time as Badger(?) tank was destroyed. I was injured (and we had no medic - daf was burned alive in the fireball that Badger had become) so my aim was terrible for the rest of the mission, I struggled on a bit before joining the replacement tank as Main Gunner after kale got demoted (heheh). Pushed on a bit and I'm not sure where we were but we were ordered out while the replacement tank returned to pick up a couple stragglers, while Command Tank, and the dismounted crew watched west and eventually fought and destroyed a german patrol. Then a jerry half track turned up and murderised me.

I did JIP but starting so far away by the time i'd got to kamshoyo the mission had been completed. yay us!

Tunnel ambush
Got murderised by the teleporting Jerry who suddenly appeared out of solid wall at the far end of the tunnel. I did manage to fire the bazooka first though - I suspect they didn't like that one little bit.

19-11-2012, 04:48 PM
My communication skills wasn't great on Dynamic Campaign. It did lead to some confusion, thus causing some stress. As jRides said, all of us weren't sure if the tank can take 3 or 4 men (turns out it was 4).