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05-12-2012, 09:54 PM
The last TT ever! Thank you all for joining us, and I hope you had a lot of fun.

Post your final AARs in here, for great glory, and possible Party promotional material.

The missions:

- Slippery Eel
- River Assault
- Sakheola

I hope to see you all on Sunday, and the Tuesdays and Sundays after that.

05-12-2012, 10:04 PM
Slippery Eel

Seeing this ending to quickly was a suprise tbh. I don't know why exactly Azim had run off on his own, the idea is that he's protected by his detail and the "civilians" play cat & mouse with BLUFOR to wittle them down. Obviously if BLUFOR decides to camp the two helipads it's a boring tactic but then they have to split their forces, making them easy to overrun. I'd generally like to see more asymmetrical adversarials work on our sessions.

River Assault

This mission is always a meatgrind and tonight was no difference. If I or anyone else gets around tweaking it, it might be an idea to add wrecks or some abandoned fortifications along the western hills and shore, to give the attackers more ways to approach.


Yes I know, it was dark. Next version will have campfires at every possible cache location, more lights in general and flares for the defenders as well. And a clear sky/full moon. Still, I like the idea of giving BLUFOR a clear advantage with the NVGs and the darkness and forcing INDP to be a bit more hide-y and ambush-y (but not completely clueless as it was in this version, my bad). I'm not sure if INDP should have an advantage in numbers though I'm happy to be convinced otherwise.

Black Mamba
05-12-2012, 10:25 PM
Yeah, still, there's a difference between behind hide-y because you don't see well and not even seeing if you're hidden or not. I was pretty sure to be well covered on two sides, and partially hidden from my back, though when I went to specator mode, and activated the night vision, I had to admit I was in the middle of effing nowhere.
In my opinion (and that's just an opinion) dark nights like that don't have a place if you don't have NVGs. Just makes it a pain to play. Hell, I went all the way up to get IEDs for my team, stood up on top of the cache and couldn't ever see it. This is even more important if one team does have NVGs. Then, it's not asymmetrical, it' just butchery.
On the other hand, a full or half-moon night makes it interesting. NVGs are still a definitive edge, yet you can still see around you some, as long you're not in some shadow.
Then again, I'll implemet something like that in a mision I've been working on, so, some of this, some of that, we're still happy.

Other than that, sorry for dying early in River assault, which seemingly led to an all-out clusterfuck for quite a while. I still think the plan was not that bad, though. You guys did make it to the artillery in good numbers, which is not the case everyday. The BTR or MAT would probably have helped a bit.

As for Slippery Eel, the concept is fun as hell, but maybe the scenario could be revised, as it lead to something kinda frustrating. I would also maybe add a rule so that BLUFOR won't shoot unarmed people, even if they know they are players. This could bring a bit more tension to it.

06-12-2012, 02:07 PM
I don't remember any of those maps... :D

06-12-2012, 03:18 PM
Slippery Eel
Blufor Alpha 1 FTL (or 2)
I had a lot of trouble with my Arma on this one, for some reason the game froze on the loading screen. No problem, I restarted the game and reconnected. As soon as I got into my position, the mission ended, aziz killed, lolwut.

River Assault
CO Medic

I was assigned as Medic/Bodyguard/Slave to Mamba. We drove our officer UAZ ahead of the main group to scout the enemy positions. Spotted a lot of important stuff, relayed to SL's and then the assault started. People started dying, Mamba sent me off to heal people. Then I heard a message from Mumble - "User left your channel", I knew what it meant... Relayed Mamba's fate over CC, and the assault continued.

Not knowing what to do, I decided to attach myself to Alpha, and run over to them as they were the Vanguard force. Looks like it was a good idea - Alpha was undermanned and I filled a fireteam member role quite nicely. My skills proved useful as I healed a lot of people. As soon as we organised and started attacking, more people started dying, including all of alpha and charlie, save me and Capernatious. Someone took command of the mission, I think. We blew up the artillery cannon thingies as per objective, and then the mission ended.

Blufor Commander

As CO I devised this kind of plan:
Alpha and Bravo would board the Chinook. I sent the Blackhawk ahead to scare the enemy, and basically stop movement and make them keep their heads down. The Chinook circled around and landed in the Northern part of town, behind a big mountain. Alpha went north toward the friendly checkpoint and took the humvees, while Bravo went on the mountain to provide a BOF for Alpha's advance.

Alpha waited for Bravo to get into position and then started firing (we spotted a few enemies beforehand), Bravo also opened fire. After the first engagement I was very relieved to learn that Alpha took no casualties and we continued.
I sent Bravo down the hill to flank around and take look at the caches that were at the far eastern side of town.

At about this time I boarded the Blackhawk as gunner (it had no gunner) for a better look at the town. After very carefully clearing the northern side of town, and finding no caches we went south, again I sent Bravo to flank from the eastern side, and for Alpha to attack head-on.

I told Kale (Blackhawk pilot) to hover over the last caches, as our teams were closing in. I saw a guy running in the open and my trigger itching finger opened up on him, I thought that they won't do much to us with small arms. And then I found out that IndieFor stole OUR humvee somehow as it opened fire on us with it's .50 cal.

Our engine was down, as we were going down like a rock, I shouted on CC that "Command is down!", the only response I heard was "What?", as the chopper crashed and burned. Don't know what happened then, but the important thing is that we won :D

09-12-2012, 07:12 PM
Slippery Eel
Same problems Halop had, he even was my FTL. This session my Arma acted up every mission, I just hope that won't happen again.

River Assault
I was in one of the bravo fireteams I think, although we were quickly reduced to thekev, the hero AT guy who must have shot a dozen tanks, and me. I don't think I ever killed quite as many enemies as this mission, I mowed down a whole compound from a higher vantage point, all the while praying that Alpha was where the map suggested (due to the distance the blue helmets were not displayed as blue, but brownish). Of course, I would have readily admitted my guilt in case of friendly fire. Ahem. I also survived the mission, which was good.

I thought I'd try leading a fireteam, in this case Alpha 1. We managed to kill three or four enemies before even entering the town, and I successfully didn't shoot Draakon (Alpha SL), whose ID was for some reason not displayed. As I said, my Arma did act up quite a bit. We then cleared out the compounds, there was some shooting and something must have happened to Alpha 2, because after Draakon died and I received a field promotion, they didn't answer. I messed up the last chance to get a working CC in mumble, thankfully Ebass played my radio man and there was not much to be talked about anyway. After Ebass got shot in the legs (and us not encountering an enemy for five to ten minutes), he just took a humvee. On our way to the last house with enemies in it (which was besieged by Bravo), we suddenly won the mission. Go us!