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  1. Ah, so that was you! Thanks again for the kind words, appreciate it!

    I'd say the ones you're best off with are Entropy and the newest one, Advance. - Advance - Entropy

    You might prefer something with more immediate impact that's over quickly. In which case Khoroksho or Junque should do the trick. - Khoroksho - Junque

    Finally, perhaps the answer is outside of Arthouse altogether? The Silly Mondays videos are some of my favourites for sheer spectacle; - Evel - Dust

    Just realised I didn't really narrow it down a whole bunch for you! Let me know what you think anyway.
  2. Hey Jag, Im looking for one of your "Arthouse" videos to show facebook what Im up to tonight! I.e. something to show the scale as well as the style. Any suggestions? (Aaron Skinner btw; left you a youtube comment the other day. Total fanboying.)
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