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Thread: Ultimate Draft

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    Ultimate Draft

    Just a little brain thinks.

    If you could use teams as a buffet without any context, and buy skills at normal TV value what would be the perfect 1000TV Team, you must choose 1 team as a template (necro raise dead, flings get chef, and stars are template specific).

    I think I'd take Goblins as a template team getting me those sweet half price bribes and access to the bomber star.
    4 chaos Dwarves (70*4=280)
    3 Goblin teamrerolls (60*3=180)
    4 Line Orcs (50*5=250)
    3 Gutter runners (80*3=240)
    Gobbo Apocothery(50)

    Its not without flaws, its St3 or lower, all the players with block are slow, I have 12 men which is good, I'd probably Hold back a gutter most drives.

    I was tempted to have a few vampires for the long term development but honesty they'd be a liability even mixed into a different team.

    Any dream teams?
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    Something something Chaos Pact.
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    Two Lizards, two Mummies, two Gutter Runners, the rest Amazon lineladies and as many rerolls as I can afford. Any humanoid template.
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