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    8-Bit Soundtracks on Kickstarter!

    8-BIT Soundtracks: Video Game Audio Construction Kit recently launched on Kickstarter! The project is an original 8-bit inspired retrofuturistic video game music and sound effects library for creative projects and game productions!

    The collection comes with a non-exclusive commercial license and will feature 400 tracks for 4 hours of songs, sound effects and backgrounds. Stretch goals will add additional audio material to this total!

    Please check out the link here:

    This is my third Kickstarter, my previous projects Cyberpunk Soundtracks and Epic Soundtracks were delivered on time to hundreds of backers. These projects total about 15 hours of material and are available as Add Ons with 8-BIT Soundtracks!

    Thanks for listening!

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    Just wanted to post a quick update that the project has been fully funded with about two weeks left to hit stretch goals!
    Thanks for listening!

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