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    Angels Fall First

    AFF is a FPS space sim strategy game developed by an indie developer in the past 7 years using the unreal engine 3. Its been greenlit on steam, currently closed alpha and seems like a game for the planetside squad.

    As it just had a release trailer and in closed alpha with a dev team with no money who works on it at weekends it will be a while before we see anything but one I think for you all to keep an eye out for. I think most leaders here will like how the team starts in a briefing room and squad leaders can issue commands to squads during the mission.

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    Looks like it could be fun. Going by the video alone, it looks like it hits a nice midpoint between the fast and loose play of PS2 and something more tactical like Arma.

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    Reminds me a lot of Bf 2142 and Battlefront 2, tis very interesting!
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    It looks very much like a much deeper and team orientated version of star wars battlefront 2, which is certainly not a bad thing. It being developed by a small indie team with little to no budget however does not bode well. Especially if it's not going to be free to play. Games like this die out so quickly, but at least it has bot support.
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    Especially if it's not going to be free to play.
    To be honest I think it is better this way, they can put all their energy into the gameplay rather than worrying about monetisation and centralised servers. For a team which is releasing their first product doing all of those things at once plus doing the actual development could be more than they can chew, the question is whether or not people buying it up-front can fund enough of the devs to work on it full-time instead of moonlighting for it.

    It could be pretty good, something about the sapcecraft flight model/UI looks wonky but I love the concept. Also, tank dropships. I just wonder how large the ground maps will be, how many players a server will accomodate, how terrible the AI is going to be and how much customisation there is in terms of concentrating people into one "phase" of the game (e.g. do you always have to do the space fight stage, or can you run servers which go straight to the ground phase if that is what the players enjoy most?).

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