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    Rook Paper Simulation

    Anyone keen on playing/learning some modern board games? No Monopoly or Sorry or Snakes and Ladders here! Well I mean, you can play those two but why bother when there are so many better games out there?

    I'm not aware of any official/unofficial rps group for this game, but I am in a pretty decent group called Tabletop Simulator Club ( that is quite good.

    There's a sale going on over at bundle stars right now (24.08.2015) so if you haven't taken the plunge yet now might be the time!


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    You also get new star soccer 5 with table top sim on bundle stars. But I am willing to give this ago, it looks cool on the trailer and funny as hell. Much table flipping to be had.

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    You can find out about the kind of games we play...

    here: (Where the Quintin Smiths are)

    here: (Where the Wil Wheatons are)

    and here: (Where the geeks are)

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