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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalano View Post
    And on the computer!
    Or next to the computer. ;)

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    My gf will play some games. She loves playing Co-op Left 4 Dead 2. I've tried to get her into other co-op games like Dungeon Defenders or Lego Lord of the Rings. She mildly enjoyed them but I think she just likes killing zombies. I recently got The Walking Dead for her computer and we've hooked it up to my big screen and been playing it together as well. Any recommendations on a similar vein to Left 4 Dead would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erithtotl View Post
    Any recommendations on a similar vein to Left 4 Dead would be appreciated.
    I always found Killing Floor far superior to L4D2. There are differences though, so one liking the other is not guaranteed to like the other one too.
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    Have I posted in this thread? Can't remember. Hopeless alcoholic.

    Anyway, the missus loves her DS, specifically Zoo Keeper, Layton, and Puzzle Bobble/Tetris. She also enjoys the Lego games on PC but due to the entirely singular setup of the "office", rarely gets the chance as I hog it. She's not that bothered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erithtotl View Post
    Any recommendations on a similar vein to Left 4 Dead would be appreciated.
    You should try Dead Island. I've only played it alone, but it looks like a lot of fun in co-op. Plenty of zombies too.

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    Some recent stats about gaming demographics across Europe:

    The split between male/female is apparently pretty even. Germany has the most players (30M), and the majority of them are PC/Mac users (24M). Yay! My fellow citizens know where it's at! :]
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    I don't that's indicative of women have become "gamers" in the sense of devolving into a vegetative state in front of their console or TV playing the latest AAA title.

    My wife was quite enamored with Plants Vs. Zombies for a month or so (she essentially beat the game multiple times in various ways until the game became "boring" for her and she declared how "stupid" it was and that it distracted her from other things she "needed to be doing"), but I wouldn't call her a gamer by any stretch of the term.

    I honestly don't think that many women give a shit about videogames as a hobby. They'll dabble as a way to past time, or in between fucking around on Facebook; there are exceptions, but they're not the rule.

    Open this hobby to inclusiveness, treat women characters in a mature manner, drag it out of the proverbial "mom's basement" (things that will improve the hobby as a whole), but I wouldn't be surprised if the demographics of "gaming" change much unless they include the worthless shit that floods App Stores in IOS/Android marketplaces, or the stupid viral time-gated bullshit that floats around on Facebook, not allowing you to progress unless you allow the app to datamine all your personal information and post ads on your friends list.

    It'll just make it better for the women who happen to be weirdos already, like the rest of us male gamers.

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    hold on, germany has more gamers than china? I find that dubious.

    Also, if you look at germany and how crap it is, you sortof understand why they game so much ;D
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