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  • FoxHound
  • Utes Clearance
  • Unreachable
  • The Generals
  • Karavan
  • Cholo (afterparty)

For a weekday night, 46 comrades is great - well done to all who came along to fight for our socialist agrarian revolution. The reward for most of those brave 46 comrades was to see Black Mamba drive a fuel truck into a Hind and exploderise it in a fireball of righteous self-sacrifice. I don't know if we can top that (but we'll try).

We were actually rather good tonight, and sometimes better than good! Foxhound saw a methodical, well-executed sweep of a green zone that resulted in 100% KIAs for the bomb-toting human foxes, and zero losses for the platoon of hounds. Hounds in helicopters. With guns. Then, in Utes Clearance, a supremely ambitious air-assault involving hot LZs and attacks on the very centre of the enemy mass didn't result in fireballs, but actually ended in success! A return to Chernarus in Unreachable saw a great deal of death, but it wasn't all in vain, thanks to comrade Black Mamba's heroism (he is now comrade hero Black Mamba). More death followed in rapid urban adversarial, The Generals, although nobody knows who won; but the real massacre of the evening was reserved for Karavan, during which the puppeteers killed every last man in the stranded army platoon before the helos arrived. It was brutal. Finally, there was a Cholo-related after-party involving PCP, Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.

As ever, please post your thoughts, feedback, screenshots and video here - comrade YouTube Hero SuperU's FA doesn't just produce our video idents, but provides leadership and guidance to propaganda artists; more guidance on video editing for Folk ARPS is provided by comrade Ferrard Carson. Posts in the AAR threads really helps us (the hosts and mission makers), both with understanding how we can improve the experiences, and showing potential comrades what our sessions are like.

For more replies (and to add your own), please see: http://www.folkarps.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=820