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  • Nutcracker - This one was a real nutcracker for opfor, they took heavy losses.
  • Treehuggers - Glorious leader toppometer commands an under strength platoon with tank and a hijacked BMP3! Lots of death
  • Cacheola - Bluefor and inde battle it out over some caches, Bluefor takes too long and inde kills them. Inde Victory!
  • From thin air - We play a mission were delta is so stealthy they didn't have map markers and the enemy was protected by an invincible line of fences.

    After Party
  • Redflight - in this mission we adopted advanced communist tactics in which each player contributes to the plan in the form of a map marker. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/...1A042035E76BD/. Fortunately for us the mission crashed and we never got to try this new tactic.
  • The one with the AN2 gunships. Airwolf meets topgun.

Thanks to all for making the session, we had a petite turn out of 34 comrades fight (Die) for the Party today, please post your AARs below they help us hosts and mission makers. They also provide for some interesting reading!

Cheers dudes!

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