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    this is a must see game to be believed!

    I have never seen something like this before! :) you get to design all aspects of the engine in 3D, metals, size, fuel,
    cc, cam, Exhaust,air intake,Quality or cheap parts, types of all kinds things I cant even remember, you have to see it.
    Then you get to test it WooooW Rrrrr , lots of results & 3D engine running. you can strip back parts to see the iner working while testing.
    I think these are the tools big car companys use to design, but this is going to be a car company game where you design a
    full engine and car for sale, it is truly impressive.
    it won some big awards.
    You should watch the videos! Then you will definatly get the demo!

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    Needs Surgeon Simulator type controls.

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