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    So the Guild situation seems to be in some terrible limbo where the old Guild doesn't really work and there's maybe-sorta-gonna-be a new Guild but nobody's actually made one yet? A terrible time to be trying to join, it seems.

    If and when the situation does shake out one way or another, I'd appreciate an invite. Valanthia@Kadeton2.

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    Problem is that there's never 5 people online to make a new guild - and a lot of the people 'active' in the guild, don't appear to ever talk (there's Frijj007 who's ALWAYS in the LoTMD and is clearly a bot or a hacker, for example).

    I therefore have a suggestion - if you're interesting in making a new guild, join the RPS chat channel and when we get 5 folks all in Protectors Enclave (same map) at the same time we can do it.

    To join the channel type

    /channel_join rps

    To talk on that channel use either


    and then you're defaulted into it - or

    /chan rps what you want to say goes here

    To see who's in it, use

    /channel_info rps

    and it will list who else is in there.

    I can't really think of a better way of doing it - well, apart from someone in the current guild getting off their arse and appointing new officers perhaps...

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    For my part, I've caught wind of the "monetization strategy" of the game, and sort of given up on it in general.
    I think it was designed for failure by accountants.

    That or it will be quite successful. In extracting money from the gullible. I suppose?

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    Hey, um... I don't know what happened exactly, but I was looking at the guild page today and it appeared that everyone but me and Fijj the bot had left or been kicked or I have no idea.

    There was a "claim leadership" button anyway, so naturally I had to click it. So now I'm Horace apparently.

    I don't know if this is some weird bug or something that'll reset by tomorrow but if not I'd love to try to resurrect the guild(assuming y'all haven't already started a new, wonderful one). I probably won't be playing as actively now that I've hit level 60 but it seems a shame to let the guild go to waste.

    Anyway, message me in the game to be invited, and probably made an officer. I'm toasthaste@toasthaste

    UPDATE: My new theory is that it had been exactly a month since John's logged in and Neverwinter has a mechanism to allow even the lowliest Nostril to seize power when that happens. My first decree as Acting God was to kick Fijj the bot, of course. Also I've promoted everyone who's been online in the last week. Hopefully we can keep this from happening again.
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    Holy shit - MMO has sensible feature alert - that's an amazing idea!!

    Well done on killing the bot too - what the hell was that about?

    A reminder to people - the easiest way to find one of us is to type something like

    /who rps


    /who rotten

    Check the person you're about to spam really IS in the guild - and spam them politely.

    If you cannot yet send a tell (Level 10?), try the things I posted about 1 page back here

    and join the channel and see if anyone's in there who can invite you...
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