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    Factional Warfare

    To celebrate the surprise sub-forum:
    Who else is in factional warfare and on which side?

    I am Minnie-millitia for more than a year now and have been a lowsec dude for basically ever with the occasional time in 0.0 corps.
    Avid player of SMITE.
    Check the thread if you look for someone to play with.
    And in case you do not yet play but want to give it a shot (beeing free and all that) i would be gracious if you would consider my referal link.

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    bunch of ex-rpsh guys are in gallente fw afaik

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    RPSH is signed up as a Minmatar Militia corp, but I'm pretty much the only legitimately active member right now. I'm roaming wednesdays if you want to duo.

    Also, if anyone knows any Dust 514 minnie folks let me know because I want to shoot at planets in Molden Heath!

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