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Thread: MLG Lan

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    MLG Lan

    Are you guys watching?

    Alliance eliminated, navi scraped through.
    DK dominating with ck wisp against navi and alliance (especially alliance) and finishing group stage 7-1.
    Speed gaming and Sigma playing outstanding dota.
    American teams a joke - EG lol - as usual.

    Four finalists - navi, speed, sigma and dk.

    Live games here:

    All vods here: - they upload really quickly (usually immediately after the game is over). Recommended watching - every dk game, speed vs navi and sigma games.

    Mvps so far: lanm and iceicice, both players on another level right now. Just see what ice3 does with timbersaw against navi.

    Btw, speed gaming were 0-3 on day 1. Singsing says that they need to finish day two 5-0 to qualify which is exactly what they wind up doing. Make sure you watch the speed dk game for the most insane shackleshots.
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    SingX2 too good.

    I suspect DK will take this tournament but it really could be any of the 3 remaining teams.

    Alliance were disappointing. Bad co-ordination and Loda was plain terrible. Probably just a bad day for them which isn't helped with most of the games being played back to back.
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    My god.

    Please tell me you guys saw the Navi vs DK semi finals and the grand finals.

    Xboct on fucking crack.

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    I saw the second Vavi vs DK game and it was epic.
    I can't figure out how to use spoiler tags though, so I'll just say that DPS was through the roof in the end .

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