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    Now with 324% more stupid!

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    Link updated (i said i would maintain it, but please remember that I'm on holidays this week, so i have limited access to the Internet. No need to keep asking for an update, i understood the msg when quanta posted)
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    oh its just to make sure you didnt miss it, because there are two of them now.

    Also Im a mod so everything I do is golden.
    - Tom De Roeck.

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    "Quantacat's name is still recognised even if he watches on with detached eyes like Peter Molyneux over a cube in 3D space, staring at it with tears in his eyes, softly whispering... Someday they'll get it."

    "It's frankly embarrassing. The mods on here are woeful."

    "I wrinkled my nose at QC being a mod."

    "At least he has some personality."

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