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    UK Games Expo (Board Games): Birmingham, 30th May-1st June

    Apologies for cross posting from the board game thread, but this is happening at the end of this month. I'll be in B'ham visiting the lady, but she's kindly given me permission to go along for a day or so. I've never been to an expo before, so I'm pretty excited.

    Anyone else fancy it? It'd be fun to go along and play some games, and get overly aggressive about the minutiae of building netrunner decks.

    Website is here:

    I think it's about a tenner for the day, and easy to get to (right next to B'ham airport, which has its own train station). I live on the coast of Wales, so can't make it down for the London social clubs. Lets redress metrocentrism together :)

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    I'm definitely tempted because a guy down here who runs a Board Game Service(it can't be called a store cause he doesn't have a location and its just him) has offered to let us use his room and take us down if we help him on the stand. So fingers crossed i i can get permission from the girlfriend I might be down there and would love a few games of Netrunner!

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