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    Rock, Paper, Shaper (Dawngate)

    So, now that EA's hero brawler is in open beta, has anyone started playing it? I played in closed beta, and I quite liked what I saw. Haven't played in a while though, hence the thread for some company.

    You can download it from

    So far I've found the game's biggest advantage being the player community. Not nearly as hostile as other loldotalikes, because you get rewarded after each game (aka money/loot) and other players can give you a karma bonus, which results in better rewards. Still, buttfaces exist as in every one of these games, so friendly RPS players would be nice.

    You can find me in the game as Skyturnedred, surprisingly.

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    I looked at the trailer. If it is different, the trailer does a tremendously horrid job of communicating this.

    So what's the difference between Dawnguard and LoL or Dota? Genuinely curious, not trying to be snarky for once. :)
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    Okay, I'll try to explain a bit about the game and what makes it different.

    No mana. Most shapers (=heroes/champions/etc) are cooldown-based, so you can spam all you want. Some shapers have energy/rage mechanics though, but most don't. So you only need to worry about your health for the most part.

    Roles. Before the match begins, you need to pick a role for yourself. These are Gladiator, Tactician, Hunter and Predator. As you guessed, each has a specific role. Gladiators are last-hitters, and gain extra gold by doing just that. Tactician are support/harass, and gain extra gold when near dying minions and by hitting enemy shapers. Hunters are junglers and get lifesteal and other benefits to help with jungling. Predators are roamers that gain extra gold for killing enemy shapers.

    Having these roles means your team composition doesn't matter as much, as any shaper can fill any role, even though they might not be best suited for it. So if a team member insists on playing a specific shaper, they can do it, they can just choose a different role that fits the team. This is a big part of making solo queue more enjoyable.

    Perks are basically what runes are in League of Legends, but there's a nice Tetris-minigame involved.

    Spells are similar to summoner spells in LoL, but you gain them at lvl 1, 10 and 20 (iirc), three in total. You can also pay gold to swap them to a different one, which makes it easier to adapt to situations and there are a lot of spells to choose from.

    Spirit Wells are an extra source of gold on the sides of the map. When you control a spirit well, you gain extra gold/sec. It is possible to capture enemy wells for your team (there are four on the map) and also kill enemy minions mining gold to reduce their gold income.

    Wards. Everyone gets one. It's on a cooldown (3min) but there is no need to buy one. Great for increasing teamplay, since chat isn't filled with "BUY WARDS FFS" etc.

    Items have three tiers. You don't have to buy several items and combine them into a big one, but instead just upgrade the one you have. Though it may sound simple, there is a lot of room for customization. Health potions have their own slot, so they don't take up inventory space.


    There are only two lanes, but the jungle is huge and with spirit wells to capture/defend, there is plenty to do. It's not unviable to have two junglers if you so wish. Towers can spawn, so the losing team always has a chance for a comeback. At each base, there is a Guardian, which is basically a final boss. Instead of a passive castle or what have you, the Guardian has loads of different attacks and spells, and as TotalBiscuit said, the enemy base can sometimes feel like a bullet hell. You can destroy smaller structures around the Guardian to reduce his spell selection etc.

    On the middle of the map there is a big creature called Parasite, which is basically Nashor/Dragon/whathaveyou combined to one. Killing it gives you gold, buffs and it spawns big minions on your lanes. The later in the game you kill it, the more powerful the effects are, so there is a bit of strategy involved in when to kill it.

    After each match, you can give your teammates karma, which increases the rewards they get. It's a good way to encourage good behaviour, because being a dick reduces the amount of stuff you get. To my knowledge, the rewards can be pretty much anything. There are different tiers, you can possibly even unlock new shapers if you reach the highest tier, or so I've heard. Most commonly you get in-game currency and perks.

    The microtransaction system is similar to LoL, you can buy stuff with the in-game currency earned by playing, or buy their own fake currency to buy shapers and skins. You can't buy power. The game has a free shaper rotation, and currently it seems to be around 1/3 of all shapers, so there's a good amount of choice even if you don't have everything unlocked.

    At first glance, it may seem like a colourful LoL-alike, but the colours are actually pretty toned down, so the game looks really good instead of the clusterfuck-rainbow LoL does and the art style overall is pretty great. Apparently they put a lot of effort into the lore and there is or will be a comic based on it.

    Oh, and gold is called Vim. Don't ask, I don't know either.
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    Got into beta a while back but never got around to give it a try. I guess I should change that. Sounds interesting.
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    Just downloaded this game after TB's WTF and it looks OK so far. Played one game where I ran around like a headless chicken.

    Been looking for a change after 1.5k hours of Dota. If there's a group around I'd be happy to join and be shown the ropes.

    Edit: Played 20 games so far, liking Voluc and Faris so far. Pretty good game so far, although still learning all the items and abilities. Astronomical prices though (gonna take an age to unlock a hero).

    Shame you still cannot get away from the morons that blight dota and LoL.
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