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    Yesterday night I was browsing through some Rate Your Music lists and I've seen Less Then Jake here and there. Reminded me of myself about 10 years ago watching MTV2 to find anything interesting before the internet era and hell, I found the song which introduced me to ska influenced pop punk.

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    I knew that this thread was buried in here somewhere I just didn't expect it to be sixteen pages deep.

    Satanic Threat ply a Satanic take on Minor Threat songs which is what you'd expect from a bunch of guys who also play in Nunslaughter and Midnight. This is either a brilliant idea or I don't know what brilliance is anymore.

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    I wondered where this thread had been months ago... Well! I may not understand Italian but man, these dudes are good.
    Art blog here.

    Doodles poodles sheboodles

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    Thread necromancy because:

    "Men shall never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest." - Diderot

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