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    Sadly the cuts to Dark Omen came during a difficult time for the first publisher and then moved to another and that mgt philosophy of cutting out about 40% out of any game design is still with us today (for the worst).

    I would like to add that I think the modding community did some great work on Dawn of War series I (particularly Dark Crusade) - when I mentioned some of these mods to GW they were totally unaware of them. Theres an historical reluctance to go too full on with computer gaming due to the potential detraction to their own sales - hence GW computer games not sold in their own stores etc. I would think though that the combined modding community enthusiasm from both franchises should be something to embrace.

    Although I found the DoW series II games quite fun, they werent what I was expecting at all and lost the sense of epic.

    I think we all saw the trailer for Mark of Chaos and went 'wow' but that's where it ended.

    And I wont even mention Space Marine.

    GW / Warhammer is a tricky license to work with for sure which is why I mention that getting the relationship right there is essential. Certainly the Creative Assembly Warhammer game has every reason to be something amazing that fans of both franchises will love. So long as it's not knocked out quick and Sega dont let anyone 'do a Gearbox' on them again.

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    I want a warhammer game either like Dark Omen or like LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuantaCat View Post
    I want a warhammer game either like Dark Omen or like LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth 2.
    I did rather enjoy BFME2. I'd like a little more diplomacy than that - something I enjoy in warhammer is the alliance of circumstances that arise between enemies that'd otherwise loathe each other.

    (Perhaps that'd be something to base a diplomacy system around? Where the idea was to share as many negative opinions as possible about a third party, and alliances would be formed not because you like each other (which wouldn't be either possible or relevant), but because you hate a third party much more.)

    I'd also want a lot of personality and actual characters! Tabletop Warhammer (nearly wrote craft, there) might be all about the fights, but the prolific amount of fic associated with the franchise and the inherently OTT nature of it means you'd be missing a trick if you made it like a total war game and didn't have a nice amount of ridiculous wrestler-grade dialogue between angry muscledudes, The Haughtiest Elves, and orks.

    Lastly, I'd want them to play up the asymmetry of the conflict. Under no circumstances would I ever want to see Elves spamming armies and coming at me in a horde, simply because they've taken a large chunk of the map and can now bankroll numbers like the orks can field. They simply don't have them.

    And obviously even though the last paragraph was lastly, I'd clarify that this isn't exactly an exhaustive list. Just some thoughts that came to mind and amused me.

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    Creative Assembly should innovate with Warhammer game,thinking about it and if they made it like Total War game will lose allot of charm,they need to find good mix between that and something else. All i know is that i want big scare battles with at least 2000 people versus 2000!
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    Based on Rome II i wouldn't expect much of any Warhammer game CA/Sega make and you'd have to be mad to pre-order anything they make.

    Rome II is a complete mess that clearly wasn't even beta-tested and has the shoddiest quick-fixes and work arounds in it rather than proper design (e.g instant-warship-transports instead of campaign AI that uses naval invasions properly ; no walls on 3 out of 4 settlements and torches to burn gates to try to cover for total lack of programming of AI and pathfinding for rams, siege towers and ladders ; units incapable of fighting in formation in melee ; ridiculously overpowered agents etc).

    Rome II doesn't even have the basics Rome 1 had a decade ago never mind any serious improvements on it. That suggests the Warhammer computer game will probably be a shoddy, done on the cheap and in a rush, mess, too.

    There are some pretty good mods for Rome Total War and Medieval II for Warhammer.

    Knowing Games Workshop's record for taking litigiousness to petty extremes they'll likely send lawyers' letters to the mod makers though, so download the mods while you still can - they're far better than anything CA are likely to make under Sega's stewardship.
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    Wow, you made an account specifically to necro a thread just to post that? Great start mate.

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    Bah, I thought that there was some actual news. Shame on you Dunadd.

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