A recent Jrpg Title created by a newly formed group known as CanGameStudios. This isn't another rpg maker title, it is a Construct 2 game that use the brand new Html5 technology and is our starting point in the gaming industry.

Why make an rpg?
Were all huge fans of Jrpg's/Rpg's inCanGame and have played numerous titles over many platforms and areinspired by games like Final fantasy, Golden Sun, Phantasy Star andmany more!

But anyways, what makes this rpgunique?
Our current project has a battle systemthat consists of a "mercy system".

What is the Mercy System?
Unlike a generic RPG, the hero ofFrontier Fantasy has the option to either spare there enemies orsimply defeat them at the end of each boss fight and/or randombattle. Depending on the soul gauge (whether its aiming towards goodor evil), the npcs on the map will interact differently towards thecharacter. For example, if the hero has evil intentions then npcs inthe map will tend to avoid the character as you approach them. Crowdsin the overworld will also talk about you differently depending onthe soul gauge. The overall interaction will have changes in theoverworld.

You can find out more information aboutour project here as well as our kickstarter:

For now here's some screenshots of somegameplay: ***Art is still placeholder, we will be updating it to lookmore HD.

Here's a Video trailer:

How will my funds help to benefitthe project?

Your fundings will benefit the projectin various ways.

- To cover our utilities and expensesso that we may spend more of our time to focus on the game. Wereuniversity students so paying for rent has already become one of ourmonthly chores.

- To provide us in funding to hire moreprogrammers and artists so that we may improve and enhance the gamein a graphical and performance aspect.

- A motivation for us to improvegame-play, art, as well as input new mechanics into the game.

- A way for us to advertise the game sothat we may build a bigger community for something we all enjoyed tobuild and develop

-A possibility to release the gamebefore the October 2014 deadline

What if I cannot donate? Is thereany other ways I can help?

Yes there are always other ways to helpout the game.

- Advertise the game elsewhere. Whethera forum, webpage, youtube, or through other means, the amount of waysto spread the word can help our game grow as a community.

- Provide ideas and suggestions on ourforums or comment on our kickstarter

- Display your enthusiasm to us onwanting to see this done. Providing enthusiasm is a great way for usto work harder to release something as great as this rpg.

If you have any questions about the project you can ask me here or on any other site that I post. But yea, thanks for reading! Our group would really appreciate it if people could spread the word or even help us get noticed!