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    Poor shadow... Or brilliantly rendered Fantasy analogue.

    There we are ladies and gents, opinions.

    Quote Originally Posted by alset85 View Post
    I read the books and watched the show and the mod didn't do anything for me. There just wasn't enough content for a long form campaign.
    It is very much still a work in progress. Last I played there was no Essos, and a lot of things were just there to show the concept, without a lot of expansions etc. As more and more is done and added to it, I think the scope for longer campaigns will be there... Take a Targaryen Dynasty and unite Westeros OR Essos, that kind of thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypernetic View Post
    I just have an opinion different to your own. Circle jerking is good for no one, be glad somebody isn't afraid to disagree with women on the internet.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hypernetic View Post
    No, you are literally the cancer that is killing gaming.
    Quote Originally Posted by Serenegoose View Post
    Nobody's ever lost sleep over being called a cracker.

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    I like ASoIaF, but real feudal politics were far more intricate and subtle than Martin's, though perhaps involving fewer boobies and exciting murders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephro View Post
    Pretty sure it does remove them after a bit.

    Also the Game of Thrones Mod was just urgh. Must be a fan service thing.
    Nope. You can lose traits, but it's usually either totally random or part of a randomly spawned choice event. "Just" kings can run around murdering babies and imprisoning people because they have a funny name. You do incur tyranny of course, but still.

    The game tends to purge a trait if the game feels you have too many. Loosing "Brave" half way through a campaign on a character that's butchered his way across Europe is just stupid.
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