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    Kerbal Space Program Career Mode Competition

    A competition between us fellow science explorers.

    Simply put, without mods, cheats or ethics we take a limited budget and a principle amount of research. Save the game and distribute it so the early busywork is done with.

    Then we set a deadline, maybe a year or so of in game time and we present the fruits of our efforts. Maybe you set up a research station orbiting the moon or a huge Kerbin statue orbiting Minimus. Maybe you have deployed a network of unmanned probes orbiting the major stellar bodies. You can have as many runs at that one year as you like, and reload as you see fit.

    Winners will be peer reviewed on the basis of scientific recovery, frugality and awesomeness.
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    I want to add to all of this that even though it says "activate part through staging", you can deactivate, reactivate parts with right click, and sometimes a "run test" button appears. Which also completes the mission. Made a lot of things a lot easier if I didnt have to "save up parts" to activate at the right time.

    As for the competition, I think its fun and interesting, but I dont have time to participate!
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