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    Firstly back up you Skyrim install. Saves a tonne of time if you get yourself in a mess.

    Secondly start the game up before installing any mods and make a couple of vanilla saves. Generally you get the opportunity to do this in Helgen just before the Imperials start speaking to you and you hit the character creation screen. It's always useful to have a vanilla save to fall back to if you find you're getting CTDs when trying to load up a modded save file. Skyrim saves carry across mod data and when it's not there they get funky. Vanilla saves should always load because they're not missing anything. Often times it might be a case that cold load from start up will crash because of a missing script, but loading it from within a running game will work OK.

    Mods is one thing. Install order is another. It's important to make sure when installing mods that you do so in the right sequence, especially where they might conflict or overwrite each other.

    I highly recommend having a look at: -

    Skyrim tuner not only explains how to install his ENB, but he also outlines his install order, as well as things that you need to be aware of when it comes to patches.

    It's also a good idea to take the time to create an install sequence in Notepad. Here's one that I used recently following a re-install : -

    Install sequence

    Part 1:-

    0) launch vanilla game to generate initial files

    1) install Skse & setup logging

    2) install unofficial patches

    3) Install utilities

    Run Boss, run TES5 edit clean dirty edits

    Fire up base game see if launches OK with TES5 edits

    Make vanilla save

    Part 2: -

    install following: -

    1) Realvision recommended (be aware compatibility patches)

    2) Realvision essential

    3) ensure any relevant patching & .ini adjustments are done

    4) Install ENB files

    5) Double check everything

    6) Run Boss and cleaner etc

    7) Load up Vanilla save to check loading

    Part 3: -

    1) Install audio files

    2) install User interfaces

    3) install menu changes

    4) install companion order files (I use Ultimate follower overhaul)

    5) install environmental

    6) Install general visual & game play enhancements

    7) Install animals, creatures, mounts & horses

    8) Install weapon & armour textures

    Part 4: -

    1) install hair & face models (add HDT physics extensions to SKSE) (with textures review overwrites)

    2) Install beauty mods (NMB faces, EEO, BFB, BFBNS, CW2, DL, SD, etc overwrites)

    3) Install Beauty eyes (review overwrites)

    Part 5: -

    1) install Body mods (CBBE firstly - leave dirt untouched, Bodyslide options, skeleton, then texture mod)

    2) Create base body preset & generate relevant bodyslide groups

    3) Install animations

    4) Run FNIS (as admin)

    5) Load up clean save and check everything is working ok

    6) Copy any old character presets to relevant folder

    7) Load up and use Racemenu to see if presets have followed through

    Part 6: -

    1) Install companions - human

    2) Check that any fixes have worked

    Part 7: -

    1) Copy old saves to skyrim folder

    2) Load up & cross fingers

    3) If so make fresh save
    What I actually do with the Nexus mod manager is create folders for each part 'Part 1.3 Utilities (installed)' for instance and then place the appropriate mods in those, that way I can easily see what needs to be installed and where. The default categories are kind of crappy from an organisational perspective.

    If you're swapping in and out mods always ensure you make a save between uninstall/installs. So say for example you want to try out a new water mod: -

    1) Uninstall the old mod via NMM and follow any further instructions the mod maker may have stated with regard to uninstallation.

    2) Run BOSS

    3) Load up game. If you get a CTD the try firing up a vanilla save and then loading the last save.

    4) Make a new save.

    5) Exit and reload and check that the game loads up OK.

    6) Install new mod, and follow any instructions the mod author has.

    7) Run BOSS, check for edits. Use Tes5edit if required (Gopher does a pretty simple tes5edit tutorial)

    8) Load up last save.

    9) If the mod installs correctly then make a further save. That way you've always got the previous one as a buffer.

    Might sound a little tedious, but its not a tedious as doing a complete re-install because some mod broke you're saved game and you've no point of recovery.

    With things like animations/idles etc you need to run FNIS anytime you change them, otherwise the animations won't play in game.

    If you have got the HD space, once you've got a basic install you're happy with it's not necessarily a bad idea to make a copy (similar to saving off the vanilla folder) that way you can always just replace a later copy, and it saves you having to go through the whole install sequence again.
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    Avoid the Requiem mod at all cost. It gets a lot of things right. At times it lends the game much needed atmosphere. It dramatically improves the Perk system. This goes doubly for Mages, who can learn multiple spells at once just from choosing new perks. And the new spells are far more interesting than vanilla ones to boot, especially since dual casting them often lends the spells completely new effects and not just more power. What Requiem does right, it really nails.

    Unfortunately, where it goes wrong, is balance.

    The world is unleveled. Meaning your level has NOTHING to do with what spawns where. Done right, I can live with this. But if you're going to unlevel the world right from the get-go, the player must have a fair chance at defeating enemies right from the get go. Requiem does not do this. In fact, all Requiem does is punish you.

    In the beginning, there isn't anything out there that needs more than two hits to kill you. Archers need only one. And Bandits spawn in HORDES now. Ten, twenty at a time. Making them a suicide run. Sabre Cats and Bears prowl from the very beginning - as do Trolls. These last constantly refill their health, unless you hit them with fire, at which time the 60pts/second regen finally stops for a seconds. Essentially, trolls mean you MUST use a mage character; your choice in the matter is, essentially, removed.

    Requiem isn't a "old school role playing mod" as it claims. Its a desperate attempt to make Dark Souls look fair, balanced and fun by comparison. Now, if only Skyrim had HALF the combat engine Dark Souls had, and could handle group combat AT ALL (more less well) Requiem MIGHT have a fighting chance at being a good mod.

    Unfortunately, this is Skyrim, where group combat is clumsy and awkward at best and plagued by bug-ridden collision and cramped corridors constantly. Avoid Requiem.

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    Yeah generally I'm personally wary of 'game play' adjustment mods like requiem. It's certainly fair to say that the combat in Skyrim isn't super odious once you reach a certain point and especially if you're someone like me who has a few companions/loot mules in tow, but combat is only really one aspect of the game. I'm all about the exploring, discovering new things/locations and resolving endless quests myself. Sure I enjoy the fighting to a degree, but it's a side dish Vs the other stuff.

    Nexus is down at present but typical mods I have installed on top of graphics & beauty/body mods are: -

    Better Dynamic Snow
    A Matter Of Time
    Auto Unequip Ammo
    Auto Unequip Helmet
    Birds of skyrim
    Chesko Wearable Lantern
    Dead Body Collision
    Enhanced Wetness and Puddles
    Fast TravelSpeed
    Wet and Cold
    Compass Marker Range
    Customizable Camera
    Cloaks of Skyrim
    Lightweight Potions and Poisons
    Better sorting
    Weightless Ingredients
    Weightless Soulgems and Fragments
    Head tracking
    Show RaceMenu Alternative
    Show race menu pre-cache killer (essential if you use lots of hair types)
    Auto Unequip Shield
    Crimson Tide - Blood
    No Spinning Death Animation
    UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul
    Ask Follower Skills
    move it
    Enhanced Character Edit
    Extended Slider Colors
    get Snowy
    Player Home Map Markers
    UFO tweak
    Warburg's 3D Paper World Map (need to ensure it's at the bottom of the load order)

    Armour & weapon textures - Amidian book of silence and anything else done by Cabal is pretty much essential.
    Improved NPC Clothing - High Res
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    As long as we're talking bad mods, I felt roughly the same way about Deadly Combat. It makes combat super-lethal in a game that throws mobs of enemies at you and gives you absolutely no tools for dodging incoming damage. I wanted to like it but it just turned everything into save scumming and abusing bows to the point where it somehow was even less fun than vanilla Skyrim combat.

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