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    Sorry to deviate from the PC for a second, but you can call me Chromehounds.

    EDIT: Whoops I didn't realize I was on page 7 when I decided to reply to this.
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    I would name myself after Flight Unlimited 2. Abbreviated of course.

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    I guess you'ld have to call my Xcom.. but Xcom would be taken, so I guess I could manage Skyranger?
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    SWAT 4, probably. Perfect middle ground between all-action (Rainbow Six Vegas) and way too fussy (Rainbow Six). Tense as fuck. Excellent, immersive combat. Lots of options. Replay value. Mission maker. Pepper spraying anyone who gives you any nonsense. An excellent, intuitive, and non-intrusive tactical command interface (Arma 3 please take note).

    I don't really have a favourite game, but that's the first game that comes to mind when I think of "how to do it properly".

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    I haven't finished reading the previous 5 pages, but I'm guessing nobody picked Hyperspace Delivery Boy!, which would make a great name.

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