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    [Private Server] Sanct45

    I'd like to start off by saying this isn't a game I developed. This is a private server based off of Shaiya. With that said, I would like to tell you more about us.

    First, here's our website:

    On the site you will find our Terms of Service, Droplist, Download location and more.

    Now about us.

    We have another private server, of the same game but of a higher episode that has been running successfully for over 2 years. Our servers are stable and as the admin for our new 4.5 server, I promise that I care about our community and the server itself.

    I took the time to read Tikey's post on how to promote a game and I really appreciate the help, sadly that won't make me any better at it. One thing I definitely don't do is copy and paste things. I'm about as real as a person can get.

    What makes our server better than any other? Well, I already stated that the server itself is stable, it is also protected. I also already stated that I'm the admin and in being so I can guarantee that I do care. No one would know better than myself.

    The current staff we have consist of myself, [Admin]Hekate and our Owner/Developer [Dev]Bothar.

    The game itself. If you're familiar with Shaiya, then you know how the game play works and all you will want to know is:
    -50x Experience Rate
    -Max Level 60
    -Max lapis is lv6 for normal lapis
    -Eles/flash/sonic/horizon lapis are all lv1
    -No Nos
    -No Enchants
    -No Debuff Lapis
    -No pay to win!

    If you're not familiar with the game. Let me do my best to describe it to you.

    There are two factions. You have the Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury. Each faction has two different races. AoL has Humans and Elves. UoF has Nordeins and Vails. Each faction has six different classes you can choose from(3 of each race).

    Here I'll supply a link that will show the different classes/races and describe each. I would attempt to do it myself, but I highly doubt I could do better than what they did on the original.

    I will say that with each faction having 6 classes, the opposite faction has an equal and opposite class for each. For Example: Hunter is a ranged class for UoF, the rival AoL class is the Archer. They have similar skills and stats.

    To get started, you will need to register an account on our website and download the game. Once that's done and you sign-in to the game you will be asked to choose a faction. Given to you are the two choices of Alliance of Light and Union of Fury. They also provide you with a description, or a 'cause' for each faction. Once you select that, you are able to create a character by choosing the race, class, and gender you would like. You may also change some visual options about the character. Such as its height, face, and hair. You also need to select Hard Mode. In Hard Mode you level faster but don't earn as many stat points as you would in Ultimate mode. Ultimate mode unlocks once your Hard Mode has reach level 30.

    I mentioned above that experience is 50x. This means it's 50 times faster than the Original shaiya (OS). On OS you spend numerous months grinding to max level. You won't need to waste so much time here. On the list above all of the 'No(s)' I provided are things that make it easier for only SOME people to compete. This is why we removed them. We are providing a fair playing ground where everyone has the same chance to become 'uber'.

    I will create a youtube video and add it here later showing you what I'm talking about and giving a little more information about our server and the game itself.

    We're not the only private server out there, not at all. However, between the owner and myself we have 14+ years experience of the game. We have a wonderful community that helps one another and we absolutely DO care.

    If you guys are familiar with Shaiya and enjoy the game, I ask you to please give us a try. If you're not familiar with shaiya and looking for a new game, by all means, step into our world and enjoy yourself!
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    I honestly expected questions or something...It really is an awesome game, most people you find that play it, play it for YEARS and not months like most. I'm more than happy to answer anything you want to ask, that's game related. I'm sorry I haven't gotten the youtube video made yet, I've been busy with other things. I will get one up though!

    Give us a try!

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