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    Zems - A Tactical Online Card Game

    Hi RPS!

    I’m developing a turn-based online card game called Zems. It’s a unique CCG where you summon cards into a tactical arena where you can move and position them to take out your opponent’s hero unit. We even have a full weather control system that changes the battlefield!

    Zems is currently in development for PC, we’re trying to get as much feedback on the game before we launch our Kickstarter in October. :-)

    Here are some special features of the game:

    • Tactical combat on a dynamic environment
    • Immersive weather system that players can control
    • Collect over 200 cards beautifully illustrated by award-winning artists
    • Compete in ranked and unranked multiplayer modes

    I'm also excited to show you some of the hard work our amazing art team has created for Zems!
    Here are a few of my favorites:

    A mermaid gathering Zems - mythical orbs of power.

    The Irulian Legion, inspired by Ancient Rome, marching to war.

    Magic, howls, and hunting on the night of the full moon.

    We have a Zems Facebook group where I talk with our community about the game and its development. Our team listens to everyone’s suggestions about how to make Zems the best game it can be. If you want to join and help shape the future of Zems, you can join the group here:

    We’re also releasing an alpha in October, so if you want to get your hands on the game early, you can sign up at:

    Thanks everyone! Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield! :-)
    Yang Pulse - Producer

    Twitter (@zemsgame):
    Facebook Page:
    Facebook Group Page:

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    Yesterday, I did a few game trials with a member of our team. Here is a video recording of it, featuring gameplay and developer commentary.

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