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    Skyhill, Roguelike-Survival game from The Mandragora team

    Hi all, guys. I wanna introduce our new game for you, we even make teaser.

    This is "Skyhill", roguelike dungeon crawler for IOS,Android, Win, Mac, Linux. Developed with Unity3D, TBD right now.

    ...Three months have passed since the end of World War III. Three months from the end of the world. One of the survivors(there are several of them, each with unique stats and passive), who hide from the scourge of biological weapons in the penthouse in most expensive hotel of the city finds its way down to salvation. He must search for food and water to survive; find and upgrade better weapons to fight mad mutants.

    Soon we plan to release our first demo here, after we finish combat system.

    Thanks and feel free to ask any questions.

    our website:

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    This looks cool. I want to try this one out.

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    Seems to be interest
    Gonna try

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    Hi! So, guys, we have some news. Our team was joined by Michael Balin – new animator and character artist.

    Just look yourself on those consept’s. We show you some of this guy sketches.

    some heroes:


    and enemies:

    Little more:

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    seanlennos, Biggamer28
    Follow us. Later we will open closed alpha testing, and we need for your help, guys!

    And some interview from us:

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    Hey guys! How have you been? =)
    While we’re working on «Skyhill», we’d like to introduce you our new team member.
    Anna Imaykina is our composer and audio engineer. We’ve decided to trust her all the Skyhill sounds to make the game atmosphere as holistic as possible. Here are 3 «Skyhill OST» tracks:

    P.S. Also, we’d like to thank DenDirty for the compositions which we use in our previous game «Knitted Deer». He’s busy with his solo career at the moment so he recommended Anna to us. And now we recommend her to you!

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    Hey. We’re back in touch. This is the first enemy, that you will face in the hotel.

    Each enemy will have several skins in different clothes of officers and guests of the hotel:

    And here is the animation set:

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