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    Definitely up for another.

    What are the stakes (for betting)

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    greetings fellow sapients!!

    been a fun game and my first dark one which has made it feel very different. I'm in for another :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevinSmoth View Post
    Why would you say Emp to win?
    Seems in a good position, not fought any wars against equal opponents - just that poor buttercup guy :-)

    Betting - Hmm don't know what we can bet for, 'cept honour. Perhaps some in game tech?

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    I'm up for another, even if you are all bastards.

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    I'm just frusterated because the middle of this game fell in a really inopportune moment of a new job for me... so I've been super distracted. Hard to do very well when you're teaching/prepping for 8-10 hours a day. I think I may be doing this teaching thing wrong.

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    We're not all bastards spacein_vader. Wiping you out was out of necessity rather than pleasure.

    I've had some good chat and intrigue slung my way, definitely been fun.

    My money is on Glokta to win, his sexy blue lips and pink uniforms just have the air of a champion for me. Nothing to do with all that money

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