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    Quote Originally Posted by fish food carl View Post
    Yeah! I need to guarantee that I'm not in last place by the end. I'll leave that honour to Brozantium (now known as LASTzantium) if possible. Korean-Greek cuisine must not be allowed to survive to the age of trendy exotic restaurants, for the good of all mankind.
    Bring back kebab?
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    Not a fan of the scoring system in this game, but meh. Achieved what I wanted.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ayam
    Everything is a thing.

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    Also, another reason I'm happy to get back ;

    "Neighbour bonus is now +5% per level, and can now reach up to 75% off, to let late westernisers have a chance to catch up."

    HNNG. My body is ready. It doesn't make a massive difference by now, but I'm about to get some massive discounts on tech. Mil tech in particular is about to go ~40% cheaper.

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    And it totally makes sense, trade across borders, movement of people and ideas. Unless you make a particular effort to be insular, a la Japan, it seems unlikely that you could ever fall too far behind your neighbours.

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