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    Free PC gamer codes! get 'em while they're hot!

    So I recently found a bunch of PCG magazines with codes I haven't used, so I'm giving them away for free. Listed below are all of the free stuff you can get:

    Zeus in smite as well as an alternate outfit for him
    Company of heroes 2: case blue DLC (requires company of heroes 2)
    2 warframe starter kits (includes the braton rifle, 3-day affinity booster and a 3-day credit booster.)
    War thunder: ground forces light recon tank SdKfz 140/1

    That's all for now. You may be asking how you can gain access to these wonderful codes. It's simple, just add me on steam (link below) and specify which game you want. To keep things fair each person is allowed 2 or less games. if demand for some drops this rule will be relaxed and I will make a second post saying so. I will give detailed instructions on how to redeem them if necessary.
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    That's very kind of you. Personally I am not interested in those games, but it's always nice to see people thinking of their fellow gamer-humans. By the way, in case you weren't aware, we have a whole thread for these kinds of give aways, located here.
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