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    Chronology of The Games Of 2015

    Here are RPS's games of 2015 in chronological order of their release date.
    (green color means released)

    Currently on Early Access
    7 Days To Die (FPS Survival)
    After Reset (RPG)
    Armello (TBS)
    Assault Android Cactus (Twin-Stick Shooter)
    Battle Brothers (TBS)
    Blitzkrieg 3 (RTS)
    Boid (RTS)
    Broforce (Platformer)
    Call To Arms (RTS)
    Catacomb Kids (Platformer, Roguelike)
    Chaos Reborn (TBS)
    Clandestine (Stealth Shooter)
    Clockwork Empires (RTS)
    Curious Expedition (Survival, Roguelike)
    Darkest Dungeon (Roguelike, RPG)
    Darkwood (Survival)
    Delver (First-Person, Roguelike)
    DieselSt÷rmers (Platformer)
    Distance (Racing)
    Dovetail Games Fishing
    Dragon: The Game (Simulation)
    Dreamfall Chapters (Adventure)
    Dungeon Dashers (TBS, RPG)
    Edge of Space (Platformer, Survival)
    Eternal Winter (Survival)
    Fallen: A2P Protocol (TBS)
    Folk Tale (RTS, RPG)
    Forge Quest (RPG)
    Fractured Space (Space Shooter)
    FranknJohn (Platformer, Roguelike, Action)
    Gang Beasts (Fighting)
    Grim Dawn (ARPG)
    H-Hour: World’s Elite (Shooter)
    Habitat (RTS)
    Interstellar Marines (FPS)
    Kentucky Route Zero (Adventure)
    Killing Floor 2 (FPS)
    Kingdoms Rise (Action)
    Landmark / EverQuest Next (MMO)
    Legends of Eisenwald (TBS, RPG)
    Life Is Feudal (Survival)
    Maia (Simulation, Management)
    Mini Metro (Simulation, Management)
    Mordheim: City of the Damned (TBS)
    Move Or Die (Platformer, Online)
    MX vs ATV Supercross Encore Edition (Racing)
    Next Car Game: Wreckfest

    Nuclear Throne (ARPG)
    Overgrowth (Fighting)
    Phantasmal (Survival)
    Plague Inc: Evolved (RTS)
    Prison Architect (Simulation)
    Project Zomboid (Survival, RPG)
    Reflex (FPS)
    Road Redemption (Racing)
    Rust (Survival)
    Salt (Survival Game, First-Person)
    Shroud Of The Avatar: Forsaken Virtues (RPG, MMO)
    SNOW (Simulation, Sports)
    Starbound (Survival, RPG)
    Stranded Deep (Survival)
    Sub Rosa (Online FPS)
    Subnautica (Survival, First-Person)
    Take On Mars (Simulation, Exploration)
    The Dead Linger (Survival)
    The Forest
    The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight (Platformer)
    The Long Dark
    The Magic Circle (Exploration, First-Person, Adventure)
    The Masterplan (RTS)
    Toxikk (FPS)
    Unreal Tournament (FPS)
    World of Diving (MMO, First-Person)
    Warlocks vs Shadows (Platformer)
    Xenoraptor (Shooter)

    08/01 - Sword Of Asumi (Visual Novel)
    09/01 - Mechs & Mercs – Black Talons (RTS)
    15/01 - Tengami (Adventure) WIT
    19/01 - Resident Evil REmake HD (Survival Game, Horror)
    20/01 - Blackguards 2 (TBS) Opinion
    20/01 - Citizens of Earth (JRPG)
    20/01 - Karmaflow (Adventure, Music)
    20/01 - Void Destroyer (Space RTS)
    22/01 - Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell (Action) WIT
    23/01 - Grey Goo (RTS)
    26/01 - Gravity Ghost (Exploration) WIT
    27/01 - Dying Light (Shooter, Survival Game) WIT
    27/01 - Grim Fandango Remastered (Adventure) WIT
    29/01 - Life Is Strange (Adventure) WIT ep1, ep2

    03/02 - Apotheon (Platformer) WIT
    04/02 - Deathtrap (Tower Defense)
    06/02 - Sunless Sea (Survival) WIT
    06/02 - TerraTech (Shooter, Racing, Creative)
    09/02 - Samudai (Fighting)
    10/02 - Evolve (Online FPS) WIT 1, 2 and 3
    12/02 - Barbarian Brawl (MP Action Brawler)
    12/02 - The Legend of Candlewind : Nights & Candles (RPG) WIT
    13/02 - Reload (Weapon Simulation)
    13/02 - The Escapists (RTS, Simulation)
    17/02 - Total War: Attila (Strategy)
    19/02 - Frozen Cortex (Sports) WIT
    19/02 - The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 (Adventure)
    20/02 - Hot Tin Roof (Platformer)
    24/02 - There Came An Echo (RTS)
    25/02 - A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build (Puzzle)
    25/02 - Resident Evil Revelations 2 (3rd Person Shooter)
    26/02 - Dragon Ball Xenoverse (Fighting)
    26/02 - Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (ARPG)
    27/02 - Blackhole (Platformer)

    03/03 - White Night (Adventure, Horror) WIT
    06/03 - Battle Of Empires: 1914-1918 (RTS)
    09/03 - Shelter 2 (Adventure) WIT
    10/03 - Assassin’s Creed Rogue (Action)
    10/03 - Cities: Skylines (Management) WIT and verdict
    10/03 - Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Shooter) WIT and verdict
    11/03 - Ori And The Blind Forest (Platformer) WIT
    17/03 - Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries (Platformer)
    19/03 - Worlds of Magic (4X)
    20/03 - Battlefield Hardline (Shooter) WIT
    25/03 - Dyscourse (Survival)
    25/03 - Sky Battles (Simulation, Arcade)
    26/03 - Ironcast (Puzzle)
    26/03 - Pillars of Eternity (RPG) WIT and thoughts
    31/03 - Paperbound (Fighting)

    01/04 - Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (Action RPG) kind of WIT
    02/04 - War For The Overworld (RTS)
    07/04 - Stealth Inc 2: A Game Of Clones (Stealth Platformer)
    10/04 - Dead Synchronicity (Adventure) WIT
    14/04 - Grand Theft Auto V (Shooter, Action-Adventure) WIT and verdict
    14/04 - Mortal Kombat X (Fighting)
    14/04 - Titan Souls (Action RPG) WIT
    16/04 - Westerado: Double Barreled (ARPG) WIT
    22/04 - Parcel (Puzzle)
    23/04 - Crypt Of The Necrodancer (RPG, Music, Roguelike)
    23/04 - Uncanny Valley (Survival Horror)
    24/04 - Dungeons 2 (Management) WIT
    27/04 - Kerbal Space Program (Simulation, Management, Creative) WIT
    28/04 - Broken Age Act II (Adventure) WIT and WIT
    28/04 - Verdun (FPS)
    28/04 - Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim (ARPG)
    30/04 - Block N Load (Online FPS)
    30/04 - Guns, Gore & Cannoli (Platformer)
    30/04 - Solarix (FPS)

    01/05 - Reverse Side (Space)
    06/05 - Project CARS (Driving/Racing)
    07/05 - Dex (2D side-scrolling Cyberpunk RPG)
    12/05 - Invisible Inc. (TBS) WIT and verdict
    12/05 - Toren (Puzzle, Adventure)
    14/05 - Axiom Verge (Metroidvania)
    14/05 - Galactic Civilizations 3 (Space 4X) WIT
    15/05 - Adventures Of Pip (Platformer, Early Access) Impressions
    19/05 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (RPG)
    20/05 - NEON STRUCT (Stealth) WIT
    21/05 -
    Carmageddon: Reincarnation (Racing)
    21/05 - Interloper (RTS)
    21/05 - Sunset (Exploration) WIT
    26/05 - Audiosurf 2 (Racing, Music)
    27/05 - Catlateral Damage (Simulation)
    27/05 - Ronin (2D Stealth)

    01/06 - Massive Chalice (TBS, RPG) WIT
    09/06 - Kholat (Exploration, Horror)
    23/06 - Batman: Arkham Knight (Action)
    23/06 - Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward (MMO)
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    09/07 - F1 2015 (Racing)
    28/07 - Kyn (RPG)
    ??/07 - Desolate (Adventure)
    ??/07 - Moon Hunters (ARPG)
    ??/07 - Paradigm (Adventure)
    ??/07 - The Flame In The Flood (Survival, Exploration)

    10/08 - American Truck Simulator (Simulation)
    18/08 - Armikrog (Adventure)
    25/08 - Crookz (RTS)
    28/08 - Satellite Reign (RTS)
    ??/08 - Hive Jump (Shooter, Platformer, Action)
    ??/08 - Survive The Nights (Survival, Early Access)
    ??/08 - Theme Parkitect (Simulation, Management)

    01/09 - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Stealth, Action)
    04/09 - Mad Max (Driving/Racing)
    15/09 - Mighty No. 9 (Platformer)
    ??/09 - The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonša and Pizzaboy (Adventure)
    ??/09 - To Azimuth (Adventure)

    13/10 - Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege (FPS)
    ??/10 - CLANNAD (Visual Novel)
    ??/10 - Inner Space (Exploration)
    ??/10 - Obduction (Adventure)
    ??/10 - Prodigy (RPG)
    ??/10 - That Dragon, Cancer (Exploration)


    31/12 - Relativity (Exploration)
    ??/12 - Just Cause 3 (Action)
    ??/12 - Superhot (FPS)

    Q2 TBA:
    Anna’s Quest (Adventure)
    BattleCry (TPS)
    Dragon Fin Soup (Roguelike, ARPG)
    Earthlock: Festival Of Magic (JRPG)
    Empyrion – Galactic Survival (Survival, Early Access, Space)
    Fortified (Shooter, Third Person)
    Hearts Of Iron IV (TBS)
    Kaiju Panic (Early Access, Tower Defense)
    Radio The Universe (Platformer, RPG)
    Slain (Platformer)
    Subaeria (Puzzle, Platformer, Roguelike)
    Tetrapulse (Action)
    The Devil’s Men (Adventure)
    (Moved from Q1 TBA):
    A FistfFull Of Gun (Action)
    A Rite From The Stars (Adventure)
    A.N.N.E. (Metroidvania)
    Aegis Defenders (Platformer, Tower Defense)
    Aztez (TBS, Fighting)
    Bombshell (ARPG)
    Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge (JRPG)
    Chronicle: RuneScape Legends (Card Game)
    Cogmind (Early Access, Roguelike)
    Creepy Castle (RPG, Side-Scrolling)
    Deadhold (RTS)
    Dropsy (Adventure)
    Due Process (FPS, RTS)
    Duet (Puzzle)
    Edge of Eternity (JRPG)
    else Heart.Break() (Adventure)
    Elysian Shadows (RPG)
    Galactic Princess (4X)
    Grave (Survival, Horror) http://tristanparrishmoore.carbonmad...ojects/4900456
    Heroes of the Storm (MOBA, Early Access)
    I Can’t Escape: Darkness (Early Access, Horror, Adventure)
    Interstellaria (Platformer, Simulation, Management, Space, RPG)
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Early Access, RPG)
    La-Mulana 2 (Platformer)
    Legend of Iya (Platformer)
    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (JRPG)
    Limit Theory (Space Sim)
    Loading Human (Exploration)
    Master Spy (Platformer, Stealth)
    Myriad (Shooter)
    No Pineapple Left Behind (Management)
    Octopus City Blues (Adventure)
    Oh My Gore! (RTS, Tower Defense)
    Planet Centauri (Survival Game)
    Please Knock On My Door (Adventure)
    Project Phoenix (JRPG)
    Quadrilateral Cowboy (Puzzle)
    Silence: The Whispered World II (Adventure)
    Space Pirates And Zombies 2 (Survival, Space)
    Stars Beyond Reach (4X)
    Stasis (Early Access, Horror, Adventure)
    Submerged (Survival)
    Super Roman Conquest (Side-Scrolling, Strategy)
    Tangiers (Stealth)
    The Girl And The Robot (RPG)
    Thumper (Racing)
    Toy Soldiers: War Chest (Tower Defense)
    Triad Wars (Online Action-Adventure)
    Twilight Struggle (TBS)
    Witchmarsh (RPG)

    Q3 TBA:
    Ancestory (Card Game)
    Between Me And The Night (Exploration, Puzzle)
    Big Pharma (Management)
    Caffeine (Survival Game, First-Person, Horror)
    CDF Ghostship (Shooter, First-Person, Early Access, Horror)
    Exception (Platformer)
    FIFA 16 (Sports)
    King’s Quest (Adventure)
    Mushroom 11 (Puzzle)
    Narcosis (Survival Game, First-Person, Horror, VR)
    Overwatch (Shooter, First-Person, Online)
    Paradise Lost: First Contact (Platformer, Puzzle)
    Rain World (Platformer)
    RollerCoaster Tycoon: World (Management)
    Soft Body (Action, Puzzle)
    That Which Sleeps (TBS)

    Q4 TBA:
    Classroom Aquatic (Simulation, First-Person, VR)
    Football Manager 2016 (Sports)
    Ghost Song (Platformer, Metroidvania)
    InSomnia (RPG)
    K˘na (Survival)
    Might & Magic Heroes VII (TBS)
    Star Wars: Battlefront (Online FPS)
    Table Top Racing: World Tour (Racing)
    Tech Executive Tycoon (RTS, Management)
    Torment: Tides of Numenera (RPG)
    Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade (MMO)
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    TBA 2015
    1979 Revolution (Adventure)
    A Hat In Time (Platformer, Early Access)
    Antihero (TBS)
    Avenging Angel (FPS)
    Barkley 2 (Shooter, RPG)
    Basingstoke (Stealth, Roguelike)
    Battle Cry Of Freedom (FPS, Simulation, Online)
    Battleborn (FPS MOBA)
    Before (Survival, Early Access)
    Beyond Eyes (Exploration)
    Beyond: Flesh And Blood (FPS, Early Access)
    Biome (Exploration)
    Blazefall Binalblades (Platformer)
    Bombernauts (Action)
    Burly Men At Sea (Adventure)
    Catequesis (Adventure, Horror)
    Chasm (Platformer, RPG)
    Children of Morta (Roguelike, Action)
    Citybound (Simulation, Management, Early Access)
    Cloudface (Platformer)
    Containment Protocol (Action, Puzzle)
    Cross of the Dutchman (Action)
    Dark Train (Exploration, Puzzle)
    Death In Candlewood (FPS, Horror)
    Desync (FPS)
    Deuce (Sports)
    DinoSystem (Survival)
    Dog Park (Simulation)
    Draugen (Survival, Horror)
    Dreadnought (Shooter, Simulation, Flight)
    Drift Stage (Racing)
    Eitr (ARPG)
    Enemy Starfighter (Space Sim)
    EVE: Valkyrie (Space Sim)
    Extreme Exorcism (Platformer)
    Factorio (RTS)
    FAR Colony (RTS)
    Firewatch (Survival)
    Flagship (RTS, Space)
    FORCED 2: The Rush (ARPG, Card Game)
    Fortnite (TPS)
    Future Perfect (Creative)
    Galak-Z (Shooter, Action, Space)
    Get Even (First-Person, VR)
    Ghost Of A Tale (Third Person, Action)
    Grand Ages: Medieval (RTS)
    Hac (Exploration, Driving/Racing)
    Heart Forth, Alicia (Metroidvania, RPG)
    Heat Signature (Roguelike, Space, RPG)
    Hex: Shards of Fate (Card Game)
    Hidden Asset (Stealth, Action)
    Hiveswap (Adventure)
    Hollowpoint (Shooter, Side-Scrolling)
    Homefront: The Revolution (FPS)
    How To Be A Tree (Platformer, Puzzle)
    Hunt: Horrors Of The Gilded Age (Online TPS)
    Hyper Light Drifter (Action)
    Infinitesimals (Platformer)
    Intruder (FPS, Early Access)
    Irkalla (Shooter, Metroidvania)
    Kingdom Under Fire II (RTS, MMO, ARPG)
    Liege (RPG)
    Lost Ark (ARPG)
    Lost Sea (ARPG)
    Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime (Action)
    Memory Of A Broken Dimension (Exploration, First-Person)
    Miegakure (Platformer, Puzzle)
    Minecraft: Story Mode (Adventure)
    Moonman (Platformer)
    Murder (Adventure)
    Nantucket (RTS)
    Negspace (Shooter)
    Night In The Woods (Platformer, Adventure)
    No Man’s Sky (Survival, Space)
    Office Management 101 (Simulation, Management)
    Omnia Mecum Porto (Puzzle)
    Otherland (MMO)
    Owlboy (Platformer)
    Party Animals (Simulation)
    Path To The Sky (Platformer, Roguelike)
    Project Maiden (Platformer, RPG)
    Proven Lands (Survival, Early Access)
    Prune (Puzzle)
    Ray’s The Dead (Action, Puzzle)
    Rebel Galaxy
    (Space, RPG)
    Red:Out (Driving/Racing)
    Return Of The Obra Dinn (First-Person, Adventure)
    RIOT (RTS, Simulation)
    River City Ransom: Underground (Fighting, Side-Scrolling)
    Routine (Exploration, First-Person, Horror)
    Salvaged (RTS)
    SCALE (First-Person, Puzzle)
    Seasons After Fall (Exploration)
    Shadow Realms (Online, ARPG)
    Shallow Space (Space RTS, Early Access)
    Sheltered (Survival)
    Shiness (JRPG)
    SOMA (Survival, Horror)
    Somewhere (Exploration, First-Person, Stealth)
    SPACE DEATH (Simulation)
    Space Hulk: Deathwing (FPS)
    SpellForce 3 (RTS, RPG)
    Spy Party (Shooter, Early Access, Stealth)
    StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void (RTS)
    Stikbold! (Sports)
    Stonehearth (RTS, Management, Early Access, Creative)
    SUPER III (Platformer)
    Super Meat Boy Forever (Platformer)
    Syberia III (Adventure)
    The Book Of Dwarf (Simulation, Management)
    The Flock (Online, First-Person, Horror)
    The Mandate (Space 4X)
    The Stomping Land (Survival, Early Access)
    The Witness (Exploration)
    Tim Cosmonaut (Platformer, Puzzle, Shooter)
    Tiny Wizard (Roguelike)
    Tumblestone (Online, Puzzle)
    Twelve Minutes (Adventure)
    Ultima Ratio Regum (Early Access, 4X, Roguelike)
    Unending Galaxy (Space 4X, RPG)
    Universum: War Front (Shooter, RTS, MOBA, Early Access)
    Vane (Exploration)
    Virginia (Exploration, First-Person)
    Volume (Stealth, Action)
    Wayward Tide (ARPG)
    Westport Independent (Management)
    Wings of Saint Nazaire (Simulation, Space)
    World of Warships (Online MMO)
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuantaCat View Post
    Also, I think Star Citizen in some form or other is supposedly releasing in 2015. The singleplayer one, perhaps? (Squadron 42)
    IIRC, bits and pieces of S42 are getting released in 2015, however a release date has not been set in stone. I think the FPS module is also coming out in Q1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuantaCat View Post
    I think this deserves a sticky.
    Thank you QuantaCat! I have the last 2 pages of the RPS article to do, but I have to run atm and will finish the whole thing up later tonight. Is it possible to move reply number 3 at position number 2 in this thread, for the sake of continuity? I cannot fit everything in one post, too long. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDreamlord View Post
    Bare with me!
    Are we going skinny-dipping? Is this list gonna become NSFW? ;_;

    (I'm sorry, I'm trying not to annoy other people with my grammar-nazi remarks anymore, but... yeah...)

    Thank you for the post and for your hard work nonetheless!
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    I deleted Lukasz post, just for continuity. hope thats ok.
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    01/01 - Nuclear Throne (Early Access, Action RPG)
    I'm struggling to find any indication Nuclear Throne's being released (that is, coming out of Early Access) today.

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    If this is becoming a games to look forward to on pc in 2015 and not just what rps mentioned you should add

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    Quote Originally Posted by KR_Remix View Post
    If this is becoming a games to look forward to on pc in 2015 and not just what rps mentioned you should add
    Yeah. Hopefully there's a lot more.

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    Strangely this list has games like Beyond Good and Evil 2, and games that have release dates announced for 2016.

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    Well, there's Mighty Tactical Shooter probably coming to your PC on Steam sometime in the next 4 months or so.

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    Ok, I'm done.... If I knew it would have taken me five hours, I doubt I would have started this!

    I will try to update the list every few weeks. I understand some of the games will not be released in 2015, where there is confirmation I will remove them from here and where there is confirmation of exact date in 2015 I will update the list again. Everything is in chronological order and then in alphabetical order. Probably some things are missing, but I only included the list that the RPS article on the 1st Jan had.

    Feel free to make suggestions or give details of exact release dates as and when they become available, and I will update properly.

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    The Witcher 3 is delayed until May 19th sadly, and with that in mind I think anything other than an E3 trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 is wishful thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kadayi View Post
    The Witcher 3 is delayed until May 19th sadly, and with that in mind I think anything other than an E3 trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 is wishful thinking.
    Corrected, thanks! And yes, I agree with Cyberpunk 2077. I might remove it at some point.

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    This helps a whole lot of forums, thanks a ton for putting things into thread form, hopefully it' ll turn into a tradition. It's better than a lot of lists atm
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    Eagle Dynamics are doing DCS 2.0 / EDGE (their dx11+ renderer) sometime this year, though I can't seem to find anything about a release date other than "late 2014", which it isn't, or "early 2015". Anyone know?
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    Can't seem to find the banner saga 2
    and cuphead (??-2015)
    and tengami (15 jan)
    and EXO (it's still wip and likely to stay wip through 2015)
    and zombie night terror

    holy shit they got Irkalla tho.
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    PC Gamer have their own calendar. It's full of typos and unrealistic expectations (Iconoclasts this year? next you're telling me we'll see Owl Boy, too) but guess what, they do have Serpent in the Staglands and Frog Fractions 2.
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    01/02 - Witchmarsh (RPG)
    Witchmarsh is scheduled for December on the Kickstarter and website. I mean Tumblr. On the Tumblr.

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