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    BFF Or Die. A co-operative multiplayer.

    I'm an indie dev from London and this thread is a dev log for a new game we are working on called BFF Or Die. There are 3 of us in the team.

    It will be for 1-4 players and we're describing it as co-op stealth in a maze. Multiplayer games tend to be based on competition. This game will instead be about collaboration, about sharing a mutually fun experience rather than having a winner and loser.

    What we want is for you and your friend(s) to play collaboratively and enjoy working out your strategy together and then winning as a team.

    We now have a playable demo for PC, Mac and Linux on

    Latest Video
    Update 008: Demo Released

    Dev Video Diary 001: Early gameplay (no graphics)
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    Here's the 2nd dev diary video of our co-op stealth game BFF Or Die. We took the game to a gaming event in London called MultiClash at Scenario Bar.

    It was great to see people reacting to the game. The design goal is to have people enjoy playing as a team, to communicate a lot and have fun winning together. So it definitely seems to be working out. There are 3 of us making this game and it's great motivation to see people who have never played the game before having fun with it even though it's an early build.

    In the first part of the video you see people playing it. After that I show some screen capture footage so you can see the new gameplay elements and graphics up close.

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    Here's a new update video. We had some useful feedback from watching peeps play at MultiClash a couple weeks ago and listening to their opinions. So we now have simplified buttons, better controls, control pad support, a new monster type, more scenery art and a new way of completing the level.

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    Our artist Alex has now started working on the characters. He drew 34 sketches of character ideas and we picked our favorite five. Here's a preview of one of them. The full 3D model should be in the game soon!

    As you can see we are having aliens as our central characters. They are time-travelers and were sent to Earth on a mission... but more on the story later :)

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    4 player Mode! New Video.

    We're making good progress! We now have 2, 3 and 4 player modes working. I took the game to a couple of London gaming events to see how people would react to the party mode aspect. It's going really well, you can see in the vid that people are having a lot of fun. We still have a lot of temporary graphics but the gameplay is moving along nicely.

    Dev Video Diary 004: 4-Player Mode!

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    Update 006: Radius Festival

    Update 006: Radius Festival

    I took the latest build of BFF or Die to Radius Festival in London. It went really well. People were having fun and enjoying the collaborative aspect with a lot of strategy discussion being vocalized as they played. Actually, most teams were a bit too good now that the difficulty curve is smoother. So in between people playing I edited the game file and made most of the levels harder.

    Then in the evening we had a demo and interview on the live stream. It was supposed to be a 4 player demo with Alan Zucconi, Mike Bithell, James Wood and Philippa Warr. But one of the control pads decided not to work. So James and Philippa played while Alan and Mike sat there an hugged.

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    Update 007: Insomnia 52

    I took the latest demo of BFF or Die to Insomnia 52 in Coventry which is the biggest gaming festival in the UK. We had a space in the Indie Zone and about 100 people played the game over the 3 days. The response was great. As you can see from the vid the co-op aspect is working really well. People are having a lot of fun with the multilayer mode. As teams play they tend to communicate a lot and plan strategies together. Also a lot of laughs and surprises.

    Still no 1 player mode yet but we'll get to that, we've almost decided on how to do it now.

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    Update 008: We Released the Demo...!

    We now have a playable demo for PC, Mac and Linux. You can get it from our page on which is an online store for indie games with a pay-what-you-want model. You can play with keyboard or xbox 360 controllers. It's a lot of fun in 3 and 4 player mode. Have a go when you're with a couple of friends who are gamers :)

    The latest vid is a compilation of player reactions from the various meetups and events I've taken the game to.

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