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    Golden Hour- Live on Kickstarter!

    A hi-res pixel art metroidvania with juicy destruction and a thrilling, timeline-twisting story!

    Golden Hour will be released on Steam upon completion!

    Trailer for the game:


    - Unravelling story following a main quest and many tangled side-quests
    - RPG leveling system including four primary and many secondary skills to improve your battle, platforming, crafting and other possibilities
    - Explore a world composed of beautiful hi-res pixel art
    - Destructive environment with special effects and realistic physics
    - Use your enviroment in battle!
    - 4 bindable quick action slots
    - Over 30 spells whose power depends on players levels and skills
    - Variety of melee and ranged weapons
    - Game-altering items and equippables such as potions, magic jewelry, shields and armor
    - Dynamic music following the mood of the game events
    - Procedurally generated biomes and dungeons


    After death of king Faragon and the end of Lindgren family reign, the four provinces of the Heratos kingdom are about to break out a war as the four kings want the reign of the whole kingdom for themselves. Our hero, eighteen year old Arion, gets drafted for a skirmish at the Idessa mine. What seemed to be a mild encounter between two provinces, actually turned into a massive battle for an important strategic spot - as the kings of the remaining two provinces sent in their armies as well.
    At one point, the mine starts to collapse, and only four people, including Arion, survive, getting trapped, without weapons, food, sources of light or a way out. Arion, Lazar, Venegor and Rhea, hopelessly trapped for hours, realize they're better off trying to cooperate in finding a way out than killing each other. As they improvise a torch and light a fire, they notice a funny coincidence - they were all carrying a same item in different forms - a fourth of an orb, as a necklace, brooch, pocket watch and a buckle. They join the orbs, summoning a mystic spirit; The spirit shows them a prophecy, warning them what will happen if events continue to unfold this way and a war breaks out: It shows that a fifth side will use the kingdoms weakness to invade all of Heratos; but more importantly, other than a catastrophic war, they each see a devastating personal tragedy. After a handful of rage, denial, cinism and convincing, they agree to abandon their lives, unite and try to stop the war.

    We started the work on Golden Hour almost two years ago, and back then it was supposed to be a simple, free platformer which we did for fun. As time passed, we implemented weapon swapping, then a whole inventory system, then an enemy AI based on skill variables - and eventually we realized how much potential the game has. After all this work, we've run out of resources and time, and finishing this project will be virtually impossible without the proper funding. We want to bring the immersing story and characters as close as possible to you, the players, and we would like to hire an illustrator for a comic book/digital booklet, musicians for a live soundtrack and additional artists to make the world as bountiful as possible.

    Stay in touch!
    Official website
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    Update 2 - What makes this game so awesome?

    What is it that makes this game so awesome? What does it have to offer, unlike other games of similar kind?
    That's simple...
    JUICINESS! Sweet, violent juiciness!

    I mean, look at this:

    Or this:

    Sure, metroidvanias are always more about exploration than action, but why does it have to be so? Why wouldn't we bring destruction into the genre? And not just any destruction! It's that sweet,sexy destruction that makes you say 'nice' out loud!

    I mean, who doesn't like to splash someone's brains out by pushing them under the big fat stomper, or make giant stone golem run into a tower that has a person on top and break them all together? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never seen a metroidvania with such elements. And not only that! You can also go for stealth if you don't feel like spraying blood all over those beautiful pixels. Although, only on certain places, like castles or towers, with accented vertical maneuverability. Which brings me to another reason you would like, and ultimately, back the game:
    Many ways to go through the game!

    Imagine this situation: There's a gate in front of you, and there's the lever that opens it, at the reach of your arm. There's also a loot chest that seems really nice, it's gotta contain something valuable! But, there are enemies behind the gate, keeping the chest. Like, a lot of enemies, it seems risky. Then you notice you have a choice! You can climb the tower on your side of the gate, all the way to the top balcony, you jump forward, and open your parachute, flying over the enemies. Now you have another choice!
    1. Sneak up to them from behind and silently kill 'em all as they are looking the other way and collect the loot from that super shiny chest
    2. Violently beat the hell out of them (or get yourself beaten) and also collect the loot from the chest, or
    3. Just walk away safely towards your goal, but without the loot and the XP you would've gotten in a fight.
    So now you see, this is not just another metroidvania. It's like a metroidvania on steroids, but not those bad, fugly ones! They are the steroids made only of the most sophisticated, high quality ingredients!

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