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    Bring back the cone!

    It ischildren's strategic game in style of board games.
    During arain the stream was overflowed with water and flooded a hedgehog mink. All foodwhich the hedgehog collected for the winter deteriorated. Friends decided tohelp it to collect new stocks. Each of them seeks to collect more than theothers and to show that he is the best friend.
    Not allforest gifts equally are pleasant to a hedgehog:
    Cones 1point of food.
    Apples 2points of food.
    Mushrooms 3 points of food.

    Each offriends of a hedgehog uses the strategy, what to win:
    Cats fastand carefree, go the first.
    Hares notless fast, but more careful, go the second. They can jump through otherplayers.
    Foxes gothe third, cunning and prudent. They can drag off someone else's food.
    Bears gothe last, judicious and slow. They watch closely the stocks and don't give themto steal. Through them hares can't jump.

    Known bugs:incorrect creation of routes of the movement (improves).

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