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    Braven Arts - A turn-based RPG inspired by 16-bit JRPG classics

    Hey guys,

    My name is Paul and my brother and I have been working on a game called Braven Arts that we just launched on kickstarter yesterday. Here is the link to it:

    We are new indie developers and the game is inspired by JRPG classics such as Chrono Trigger, Suikoden, and Final Fantasy. Here is a quick overview of features we are implementing into the game:

    - An Alterable Grid Battle System - battles will take place on 2 sets of 4x4 tiles where players can change the tiles to different elements, place objects and summons onto the field to fight for you. Think a fusion between FFX and Mega Man Battle Network. The focus in the battles, will be utilizing the synergy of elements between abilities and tile types to create devastating combos, as well as moving and positioning your characters to adapt to the situation.

    - Day and Night/ Schedule System - every NPC will have their own life throughout the day as they move around, going about their daily business. You'll be able find different monsters, NPC's and events, appearing at different times of the day giving each area many different faces to explore.

    - Guild Hall - SImilar to Suikoden headquarters, you'll be spending time in a guild hall where party members you acquire throughout the game or characters you recruit throughout the world will hang out. Recruitable characters will give small perks that will effect your gameplay such as access to new items. We want you to have a good time, so we will be incorporating a lot of events, mini games, and fun character dialogue that you can experience in the Guild Hall.

    - Banter - One thing we liked about games like Dragon Age and the Tales series was the amount of dialogue between characters, developing them further than most games. We want to do the same thing with Braven Arts by providing our own banter system through optional dialogue as your party members express their opinions and thoughts of the situation throughout the game.

    Everything will be weaved together to create a storyline and gameplay that we hope will be memorable for our players. We want this game to push RPG explorers to the edge of their seats, with tons of lore and content that they can delve into, secrets and crazy end game bosses that will test the players mastery of our battle system, and a cast of characters that you can get attached to in the Guild Hall and Banter systems.

    If you want more in-depth explanations about the game, check out our Kickstarter. But we also want to hear from you guys. Are you guys interested in the features we are adding to the game? Is there something about RPG's that you love that we might have missed out on or you think we should add. Let us know and thanks for spending the time to read!
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    Here are a couple more images

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    Looks interesting. Good luck with the kickstarter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gruevy View Post
    Looks interesting. Good luck with the kickstarter!
    Hey, thanks for the support! Just updated the video (due to a lot of feedback about not being able to hear us).

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    Looks pretty good but can't get past the whole anime art style,why did you went with that one and not something more unique ?

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