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    Quote Originally Posted by soldant View Post
    Curious... when did "more stuff" = depth? A lot of people simply can't be bothered with any of that, and simply having more spells or units doesn't necessarily increase depth, it just increases complexity (perhaps needlessly). I'd much rather that they focused on gameplay mechanics to add depth than simply tossing in more units.
    Take SC2, ok? It's glorified rock-paper-scissors, in a good way. You opponent is pulling X strategy your race has Y to counter it (because Blizzard spent 10 years polishing that) and most of your victory depends on execution of tactics. Nothing is too powerful or it gets some number tweak next patch.

    Now we have Magic: The Gathering, tens of thousands of different cards with different effects, and a metagame that shifts several times a year depending on some obscure card combination someone found in their club and pulled in a tournament. Something is too powerful? patched rules bans it for some time.

    The first was already used in DoW1 to its best IMO, I want to see a bit of the second in any game. My army, handpicked and armed to my tastes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vexing Vision View Post
    Point buy! Designing armies is what makes Warhammer and Warhammer 40k fun for me.

    I don't even want to play the game. Just give me a number of points and tell me what kind of objective the army is supposed to hold or achieve and I'm happy for a few hours.
    I'm just going to chime into this. Designing armies is truly the meat and bones in WH40K for me - everything else is an added bonus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xercies View Post
    There is a really good Turn Based Strategy Game if you completely converted Warhammer into a video game.
    I disagree. The ruleset of 40k isn't actually that good. A lot of the fun of the game comes from the physicality of setting up lots of models, of collecting stuff, so it each little painted model means more to you personally, etc.

    Plus, rolling lots of dice is fun. Getting a computer to generate a list of random numbers simulating dice rolls is less fun.

    If you're watch Sid Meir's take (youtube somewhere) on player expectations when it comes to probability, he's making a related point i think. I find that rolling double red skull in (computer) Blood Bowl far more infuriating than making a bad roll in a real board game. (Probably due to the social side of things... swearing at your opponent as they cackle with glee etc).

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    I would like to see more non-campaign single-player content. I love the RPG campaigns of DoW2, but the campaigns never did a good job of orienting a player towards the intricacies of the multiplayer experience; even the Retribution campaign kind of botched it by having some different rules for global powers, locking out certain units, or changing the way some units are upgraded or obtained (ork boyz being a good example).

    After playing the Echo mode for Bulletstorm, I would really like to see more games try their hand at giving solo gamers a chance to play around and/or ease into the multiplayer side of things. Imagine if DoW2 had featured a "Scenario" mode in which you picked your faction and hero and, using the multiplayer rules (or something very close), had to tackle more open-ended maps and challenges of increasing difficulty, with your armies ranking up and receiving visual upgrades as part of the experience (and separate from your multiplayer profile). The solo player gets to ease into the rules of the online mode without necessarily being forced to play against the brain-dead skirmish AI while experiencing rewards that are similar to the online experience. If the player wants to transition to the multiplayer, they will hopefully be a bit better prepared for the demands. If the player doesn't really get into the competitive side of things, they still got the experience of improving their favorite faction(s) using the skirmish ruleset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldvvvave View Post
    I'm happy with what DoW2 is right now at least in 1v1 multiplayer. Sure, I'd like to be able to custom-build an army with more options than in first two games, but thats not why I play DoW2. I like it's tense competitive gameplay, sense of constant danger( on a mid-to-high level of play losing a game after one stupid mistake or one good move by an opponent is so easy) and it's actually fun( I stopped having this raw pure fun with games like 5 years ago).

    Yesterday, I won a game against Chaos player. It was a bad game for me, I lost every single point and all my generators. Twice. I still managed to win and it was epic. Heretics were flying everywhere( lots of grenades and rokkit barrages were used). Probably will upload a replay on

    I love DoW2, not sure if I'm going to get into ftp DoW3.
    If I read this right and you beat Chaos with Orks, I should very much like to see that. Link it here, if you upload it. It'll be educational and cathartic- that's a really tough match up from start to finish.

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    Well, I dunno. I think the "best" approach to blend the RPG-ey and strategy elements with the proportional increase in scale and awesomeness (for the single player at least) would be you taking charge of an "army" indeed - like a custom Marine chapter or IG regiment.

    How the hell Relic will pull this off I have absolutely no idea, though.

    BTW, Relic? Inquisitor game, please?

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    What I would like to see is infantry and things not dying at the drop of a hat. Even Impys should have some resiliency, but obviously not on par with Space Marines. What this would mean is that combat as a whole will slow down, giving a person time to actually make tactical decisions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arathain View Post
    If I read this right and you beat Chaos with Orks, I should very much like to see that. Link it here, if you upload it. It'll be educational and cathartic- that's a really tough match up from start to finish.
    If you are still interested - here it is:

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