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Thread: Dinosaurs!

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    Help me RPS people, you're my only hope!

    Ages ago I remember seeing an RPS story about a dinosaur game that was being written about as a very early alpha / tech demonstrator.

    There wasn't very much to do, but there were a couple of videos in the RPS story that showed off the landscape and the dinosaurs, with pterodons flying about and some other beasts stoming about on the ground. It all looked very pretty.

    Can't find any clue as to what it was called, or how it is now. The RPS find-o-tron is not being much help.

    Any of you clever lot have any idea what I'm talking about, and what the thing might be called?

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    Thanks Jams. That's the one. It was the tech demo story I was thinking about, from March last year. I've not been keeping up with all the shooty-shooty in it.

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    You sure it wasn't primal rage?

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